Like A Raven In A Graveyard

Like A Raven In A Graveyard

A Poem by Abhishek Izy

Distance like forever, but those dots of eyes glare.
Like a soulmate of lifetime, like we know each other well.
I can feel it’s lonely flutter, shape wind to my tired eyelids.
Calling me in the soulless nights or so can I hear, almost.

The death of the graveyard shines grim on its dark wings.
Almost like a beautiful aura, unforgiving though misread.
Those eyes forever waits in the haunts of dead crooked trees.
It speaks in so much of excessive silence, seeking my attention.

Once in a while it caws, of joy or melancholy I cannot fathom.
Often it rises me to myself, only to sink back to the dark abyss.
Sometime those sounds echoes in the emptiness which dwells around.
The dead in the company stays asleep while I stay livid awake.

Majestic as it seems, like a haunting living amongst dead for ages.
Alive and louder in its own company, like the shadows in the dusk.
As my eyes looks within me, I find it staring me in unusual peace.
Almost like it exist within me or I just floated out of it and stayed.

Hey Raven, the keeper of the dead, you dance alone in eerie nights.
On the song that plays inside my head, wish I could hear it too.
Perhaps, you and I have been an anomaly my dear friend.
How can we dissociate into self, when the soul just feel like one.
Maybe one day we meet at my grave, and melt into each other.

Till then, you flutter in those ancient ruins of the dead companions
While I await for the wind of your wings to keep me awake,
 till the otherwise.

© 2021 Abhishek Izy

Author's Note

Abhishek Izy
Typically I dont send read request but this time I might because being in the company of all you wise men & women, I might want to understand why I wrote this. For once, I have no understanding of what I wrote and what would it mean. Help me unravel, help me understand

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Wow... this poem kind of feels like you're not afraid of death but quite content with this crow arriving after death, as crows do seem to hang out in graveyards. Almost like this crow has a message for you. This is deep, I enjoyed reading it :)

Posted 2 Months Ago

Abhishek Izy

2 Months Ago

Thank you so much Lizzy. It's been a long since I came to this site. Thanks to your encouraging revi.. read more

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Added on April 26, 2021
Last Updated on April 26, 2021
Tags: raven, graveyard, melancholy, passive, death, still, waiting, dusk, night, darkness


Abhishek Izy
Abhishek Izy

Bengaluru, India

Hello Everyone, This is Abhishek Kumar, and I had an old profile here which isn't accessible anymore under the pen name "AbhishekIzy". Hence creating an entirely new profile, though I might be import.. more..