mlp thory

mlp thory

A Story by Nerdlige

You probably know the show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. You have to admit it is very popular even though you’re a fan or not.

However, all this leads us to a question:

Lauren Faust has worked in other popular show too.

Why will she re-make a toy from the 80’s instead of using her own ideas?

Perhaps because she is nostalgic and she misses her toys from her childhood.

Or maybe she doesn’t want to use her ideas.

I read this article a few years ago, it was about 6 girls who went to the same school and died the same day, January 13 1989. A friend of mine from North Carolina sent me the article, I forgot about that until I saw one of the My Little Pony episodes. I noticed that the characters were very similar to those 6 girls. I decided to look for that article again, the document had been deleted or perhaps I forgot its name, so I tried calling my friend and ask him about the article.

I wasn’t wrong,

There’s a connection with the show and those girls.

The first girl was called Samantha Gales, she was an inspiration for Fluttershy. Samantha was a very shy and kind girl. There was something her classmates didn’t know, she was abuse by her mother and step-father. Her mother and her got in a fight in Samantha’s 15th birthday, and she blamed poor Samantha for ruining her life, this made Samantha cut. Her step-father hated take care of Samantha while her mother wasn’t home. Sometimes he locked Samantha in the basement for a whole day. One day in the hospital when her little sister got born, the abuse became worse. She was hungry, forced to sleep outside, and sometimes completely harmed by her parents because she dressed up in old clothes. She had a low self-esteem, which caused the guys from her school to beat her. Her only friends were the animals which she rescued, which caused her family to leave her. She committed suicide.

The second girl was called Janice Walters was always one of the most popular girls at her school. She was rich, beautiful, smart, and it looked she had the perfect life. She was the inspiration for Rarity. Her parents seemed to be together, but only because of their looks. Janice always wanted to be a fashion designer and live in Paris, but her parents wanted her to stay and marry a man. Her parents ignored her, their only worry was the money. Once her parents got in a fight in the car which caused her death.

The third girl was Alexandra Matthews. Alex was a sporty, competitive girl, she always tried to be the best in everything specially in sports. Her father always wanted a boy, so he decided to take care of Alex like if she was a boy. At the end
She always loved her parents. She loved to play sports with her father. Since she was very sporty she became popular. She began to train harder. She always wanted to compete in the Olympic Games. When she was 15, her mother had a baby boy, which caused their parents to ignore Alex. She only focused on training, that make Alex not to care for her friends, grades, and even her personal health. In a moment she felt very desperate and began drinking steroids. What Alex and her family didn’t know is that she had a cardiac problem, the steroids made it worse, that caused her death. She was obviously the inspiration for Rainbow Dash.

The fourth girl was the inspiration for AppleJack, her name was Jamie Sanders. She lived in a farm, she worked very hard everyday to maintain her family. She had many siblings, she was the second so that meant that her brother and her had to take care for the rest of the siblings. She never had time to have time with her friends. She had so much work to do that she did her homework almost all the nights. Her father died from a heart attack in 1897, her mother committed suicide because she couldn’t handle taking care for all the kids, her grandmother now was in charge of taking care of them, she was unable to do it. Jamie always helped the neighbors with their gardens so she could earn money. She died when she fell and broke her neck.

The inspiration of Pinkie Pie is probably the saddest, Katherine Jackson was adopted, her official father killed her mother and committed suicide when Katherine was five, other families that adopted her, only wanted the money that they will receive by adopting a child. Even when a good family in a nice house adopted her, her childhood memories kept destroying her. She had nightmares about her mother screaming and bleeding and about his father screaming at Katherine to help him. When Katherine was in high school she was completely destroyed. She always had hallucinations and acted at school. Her friends and teachers assumed that she was very hyper and trying to be funny, sometimes she drew and wrote fantastic things, but at the same time her condition went even worse. The images and voices inside her head became more realistic. She died when she jumped from a building, one of her voices told her she could fly, the fact that made this even more scary was that Lauren first designed Pinkie Pie as a Pegasus, then she turned her into an earthpony.

Finally, the inspiration of Twilight Sparkle was from a girl called Cynthia Little. She was a very smart girl, her brother always won athletic and academic awards. She wanted to get to the same level as her brother so she began studying as hard as she could, she always wanted the best grades in everything. Cynthia’s parents were proud of her grades, she began studying harder. A private academy wanted Cynthia, the problem is that she needed to pass a test. She began studying all day, she didn’t eat, sleep, or even take care for herself She didn’t pass the test and her parents ignored her, she got depressed. She hung herself.

You must be wondering how did Lauren Faust create such a cute show based on such sad events.

Perhaps she wanted to tell us somehow the story of those girls?

In one episode showing how did they got their cutie marks, Rainbow Dash creates a Sonic Rainboom and makes the other girls get their cutie marks.

This clearly makes you think about the story, right?

Flutter shy is able to take care of the animals, Rarity is a fashion designer, Rainbow Dash is an athlete, AppleJack has a successful farm, Pinkie Pie lives happily with no worries, and Twilight got accepted in a private academy.

Maybe Lauren Faust wanted to give the souls of those girls what they wanted,

And I think they are happy now.

© 2015 Nerdlige

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