Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Sydney Stevens

Chapter Two

I wipe the sweat off of my forehead and look up to the sky, checking the sun’s position. There’s still a lot of work to be done before noon, and I don’t have much time left.
Oh, hi. I didn’t see you there. My name’s Mara. Mara Walker. I live in Virgina, um, I have a mom and dad and my obnoxious brother, Joel. Ah… I’m not too sure what else to tell you. My life isn’t very interesting. Oh, yeah, that’s right. I’m a slave. My whole family and I are, as a matter of fact.
We live on Master McNeil’s property, and basically do whatever he tells us to. But don’t worry! My family has plans to escape from this hellhole in the near future. That is, if we can get past McNeil and his evil dogs. I hear they just got a new one. Ugh, they make me sick. I’ve never liked dogs, and these ones are even more sickening.
Sorry, I’m not trying to be bitter. Anyway, I’ve got chores to do.
I walk over to the kitchen and start helping Mama with lunch. She barely acknowledges me as I walk through the small, red door. I see her pounding on the loaf of bread as if it insulted her mother. She pauses, wipes a bead of sweat off of her forehead, and continues to beat the loaf.
Yikes! It is pretty steamy in here! I glare at the stove in the far corner of the small kitchen. It was small, black, potbellied, and as hot as fire and brimstone. I peek through the little window on the front of the stove to see what’s for lunch. Or, rather, what’s for Master McNeil’s lunch. I peek in and see chicken.
Suspiciously, I ask, “Hey, Mama?”
“Mara.” She answers back.
“Which chicken was this?”
Mama hesitates for a moment.
“Oh, Mama, you’ve got to tell me! Which one is this?”
“Well, Master McNeil requested the fattest one…” Mama replies cautiously.
“No!” I groan. “You mean this one is-”
“Mara, it was bound to happen. I told you not to name the chickens! It just makes it harder! And besides, she hasn’t been laying eggs for some time now.”
“But Ruby was my favorite chicken! “
“If I were you, I would forget the rest of the chicken’s names now, because I have a feeling Barbra is next.”
“Uggggh, Mama.” I groan.
I roll up my sleeves and start to pummel another loaf of bread beside her. Flour rises up and tickles my nose, daring me to sneeze. Mama shoots a look at me.
“Don’t you dare! You stifle that sneeze this instant! If Master McNeil found out he’d tan your hide!”
I sniff and the urge to sneeze vanishes. Then, I go over and pull my dearest Ruby out of the oven. I set it on a platter and line it with cooked vegetables. I set the platter on a tray along with a pitcher of water.
“You go ahead and serve that to McNeil. I’m gonna start to clean this mess up.” Mama says.
I pick up the tray and start to head out to the mansion where the dining room is. As I make the walk along the short path, I inhale the scents around me. A cool breeze picks up and brushes past my face. I breathe deeply as it carries the scent of clover along the way. I walk under the shade of a tall, willow tree. The breeze picks up again and rustles the leaves above me, pouring an overwhelming sense of calm over me. I inhale my last few calming breaths before continuing on, disappointed that my most relaxing part of the day is over. 
I sigh and hurry along to make it in time for lunch. I approach the back door and kick it open with my foot, a little bit harder than necessary. Luckily, no one was in the dining room, yet. I set the tray down and lay down a few plates and sets of silverware around the table. Apparently, Master McNeil was expecting guests, today. I roll my eyes and pour the pitcher of water into each of the glasses. It was probably more slave owners who have come to talk business. I think Master McNeil is looking to sell some of us, here. With a last glance to make sure everything was in order, I turn and exit the dining room.
I walk along a separate path leading to the hen house. I climb inside and greet each hen individually. I gasp as I come to an empty nest in the hen house before remembering that Ruby is on the platter in the dining room. I curse under my breath and continue collecting eggs. I walk back to the kitchen and place the eggs on the counter next to Mama.
After leaving the kitchen, I run over to the fields. The sun is starting to beat down on me, and I don’t want to be out here for longer than absolutely necessary. As I start to slow down, I hear the clanging noise of a fence. Master must be letting those stupid dogs out.
I start to get on with my work before I see something coming towards me in the corner of my eye. I glance over and see a large brown dog sitting a few feet away from me.
I scowl, “And what do you think you’re doing here?”

© 2020 Sydney Stevens

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Added on January 16, 2020
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Sydney Stevens
Sydney Stevens

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