008: Marriage from the Beginning

008: Marriage from the Beginning

A Chapter by SDMcCarty

A divorced woman doesn't see the point in dating. She'd rather get married if your going to do all the things that married couples do anyway. But, will she be able to find someone who agrees with her view?


    It makes sense, doesn't it?  I mean, what is the point in dating?  To find out if that person is the one for you, right?  But if you’re going to do all the things that a married couples does anyway, why not just go for it and get married straight away?  All that courting is a waste of time, effort, energy, and money.  Not to mention that it gets kind of expensive to travel to a meeting place – it’s so much easier when they are right next to you when you wake up.
I’ve thought this for a while now.  Perhaps it started with the first unsuccessful marriage.  As an unmarried couple, we were perfect; as a married one, we really stunk.  Nothing either of us did was good enough for each other once we married.  Before, it was all flowers and sunshine and all that.  Once married, it all turned sour.  I’m not sure why.  I guess there is a vast difference between being with someone and living with them.  I think we just became too much for each other.  It ended badly enough.  Luckily we had a prenup, so it ended quickly.  We had some trouble with the dog, but he eventually got her.  I have a cat now.  His name is Fluffy.
It’s not that I’ve been lonely per say since we split, but I’ve definitely been wanting company.  I tried all the things I did when I was younger – going to bars, dancing in clubs, things like that.  It didn’t work.  I’m not nearly as young as I used to be.  Not that I’m terribly old – I like to think 35 is a good age, not the withering of my youth.  After that failure, I tried some other routes.  I sat in bookstores, I went to coffee shops, I even joined a gym.  All that got me was a larger library, and sore muscles – I didn’t even lose weight, I gained it!  Too many flavored coffees I think.  They are delicious, but terrible for you.  After I started to fit my pants again, I tried one last place – the library.  That was even worse!  Nothing but children, married women, and old men - failure no matter how you look at it and trust me, I looked.  I’m looking for a man somewhere between 18 and 80, thank you.
I had all but given up when summer came.  In fact, I had decided to give up for good that day that I went to the beach.  I figured I could have some fun at least, and the day was a nice one – not too hot, but a comfortable level of heat.  I had set up my beach blanket on the sand, taken off my over shirt, lathered on the sunscreen, and laid down to sunbathe for a while.  I eventually became hot, and, well, since I had given up there’s no reason to worry over my figure, I decided to grab some ice cream.  It had been awhile and I figured I would enjoy the tasty treat.  So, I put on my over shirt, slipped on my sandals and made my way over to the vendors with wallet in hand.  I found some soft serve – possibly the best of all ice cream options – and got a vanilla sugar cone.  I think I feel in love at that moment.  The ice cream was more delicious than my most vivid memories.  I ate the whole thing with the vivacity of a child; I must have looked a fool but that is no matter.
I made my way back to my blanket and took out a book.  Sunbathing be damned – I was actually a little bored.  I read for a good 5 minutes before I felt someone’s eyes on me.  I looked up; he smiled.  “That’s my favorite author, you know.  Something about how he puts things,” the strange man said.  I smiled and agreed with him.  The author is one of my favorites, and the way he writes is somehow magical.  We talked for hours.  Obviously we eventually moved to a more shaded place, and before either of us realized it, it was nighttime.  At first I thought we’d make good friends, but after meeting up a couple of more times, I realized that I kind of wanted more.  I asked him to marry me one night after a particularly good debate.  He laughed a little, and said ‘sure.’  The next day we were married, and it’s been great ever since.  We obviously have our bad days, but they are still a little pleasant.

© 2009 SDMcCarty

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