The Dark Shadows Ritual

The Dark Shadows Ritual

A Story by Nerdlige

The dark shadows ritual is a dangerous ritual that requires your utter most bravery.

Your mind MUST be in a constant state of calm or your fear will intensify and worsen the experience. The dark shadows game is played outside.

You are the host and the object of the game is to invite the shadow people into your world and experience their presence.

Select a side of your yard, whether its the back or the front yard, this will be your territory and game area.

Things you will need:

A LOT of salt, preferably a kilogram of it.
A candle and a lighter or matches.
A few pieces of your hair or drops of blood.
A sheet of paper.
A protection item of your religion or a personal, cherished item (to tie you to this world) always have it on you.
A cell phone(in case something goes wrong)

How to play:

Begin the ritual after midnight. First grab your salt and check if all you doors and windows are closed.

Then SEAL each and all the doors and windows sills of your house leading outside( THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) with a thin solid line of salt from the inside.

Next you must turn off all the lights in you house(make sure no one is home except for the people who WILL be involved in the ritual with you).

Grab your candle, light it and put your hair (or blood drops) into the paper and fold it closed.

Then burn the paper on a plate or non flammable surface until its ashes (don’t burn yourself or spill the ashes).

Go outside, close the door behind you draw another solid line with salt covering from corner to corner of the door frame, then go in your yard (your territory) with the lit candle, ashes and protection item.

Find a spot to stand, preferably the middle of your yard and AVOID standing next to or against trees or other objects.

Make sure your candle doesn’t go out. Avoid playing while its windy.

Then take the ashes and spread them far out a few meters from your spot to attract the spirits.

Then begin by chanting: ”Shadows of the dark I am your host, please come, you are welcome, I invite you into my territory” Five times, each time louder. Then turn off the candle and re light it and draw a salt circle around you (if done with other people they must have their own salt circles near yours) and enjoy!

In the first few minutes nothing might happen but if you begin hearing faint whispers or rapping sounds or seeing things in the corner of your eye, the ritual worked. If not wait a little longer, they will come.

You will start to see the dark figures form slowly in the distance and hear whispers and footsteps, you just watch and listen you will begin to hear them whisper things, whether about yourself or about themselves, things you never knew about, things about your past, future or how you are feeling at the moment.

After an hour or more things will get progressingly worse. If you are still brave you may continue, if not end the ritual (I’ll tell you in a little while how). If the figures attempt to move closer and closer to you, grab a hand full of salt and spray it near them to make them retreat.

Do not play it for far too long or you may start hearing and experiencing terrifying things. The longer you play the more the figures will distort and become horrifying, the whispering will grow more sharp and harsher.

How to end the ritual:

Chant: ”Shadow people thank you for your visit, your visit is now over, please leave my territory and never return” five times then sprinkle salt all over yourself, blow out your candle and enter your house (don’t break the first seal, then place a salt seal on the inside of the frame then lock the door).

DO NOT go back outside for the rest of the night. DO NOT remove any SALT SEALS. Turn on your lights and create a happy mood for a short while and sleep well, if you can.

The next morning you must sprinkle salt lightly all over your yard, to avoid allowing them to stay.


•Sealing is very important, once they enter your house they may NEVER leave.

•This ritual may lead to possession or psychological scarring.

•Remember you’re inviting ALL kinds of shadow people, including malevolent ones (be wary of them and what they say).

•DO NOT remove the seals during and after the game, only when the sun rises are you allowed.

•Check your house, if you notice that something strange is inside, please get out immediately and stay at a friends house, but don’t worry this only happens if you didn’t seal properly.

•Keep any pets inside the house during the ritual.

•If you still feel unsafe the next days, grab salt and spray it everywhere around your yard at night and chant the ending ritual words, do this every few nights until you feel safe (don’t remove the seals until you feel safe).

Play at your own risk.

© 2015 Nerdlige

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