Immortal part 1

Immortal part 1

A Story by STORMKING4000

This is the tale of young superhuman teenager who tries to find his place in the world after he graduates from highschool.He then meets a stranger on a cold night out who gives him an offer that he can't refuse as a demon hunting bounty hunter.


Three more days.Just three more days before graduation.I'm ready to get out of this place.Highschool.Can't say that I'm going to miss this place.As I walk down the hall a goth chick smiles at me.I hardly notice her.The jocks hate me because I'm stronger and faster than all of them.Yet at the same time they fear me because of my power.I sneer at one of the football jocks while giving him a cold stare.He runs away from me.They are nothing but bullies and cowards.Around midnight I am standing above a very tall building in Apocalypse City.I'm wearing my sleek black trench coat and black boots.A red t-shirt underneath my coat.I gaze down at the lights below me.It's incredible up here.I am 17 years old and on the day of my graduation I will be 18.Finally an adult.For now I just want to have some front of me I see another building several feet away.The gap between me and that building is huge.This should prove very interesting.I love testing my super endurance limit.It gives me an idea of what I can and cannot do.I move far back then I run forward.Faster and faster I run intill I reach the roofs ledge then I jump forward.I am airborne.The lights below me are bright and beautiful.I am not afraid of not making it all the way across if that should happen.I've jumped off of the ledge of a 400 hundred feet tall building in the past and survived.Somehow I do make it across cleanly.My foot hits the ground hard and breaks off chunks of the roof as I land down.I continue moving forward several steps more before stopping.I look back at the building I had jump off of.It's an inch taller then this building.I can't help but smile at my accomplishment.I stop smiling when I realize that I am not alone.I smell a strong oder in the air behind me.It's an unusual scent.I think it's blood but not any type of blood I've smelled before."That was quite an impressive feat."I hear the deep voice of the stranger tell me.I turned around, ready for anything that came my way.I glared at the guy standing in the shadow."Who are you and what do you want?And I suggest you talk fast."I said to him in a cold tone.He puts up both of his arms."Hey look I'm not here to fight you.My name is Kaine.I'm here to offer you a job.I've been watching you for awhile now and after seeing what you can do I knew that I had found just the right person for the job."He said in a cool relaxed voice.I stared at him hard trying to figure out the guy.He was'nt lying to me that much I knew for sure.I listened to his the rhythm of his heartbeat as he spoke.I don't know what it was but for some reason I was curious about this job the guy wanted me for.I don't believe in fate,destiny or any of that crap.Though for the brief moment I felt something about this whole situation that felt familiar."What is this job you're talking about?"I asked him.He had a broad smile on his face now."It's a bounty hunting job but not any of the normal stuff.The bounty hunting I do involves well let's just say I hunt the unusual cases.I hope you won't laugh when I tell you this.I hunt demons and all kinds of supernatural creatures.I was wondering if you would be interested in the job.The pay is really good.The job is very dangerous.I hope that does'nt scare you away from the offer.So what do you say?"Kaine asked me.I answered him without hesitation."I'm interested.When do I start?"I asked.Kaine moved closer and stopped in front of me.Kaine was a massive guy.Really tall and built.He looked the part of the bounty hunter alright.He gave me a card with the business address on it."I've got a big job coming up with a partner of mine this Friday.If you want we could start on that day.This is a really big job.So are you in?"Friday is the day of my graduation.My parents would be disappointed if I did'nt make it.The graduation is in the morning."Is the job in the morning?"I asked."No it's at night."Kaine said."I'm in."I tell him."That's great.I'll see you on Friday."Kaine said.We shake hands and he disappears back in the shadow.I hear the sound of a car start and as I look down below the vehicle speeds off away from the alley.I leap off of the building.When my feet hits the pavement I absorb the impact.People around the area all look at me with a shock expression on their faces.I ignore them and walk home.I was now a bounty hunter.I would be hunting demons.This is just what I needed.Some excitement in my life.

© 2008 STORMKING4000

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Added on September 22, 2008
Last Updated on September 24, 2008