Immortal part 3

Immortal part 3

A Story by STORMKING4000

This is the tale of young superhuman teenager who tries to find his place in the world after he graduates from highschool.He then meets a stranger on a cold night out who gives him an offer that he can't refuse as a demon hunting bounty hunter.


"Come in."the boss said from the other side of the closed door.The interior office felt like a fortress.There were some old expensive paintings on the walls.The walls around the room was solid steel covered over with gray colored wall paper.I knew this because I could smell the familiar scent of steel all around me.In front of us the big boss was counting large amount of money.On his desk were huge stacks of money.They were all hundreds.A strong odor of onions and greasy cheese burger was coming from the guy sitting behind the desk.Especially the onions.I was disgusted but I composed myself and showed no emotion.I remained stoned face.When the boss finally looked up at me he seemed a bit disturbed."So you must be the new kid that Kaines been telling me about.Just so you know I'm the big honcho around here.You can call me Vince.That is about all of my name you'll get from me.When I trust you I'll share with you .... the of my name."Vince said stumbling with his words while staring at me.Was that fear in his eyes?Yes.I could smell the fear coming from the guy.The way his eyes darted left and right.He was now sweating perfusivly.Vince avoided looking at me.Kaine noticing the intense scene broke the silence."I'll show around now."Kaine said moving towards the door."Vince cleared his throat and wiped his forehead with a towel." show him the place."Vince said nervously.I followed Kaine out of the office.While waiting for the elevator door to close I heard Vince locking up his door.Once the elevator door closed Kaine burst out with laughter."I've never seen Vince so shaken up in my life.That was strange."Kaine commented."Maybe he should be afraid."I said calmly.Kaine gave me a serious look."Don't joke like that.I did not bring you  here to start trouble.Trust me when I tell you this.You do not want to mess with Vince."Kaine said.I did not say a word after that.Kaine stepped out of the elevator but slowed his steps."I just remembered that I never got your name."He said."It's John."I said."I see.Well we are going to have to get you a nick name.John is o.k but you need a name with an edge to it.I'll show you around then later we'll meet up with my buddy at Kats Cafe."He said.

© 2008 STORMKING4000

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Added on September 27, 2008