Chapter 3. Master Plan

Chapter 3. Master Plan

A Chapter by Savvy

Chapter 3 of The Paw that Rocks the Cradle. Hope you enjoy!


Master plan 


Just a little more time, and everything will be back to normal. They went into the living room to watch the box thing again, and I followed; how I do love watching the little humans inside. I wonder how they get them in there… They watch for a few hours - I think - and then Sienna gets up and heads for the creature’s room. I get up lazily; stretch, then I follow her to the room. 

Alright, I over did it, so what? 

I hide behind something; I think they call it a pooted plank? Once she’s in the room, I tip toe inside, and hide behind a basket. Sienna picks up the creature and leaves the room; a few minutes later she returns with IT and places it in the cradle, and leaves the room. I ran to the cradle, and climbed in. The creature lay there, sleeping, with even breaths. This is perfect; everything fell completely into my paws. I positioned myself just so, and lay down on the creature’s face. 

Within a few seconds, its arms and legs began to move, trying to push me off. But I just stayed. The creature kept kicking and pulling, but I knew I had to stay. If I were to leave, they would know. 

In a few minutes, +Lucy’s pushing and kicking slowed to a stop, and her arms lay by her sides


I began to purr.


I was awakened by the sound of uneven footsteps coming toward the door. I jump from the cradle and hid behind it, waiting for the perfect moment to leave and re-enter. I tiptoed behind the furniture until I reach something close to the door. Sienna leans over the cradle and lifts the creature out and lay it on the table. She begins to scream. I scurry out the door as fast as I can before Eli comings running in. I wait a few minutes to come back into the room. When I enter, Sienna is still screaming. I walk over to Sienna and Eli; rub against their legs and start to purr. 

 I am and forever will be, their baby.


A few days later and everything is back to normal; I get fresh food and water every day, my litter box is cleaned, and I get playtime at least once a day. It really was a perfect plan. No one ever suspected the cat. 

© 2010 Savvy

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It was good. The only thing that got to me was how the cat referred to the TV as a box as if he didn't know the name of it when he called it a TV in chapter one.Wish it was longer but as they say... All good things must come to an end.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I love it! Can't wait to read more of your writing!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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