The Abyss

The Abyss

A Poem by STORMKING4000

Drowning within the Dark Abyss.


Everything went black and I felt myself drowning in a coldness unlike anything I've ever felt.That's probably because I've never known what it was like to feel actual pain throughout my entire life.Then I felt myself slipping away.I was in a deep darkness now.I could now feel a cold chill that ripped throughout my body.The darkness was pulling at me from all sides trying to tear me apart.I fight back trying to pull away from the darkness.There's an explosion a distance away from me.A bright light far away from me.I move towards the light but before I can reach it I feel razor sharp claws pulling me back.Demons.I am being pulled back by demons.They screeching so loudly that it feels as if my eardrums are going to explode.I punch and kick them back into the darkness.They cut my flesh but I ignore the pain.Pain.I can actually feel physical pain for the first time.In this strange place.When the darkness comes inside of me it pierces my soul,ripping me in two.The fabric that I wear on the outside that I call my skin goes up in flames engulfing me in it's prickly rain of fire.I resist the pull of the black void as it tries to devour me.I will not go willingly.I fight and struggle to escape this endless hell.I feel the two halfs of my soul become one.I'm stronger now that my soul is once again whole.I will not die.I pull away fast and fly towards the light.The demons won't follow me.Not in the heavenly white light.I am free and strong.The light eventually becomes faint and here I find myself lying on my back within the chambers of a dark cold cave.

© 2008 STORMKING4000

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Added on September 21, 2008
Last Updated on September 21, 2008

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