Preface & Chapter 1. Original Baby

Preface & Chapter 1. Original Baby

A Chapter by Savvy

I hope you guys like it-this is my first original.



THUNDER SHOOCK THE HOUSE AND I COWERED UNDER THE SOFA. Eli and Sienna have been gone for days and days. I hardly have food or water left, and my litter box, don’t get me started. Where are they? And how do the expect me just to wait and starve? I wait by the door for hours and hours, but nothing happens. What if they never return? I’ll starve here. I’m trapped.  

    Original baby 

  AGAIN, THE CREATURE BEGAN TO SCREAM. I'm a cat, after all; I need my sleep. How am I supposed to get it when the loud spawn of Satan won't be quiet for a few hours? All I'm asking for is a cat-nap; or maybe two. I don't know what's worse, thunder, or the incessant screamer. Thunder makes the whole house shake, but at least it stops once and a while. This creature can't be quiet for more than an hour or so. Sleep is a kind friend to me, I enjoy it, and when I awake from a long slumber I feel happy. Sadly, said happiness has been taken away from me, all too quickly. Haven't I been through enough? Sienna and Eli left for, I don't know, days..... And they come back with this, this, thing? How is that fair, in any way? 

And another thing; all Sienna and Eli have time for is the creature, the thing they call Lucy. Its all, ooooh and ash’s for Lucy, and people-people!-keep coming to the house to see the baby. What about me? I always used to be their baby, and now that new thing is! Who am I now? I have been here longer, so I should remain at the top, shouldn't I? Apparently some people don't think so.  

I went into the new baby's room. Sienna is holding IT. I rubbed against her leg, and a angry sound came from her lips as she pushed me away.


Me? She pushed me away?  

I decided to go into their room to try Eli. I climbed on his chest (which he usually loves) and begin to purr. His eyes opened wide, and he too, pushed me away. He pushed me away? What's going on? I hopped back on him, and an angry sound escaped from his lips and he pushed me off again. Okay, so maybe he just doesn’t like it anymore. I decide to just leave, with my tail held high, and a supercilious look on my face.


I take a nibble at my kibble; the stuff is dry and stale. They haven’t bothered to replace it for days, nor have they cleaned my litter box. The only thing they’ve been doing is give me fresh water, but only once a day! I hope this is just a phase. How much longer can I deal with this? I have standards, and they aren’t even that high.                                                                                                                                                        

      The basic things I need are:

  1. Clean litter box
  2. Fresh food (once or twice a day)
  3. Fresh water (at least twice a day)
  4. Love
  5. Attention
  6. Playtime (this can include playing with toys, Eli or Sienna, or a unsuspecting mouse; it’s no fun if they know its coming)

Is that really so much to ask? Many of my friends ask for much more, like TV time and trips to the groomers. My list is simple; the bare minimum. Am I getting any of that stuff? No, of course not. Well, no, I have gotten some of it, but not enough. I get water….. But really, that’s definitely not enough for a cat. I need to do something about it, but I just don’t know what. It’s not as if I can sit down and talk to them, can I? All they hear is Meow…Which is not what we sound like, thank you very much. I must think of something. I can’t be stuck like this forever. Maybe I should wait, just a little while. Wait and see if something happens.


And wait I did, for several weeks. Sure, the child has been quiet longer, but the other things? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.  I’ve done the waiting part; now it’s time for action. I’ll admit I’ve been thinking about what I should do about it, and I’ve come up with two things:

  1. Go on a hunger strike until they get rid of their new baby
  2. Get rid of it myself

I would do the hunger strike, but I don’t think they’d even notice. So, my only other option is to get rid of it myself. But how? This is something I haven’t quite figured out yet. It would have to be something undetectable.  Eli and Sienna don’t seem to like me as it is; I’d be thrown out for sure if they knew I killed it. I could cut the new baby’s throat, but what if I got blood on myself? For one thing, they would know, and for another thing, that would be disgusting.  I need something that doesn’t leave a trace… Unless… There is something undetectable.      


© 2010 Savvy

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This story is very interesting. Not only is it well written but it also got me anticipating the next chapter.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Nice. This is very well written. The perspective is creative and original. The plot intriguing... All I can say is I can't wait for more!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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