MR Face.

MR Face.

A Story by Fal'Cie Ophithias

Character developtment, please help!


Name: ???

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Greetings community. For two weeks now ive been stuck on this mysterious character that has randomly come to my head, who I have named "Mr. Face" and I really need help developing him more, or help finding a logical way to stop this guy. Ive put up about two straight weekends of coffee and monster, developing this guy with about 12 of my school friends, and everyday we think of new ideas/ theories.

Mr.Face is a rumored to be a conspiracy serial killer, he has no powers but is noted for hand to hand combat, aside that theres nothing special about him. Only thing is the Mask.


"The mask" is the face that can take other faces, or others identity. When Mr.Face takes an identity he gains everything of that person, feelings, memories, emotions, diseases, everything. No one knows the mask history or who had it before or were it comes from. We do know he found the mask at age 6, and didnt take it off for 20 years. Up until he first removed the mask, it is possible for his life to be a lie, or was it? Everything between that, is clear to the mask, but not Mr.Face himself


*Note* the mask has no will of it's on, it only does what it does, take identities and gives it to the mask holder.


The mask holder is the main source identity of the mask, which would be Mr.Face. The mask will always hold Mr.Face's identity until it is replaced by another mask holder. Only the Mask holder can remove the mask, and take Identities.



Mr.Face is the mask holder, the mask will always hold his Identity + the identity of the person's identity he has stolen.


Lets say the mask is taken from Mr.Face. Then who ever takes the mask from the mask holder, the mask will then give them the Identity of Mr.Face until taht person takes another Identity, pushing Mr.Faces identity our of the identity holder. With that being said Mr.Face can always be up to two people.


Another thing to take note is the Operations of the mask:


Mask can hold two identities, so at any givin time Mr.Face could be three people. Mr.Face himself, the stolen Identity, and the identity he will take.


The mask itself has no will, so we cannot suspect that the mask is good or bad. The mask is also rumored that it cannot be bypassed. This makes it extremly hard to tell if you have Mr.Face, or another person since the mask acts as the stolen identity, and Mr.Face acts as himself, under the identity.


Example: You cannot read the mind of Mr.Face behind the mask because you would be reading the mind of the stolen Identity since the mask acts as that Identity.


*Note* While Mr.Face has the mask on, he is still himself, the mask is the other identity

Theories of Mr. Face


The theories of Mr.Face is a list we the developers have come up with about Mr.Face

1. Only time can really defeat Mr.Face behind the mask. Time such as old age, or possibly time travel~Anthony


1.1 With time travel, time must be paused, not able to move because even going back into the time, you would still have to find the Mr.Face behind the mask.~Martial

2. Mr Face is the mask. ~Martial


3. The mask may not have a will, but since it takes everything from the stolen Identity, will power plays a powerful role in the Mask


3.1 If the will power of the stolen identity is more than that of the mask holder, the mask's identity could possibly take over the Mr.Face wearing the mask, this theory may not apply to the current mask holder known as Mr.Face, because we do know he took the mask off at 20, which has been noted that his mind has developed a tolerance of the mask.~ Anthony


3.2 with the tolerance of the mask this has allowed Mr.Face to take an unknown mass amount of identities without losing who Mr.Face is without the mask.~Anthony


3.2-2 theory 3.2 can be backed up with the argument that the age 6 Mr.Face's mind could have been taken over by the mask holder identity of that before Mr.Face givin the theory that Mr.Face could have been living the life of the previous holder since the mask gives the identity of the previous holder with this said it is possible since it is unclear to Mr.Face of what his life was like between the ages 6-25 since he did indeed have the mask on. While it is clear to the mask what happen. My friend backed this theory up by saying the mind of an adult has more will than the mind of a child, in which most agree to be the cost of Mr.Face losing himself after he takes the mask off~ Walter


4. Mr Face can be anyone at anytime~ Walter


4.1 We believe this to be true for the simple fact of what the mask can do without Mr.Face being put in trouble. Think of all the Crime that happens daily across the world, that could be Mr.Face or just another person, how can we tell, we really cant. How can we tie down crime that happens to Mr. Face~ Walter

5. The body is a vessel for the mask~ Martial


6. The mask has an unknown purpose~ Walter


7. Mr face can only be called a seriel killer because he takes people identities, aside that we have no idea of what he does with them. If he took the identity of someone could, he could do good or bad.

We have come up with so many theories from just hours and hours of talking about Mr.Face. And im sure im leaving out TONS of info about Mr.Face. Thank you and I hope to see you guys develop theories about MR.Face or how to stop him without calling the X-men(who still havnt found a way to beat Mr.Face). Please leave your comment, theories or questions id love to talk and develop Mr.Face more thank you~ Ophithias Danika

© 2012 Fal'Cie Ophithias

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an interseing theory and idea, i liked it well done :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Kerri Hart

10 Years Ago

Thats what makes a character speacial, when you can tell the author has put as much possible work in.. read more
Fal'Cie Ophithias

10 Years Ago

Oh yes if you could review the heresy for me. It has nothing to do with Mr.Face haha
Kerri Hart

10 Years Ago

i will c when I can get to it :)

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Fal'Cie Ophithias
Fal'Cie Ophithias


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