Razamatazz is...

Razamatazz is...

A Poem by Pauline

Razamatazz is


Class with punch

Alive, pounding

A new birth

With a beating heart

Born with an African soul

In New Orleans


 it’s  rhythm it’s harmony

It’s edgy it’s bluesy

It’s harsh and smooth

It’s feeling

A celebration of life


It’s the glow of an old trumpet

Making love to the stars

Ivory keys stomping and pounding

The notes to dust


It’s a dirge

Eyes lost in the distance

A uniting of souls

And a celebration


It’s communicative

On an emotional level

It’s mannerisms

It’s musical morsels

It’s lightning on the edge

And it’s explosive


It’s the smell of sweat

With a mix of cigar fog

Itchy feet and tapping toes

Girating hips, pouting lips

Mixing with seductive sax

It's needy

Heaving out a heavy expression


Its’s sophisticated class

© 2022 Pauline

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I remember seeing old small black and white photos of my mother and her sisters at a dance or "hop" back in 5he 50's. In their cardigan sweaters, mini skirts, white knee high socks on the dance floor swaying and moving to those old doo wop groups singing their rock and roll music. How dance evolved from swing to rock n roll in such a short time in history. But it's always the music that inspires the soul, which moves the feet in a graceful frenzy dance.

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Hi Carlos. Those were the days, fun and care free. I always had to leave the dance early as my fathe.. read more
sometimes no words are needed...when the music moves us that much...we feel the lyrics that are merely suggested.
Movement here....wonderful movement.
Although I have to defend the Locomotion....my ex and I did that once at an oldies concert.
We got rows of people to join us and then we moved down the aisle and crossed in front of the stage...
Little Eva loved it....she pointed at us as we all passed...and had the biggest smile.
I like your description...the pots and pans...shake, rattle and roll...
and Didi Sharp would smile at you doing the Mashed Potato.

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Hi J. That was the good thing about the locomotion and the conga, everyone used to join in.
A.. read more
But ofcourse! I can rock, I can do the locomotion, the twist and all the other rubbish dances that were made up over the years.Mind you, I need a good hour's warm-up and granted, a couple of crutches would come in handy.
Well, hubby's shouting 'Get into that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans' and it looks like my turn to do the 'Mashed Potato"🤣


Posted 11 Months Ago

Dear Pauline, I especially love your third stanza. What a super write. I wanted to kick off my shoes and live the wonderful ambience you have created. Sight, sound, smells. Soaked them all up and some my friend. Nothing like a bit of seductive sax:) Can you dance as well as you write :)


Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on October 23, 2022
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United Kingdom

I've been writing poetry for some time now. It allows me to escape some of the doldrums of life. I also paint when life allows me some quiet time. I wouldn't say I was great at either passtimes but I.. more..


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