Never Again

Never Again

A Poem by Numb

Just need an outlet; long story short, I've lost a friend.

I told you something - 
One of my darkest secrets
Something not many people knew
As I told you more
You said you already knew
And I wasn't that surprised
I've been crying for a while now
Feeling a feeling I hate
Loathing you 
Loathing your reaction
My reaction
Even though there was truth
Laced through the words
Weaved into the letters
There was truth somewhere
Four years ago we met
Now everything's unraveling 
And I don't think it's my fault
I knew things would be different
When I returned to school
In September
It was probably easier
To change things now
Then in Spetember
Even though they had
Nothing to do with it
I won't be friends with the others
Won't be friends with the 
"Popular" girls either
I'll try to stay on my own
Where no one will
Watch as I don't eat
While they shake their heads
Where no one will
Try and shove unwanted
Calories down my throat
Where no one will
Understand me but
That is for the best

© 2010 Numb

Author's Note

This was just a release for me. I told one of my closest friends something, and she completely freaked. So... You can now be harsh.

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I love this

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I love this, often our closest friends don't take things the way we want them to and it's hard to deal with. Especially when it's something really personal and serious. I think you captured this very well and created an amazing poem from such a difficult subject. Well done!


Posted 13 Years Ago

I understand how you feel. Friends need to learn that they need to be supportive. This is a great poem about this topic. The topic is a harsh one and can be difficult to write about. I think you did the topic justice, just remember my friend that avoiding food will not help yuou. Be well.

- Dupree

Posted 13 Years Ago

I think... that it is the fate of those whose minds are dark and deep to be plagued by the etherial demons that do inhabit that darkness... and so suffer we shall. Let your spirit feed on the souls of those who will not understand... flee to the darkness and do your damnedest to take them with you.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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