Rosario's Problem (thinking of better title, still in process)

Rosario's Problem (thinking of better title, still in process)

A Story by SethGear<3

Rosario, is a third rate detective that finds himself in a first rate pile of s**t. How and why he got there...he has yet to figure out, before something jumps out from the pile and kills him.

I was falling asleep in my office when the phone rang. I felt to lazy then to pick up the phone so i decided to wait and listen to the answering machine. 'This is Rosario innovation's office. Obviously at this time im not avaliable so just leave a message or whatever and i'll get back to you. As soon as i can... '
"Hey hey its me Tony, your baby cousin! I know your there you lazy a*s so pickk up the phone already!"
I threw a papper weight at the phone and it came out of its crutch and hung by the wire bounceing up and down. I then yelled out grogrily "Its...way to early you fricken bum! im going back to sleep.." 
He then continued to yell out about something about it being four pm and...ninjas? I rested my head on the desk and again i grogily yelled back, not sure what it was, because...i dont remember it because soon after i fell asleep. I jumped awake thirty or so minutes later as someone had slammed into my office door. I jumped up and turned around and there was Tony, pounding on the glass. His mouth moved, obviously had been screamingfor a while from the color of his face, and pounded on the door harder. I quickly went to the door so he wouldn't break the glass...again, and pulled him in. "What in gods green earth do you want?!"
Tony then yelled back at me louder then i, saying "I have been calling you over and over, because someone  broke into your apartment!!" I took hold of his collar, as i rememberd finding him sneaking in my place through the window one night, and he quickly said, "I was there to see if i could borrow that old ninja turttles comic that you told me you were going to lend me, and well i took the liberty of getting to you as soon as i could when i saw the door had been busted!" He had a bag slung over his shoulder and in it i could see the edge of the comic book sticking out of it. I let out an exasperated sigh, "and you just took advantage of letting yourself in to get it then?" Tony shook his head, "Ros.." I grasped at his collar playing with the thougt that maybe it was him who broke in but then again, Tony isn't smart or rather stupid enough to tell me about it the same day it occured. I let him go, grabed my tan trench coat, my hat and my car keys, before locking the office carefuly and leading him to my car, as he had taken the bus he said. 
The sun was becomeing scarce as i pulled up to my dingy garage, after dropping dipsh...Tony back to his place. I turned off the car, and walked slowly to my small front porch. I lived out past town, so i wasn't so worried about people seeing the oppurtinity of taking what crap they could find in my house. Besides i thought to my self, with the hand gun hanging from my hip, i didn't feel so threatend if I did come accross such a person. The sunset was just behind me as i stood looking at what had been my front door. Tall shadows hit the side of the house, and the opening was like the mouth of a cave, pitch dark, despite the little light that was left. I looked down at the splinters that littered the opening and the porch, bewildered at what force had been able to splinter my door into multch. I knelt down and picked one up, turning it over in my hand, as a strange blue dust fell from it. There was more blue dust, now that i noticed. My house was a bland tan, like my trenchcoat, and there was nothing blue in my it was my least favorite color. I stood back up and turned on the front hallway light. The light flickered slightly as i made my way inwards, hanging my hat and coat in the front closet, which was completly intact. More blue dust was apparant. It lead down the hallway, in piles around dents that vaugly took on the shape of a foot print. Up the stairs it went, the stairs slightly splintered in areas, and made its way into the kitchen, the bath room, and the back room where my tv and personal computer were. After i looked through my whole home, i went  back to the garage and boarded up the door space. I sat in the back staring at the blank tv screen thinking out what happened earlier today. Tony. He had called me at around four pm. At that time he had to have had been home since he had no cell phone that i knew of. And no car. It would have taken him about an hour to walk here and then back to the bust stop. So perhaps it was at around 5pm that he had found my home broken into...or perhaps he had called at 4pm, trying to tell me then...but no skip that, he had no cellphone and knowing Tony, the phone would have been off the hook. In my inspection, i had found nothing out of place or strange besides the blue dust and the splintered floor where each foot step had paced back and forth through my home. But even then, i had been away for the night, as i had a meeting with a client that went on and on about how thier spouse was cheating on them, but didn't have enough evidence to prove it. I was there for three hours, starting from 10pm, and the office was closer then home. So the break in could have happened at any time from between a little after 10pm last night till 5pm earlier today..
The people who i knew lived closet was Tony, a ten minute drive, then Cindy an elderly lady with a lazy eye and club foot lived about a 30 minute drive, as she had been a client of mine once. The other houses that i have driven past in the country side was a good hour drive away apart, and then to town, where my office was about 37 minutes away. I tood up paceing the carpet trying to figure out which way the intruder came from. I didn't have enough evidence to know where they came from, but to know for sure it was not Cindy...unless she grew another fifty pounds of pure muscle andknew splintering blows like in the karate  films i liked to watch. I locked up my back door, which was in tact, thankfully, and put a few more nails in the boards and went up the stairs to where i dropped down to my bed and rolled around a bit before falling asleep.
Monday morning to some is like a liveing hell, trying to get back in rythem with thier job. Lucky me, my hours were often flexable enough that i could wake up at 2pm and go until 12am.  When i was feeling industrious i did that anyways. Well this Monday, i got up early for me at 12:34pm to look further at the surroundings i might have missed in the dim artificial light. I carefully walked around the piles of blue dust, and outside and looked a few yards away from my front porch. There were no massive foot prints dents up the front stairs. There seemed to be no foot steps that i could determine besides my own from my garage, and thoose smaller, from Tony. But just in front of the door there was a large dent, as if this intruder had appearred from out of thin air in front of the door, the porch slightly giveing way, and a step back as the 'person' hit the door with something hard enough to splinter the door into hudreds of pieces. They then walked down the hallway to the kitchen, some of the tiles cracked from where this heavy intruder stood for momments and made 'his' way back to the back room, then up the stairs. There was an open, or rather a broken window near the small bathroom in the atic, that i had not noticed or looked at last night. There had been no blue dust or imprints that had led up the atic ladder so i thought nothing of it. And beneath it a few yards back, there was a bush that was greatly mishapen. From there i saw, he had disapeared into thin air.
I chewed on my lip in frustration trying to put together random thoughts that swirled around my head like  a flushed toilet and it all goes down the drain. I need whiskey to think straight. So i made my way into the kitchen, and next to the fridge i headed to the pantry where i kept random dried foods and my alchoholic beverages. There were indeed large foot dents going on front of the door, but i thought nothing of it. Until i actually opened the door. I gasped in horror. precious whiskey was gone. Just fact everything that had been in there, my cheerios, ramen, my wine, my boxes of beer that i kept warm...gone...just gone. Things now...are on a whole new level, i was going to find the b*****d that broke in and took my whiskey. I walked dejectivly towards the back room and collapsed on the couch in frustration. I flailed and did my best not to start swearing at the wall. Even though it was giveing me a bad look. 
I covered my face with my hands, slowly drawing them down to my chin thinking, thinking.
"I have no great enimies" said i outloud, "I never get any big cases, only small ones like watching out for adulterer's, kids with too much time on their hands, and old ladies with finding things in plain view". My job was pathetic, though not in itself. Just a few years ago i became a private eye, changing from my then current job as a cop. "Maybe" i said thinking out loud, "Maybe one of the crooks i helped put away did this..." I had a fairly quiet carrer as being a cop can get, no major drug lords or dealers, mostly truants and druggies, and the occasional tressprassing...but no one that could do what the intruder did with my front door. The alarm on the kitchen stove rang out suddenly causeing me to loose my train of thought, and at the same time startled me so that i rolled off the couch. But wait, today was monday, and it didn't have the same shrillness. I got up and walked around, as again the sound repeated its self. The....doorbell?
I looked down the hall and grimanced. I knew that form from a hundred feet away...Eliza. My ex.
I smoothed my hair back slighty and walked down the hall, and she saw me right away, as there was no door, or anything to block her view. She rushed at me into the hallway and nearly toppled me over in a hestaric tackle hug. "Oh my precious little Rosa, Rosa are you okay? did you get hurt? The moment Tony told me that someone had broken into your house I had to see if you were all righhtt." Said Eliza as she finaly succed in toppling me over. Eliza is twice my size, nearly three probably as she shifted around ontop of me. "Get off  Eliza, i can't breathe...your fat..." She moved off before me haveing to finish the sentence thankfully. I stood up and had to help her stand up as it looked like she would of been stuck other wise.
She then looked me up and down, before waddling down the hallway, and into my kitchen. I followed her soon after muttering under my breath that i needed to move to somewhere farther into the country when there was a loud crash. From the kitchen. I rushed in, and nearly skidded on the wood floor with my socks, but i managed to grab hold of the opening and peeked my head in. Eliza, despite her size, was short and had broken one of my glasses as she had reached for it. She began to explain herself but i just shook my head and said "Dont sweat it. I'll get you something to drink."
"Whiskey?" she asked while i grabbed a plastic glass from the top shelf. The one reason i had started to date her was because she, like me, lived for whiskey. Again i shook my head. "All of it was gone when i got home."
As i opened the fridge and filled her glass with orange juice she began to pry. "So you weren't at home when the intruder came in? It sounded like it from what Tony told me, he seemed so worried and..." I handed her the orange juice and she stopped for a moment to chug it down, so that i had time to reply. 
"First off, i was not in here when it happened, and seconed Tony shouldn't have called you. There was no threat to my life, or well being." I looked down at my wristwatch, a hello kitty one that i never took off  and looked back up. "Ah, i have a meeting with a client in the next half hour and i have to get ready and so..." said i through my teeth.
Eliza hugged me so tight i lost my ability to breathe for a moment, then left as she chattered to the air, "Oh i am so glad my Rosa baby is okay, oh Tony im gunna.."
I slumped agaisnt the counter as i heard the faint hum of her red kia drive away and sighed.
The one reason i broke up with her, she only assumed about everything rather then asking questions. The other reason was that she said i looked queer. I looked down at my hello kitty watch and thought...maybe i do a little bit.
I went back to bed, and took a nap. Naps help me think sometimes. Three hours i woke and my mind was still fuzzy feeling. I went outside with out my coat, and the small autumn breeze caused me to shiver a bit. I stared at the colorful leaves in the trees surrounding my home when something caught my eyes, in one of the branches...unless maybe it was the sky, but then again...The tree was not very far away from that mishapen bush under my attic bathrooms window.
I rushed up to the tall oak tree and there indeed was something bright blue caught in one of the branches. I began to climb the tree, as i was fairly good at it, and quickly reached the blue object. It was a piece of cloth, like maybe a part of a shirt that ripped off as the intruder climbed up this tree. I grasped at the cloth, but as i touched it, it began to turn into dust. This cloth, could it be the reason for all the blue dust in my home? But what kind of cloth disenigrated just by a simple touch, but not by the breeze or from the branches? As i pondered the tree branch i was perched on started to give way, and crawled up just as it broke and fell to the ground with the blue cloth still attached to it. As i looked up i saw more of the pieces of blue cloth, littering the top inner branches. I knew it be dangerous, even for me, if i crawled any higher, even though there might be more to the blue cloth, i began to desend down the tree. 
"Hey Rosa!"
I jolted slightly, nearly loosing my grip when i looked down to the small figure below me. Tony. And someone else?
As my feet touhed the ground i turned to look at Tony with a well prepared glare when i saw who it was with him. Dan Brooke. My old boss from the local police station.
"I got you someone to help you find the perp who broke into your house, cousin!"
My heart stopped beating for a moment in shock before it began again, only faster.
It had been three years since i last saw him. I thought i made it clear with my family that no one would ever dare bring HIM anywhere near me. He had gained some width, his greyish brown hair receeding on his forehead, his hands dug into his pant pockets. He gave me a wolfish grin before out stretching his hand. I shook it quickly then pulled my hand away. "Been a while i muttered
"Its a shame how you left, you were one of the best officers. you were sorely missed" 
I shook my head. "Never mind that. Im sorry but i have an appointment to go to soon" I lied. "Im sorry you had to come all the way out here for nothing."
"But Rosa he..." I cut him off quick with a glare"I have to clean up before my apointment as climbing tree's is a dirty job."
Dan looked at me strangly before looking up the tree. "Why on earth were you climbing such a tall tree as this? You could of easily fallen off and-"
"Excuse me now, you may go in the kitchen and help yourself with something to drink" I turned towards the house and walked briskly, as the both of them  followed me. Wait. I turned around. "What ever you do, stay away from the blue dust,dont step in it or touch it." I turned again and nearly missed the bewildered look on both of thier faces. 
The moment i ran up the stairs,  i ran down the hall and fled to the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind me. I shed my cloths quickly and jumped into the shower,turning on the water. Cold water ran down my body, as if to wake me up from a dream, a dark one that had never been resolved mentaly. I took my time just standing and shivering before finaly the water heated up.
When i opened the door with a towel wrapped around my waist, Dan sat on the stairs.  He looked me over several times before licking over his lips. I shuddered and backed up to the bathroom
"There never was an appointment was thier, Ros?"
I bit down on my lip before gathering up my courage. "Get out..and take tony with you. Get out now."said i lowly, growling.
"Tony already left a while back"
S**t. "Then just take yourself home" He stood up and walked towards me, already towering over me.
Even in his old age, he was stronger then most young men, including me. He is a burly figure of 6ft 8in, and bulging muscles that one could see through under his cloths. But unlike the sterotypical thick headed body builders he had a mind like a mad genious. His logic hardly ever wrong. But as he pinned me against the wall iknew what was coming and i couldn't do a damned thing about it besides staring wide eyed at him.
"We never did finish what was left doing the night before you quit"
Suddenly his arm flashed forwards like a snake and grasped my neck, sqeasing tightly. As i lifted my arms to try and pry away his hand, he picked me up then slammed me against the wall. I fell back, my head hitting the wall with such strength i was lost for several moments before realizng where i was. Suddenly the faint sound of the doorbell rang, before someone howled "Rosario?! Rosario!"
Dan looked disgusted as he glanced down the stairs. 
"Who the hell is it.." Dan muttered as he decended down the stairs, his fist balled up. I scrambled to my feet and took my cloths and threw them on as i follewed soon after Dan. As i entered the hallway, I could hear Dan growl for the man at the door to take a hike. 
"Im here for an appointment with Rosario. He was due at my home hours ago.." Said the small asain man looking up at Dan. "You are not Rosario, where is he?"
Before Dan could say anything i pushed him aside and appoligised to the strange man. I had no appointments today, but hell even if this man was a murderer or such, i would rather deal with him then Dan.
"Hold on one moment Mr..ah" 
" Jang.  Jang Young Sil" Said the plain asian man curtly. 
I looked him over quickly, wondering if i ever met this man before. I would have remembered quite easily since he had a long winding tattoo that started at his left brow and wound down to his jaw, of a snake bearing its poisonous fangs. Well who ever this Jang character was, he in turn was my rescuer. Intended or not.
"Ah yes, one moment Jang." said i as i gave him my politest smile i could muster. 
As I rushed back up the stairs after bowing slightly to the asain man. I could hear Dan's overly loud sigh and farewell to Jang before i heard the porch steps straining under his heavy feet, and soon i could hear the faint sound of his car starting up and driving away.
The moment he left and entered the car, i slowly deceneded the stairs and headed towards the hall way. ' Jang Young Sil' was no longer at the gaping doorway. 
I walked out onto the small front porch and looked up and down my drive way, but there was no sign of the little asain man. Bewilderment and curiosity came at me full speed. Who was that pecular little man. How had he found my home?...Well that was actually an easy answer but still..not many knew of me. I was a third rate detective, not a master Sherlock. I shrugged my shoulders, and tought "I'll figure that out tommorow." it had been such a stressful day that i needed to just sit down in my reclining chair and just drift into....
I stopped short in the entryway for my small living room. Jang Young Sil was reclining in my chair, arms behind his neck and his eyes closed. A minute passed before he spoke his voice now thick with an asain accent, his eyes still closed. 
"Mr Rosario innovation do you want to know what caused all the dents and blue dust on your floors?"
I pulled up my pants a little bit and walked past him warily, my eyes glued on Young as i came to sit on an old wooden chair, thats seat sunk and strained.
I stared at him for a long time before the small man opened his eyes and stared into me, with seemingly emotionless brown eyes, "You want to know."
As I searched his face for emotion, there was no delusive tell tale of a raised brow, or a subtle smile or anything. His face was blank as his brown eyes. He sat on the edge of the chair stiffly, like a child's small ken doll. He hardly moved when he spoke, and even less as he sat there staring at me. He looked more like a dead man then any live man. Maybe he was dead. Jang Young Sil, was a name that reminded me of something i once read in history. History? Ah ha. 
"Yes Young Sil."
"you want to know?"
It was more of a statement then a question but i answered it as such anyways.
Jang's stood up slowly, much like a man fourty or fifty more years then he looked. He held his hand out. I reached out and grasped his hand. 
I had never seen someone as small as he do what he did next. He tightened his hold on my hand, and bodily picked me up and threw me to the ground. What happened next, everytime i think about it my a*s hurts. He jumped onto my back and stuck one of my butt cheeks with a thick needle and then pushed on the caringe and the liquid in it, got into my blood system. I lost all feeling of my lower body. I went to reach for it, to pull it out, but the small man stopped me by pulling my arm back roughly. 
"Babo! Touch it and you'll loose feeling down there permently"
"what the hell did you stick me with?"
I could feel him smile more then see it, because then i was onl able to see him from the corner of my eye.
"Its called beyrl."
"what the hell does it do?!" said i struggling to free myself from his grip.
"Stay still or it wont work as well" Slowly i felt the numbing fade, and it felt like there were bubbles beneath myskin popping leaveing red blotches down my leg. Oh god, i let in a cracker to my home. 
The man swore. He let go of my arm briefly to dig into his pant pocket. Out came another ceringe, only it was a dull yellow....oh god.
"That had better not be what i think it is....else i will squish you if you...shiitt shiitt!" i cryed as he stuck the needle into the side of my neck and emptied its contents into my blood stream. 
I struggled again before Jang slammed my head to the floor. Thank god its carpet. 
"Do not move, or you will be getting something worse then the hourslke disease."
I let out a low groan, and he soon replied with loud giggling. 
"What the hell is so funny?" i said as my face became numb so it came out more like, whabefubby..
"You are Sir Rosariioo"
Young Sil crawled off my back and laied in front of me staring me in the eye. 
"Sorry when the stump is watching i have to act my role. completly emotionless and detached, kinda like...a robot, but not as fun." His blank eyes were now fill with bubbly mirth, and his face was creased with a large grin. 
"You know your kinda cute for an old man." 
I mentaly reached out and strangled the little man, my arms in reality barely budged an inch. Im not old, nor am i cute i growled through my numb lips. For gods sake, im only 26! As i laid there, thrashing my legs he began to talk a mile a minute. 
"Its only a matter of time before the stump will check in again but, like you im actualy human so i thought i would give you heads up that im not planning on killing you. Im going to take you with me, but only if you are willing. If you dont come with me, you'll be visited by more vagabonds, and bounty killers. For a reason i know not, you have suddenly become a threat to the future in my paralell world. The stump wants me to completly brain wash you, like in the movies and you'll be stuck inside your mind and become disabled and most likely moved into a home where old women will give you spongebaths and rape you against your will."
My eyes widened, as i took in what he said, but parts of it didn't make sense and..i dont want to be prey to old women. 
"By the look in your eyes i can tell your not sure what s**t im saying but but." Young Sil looked back and forth,up and down and side to side again before crawling forward, so that his face was inches from mine. "You have to trust me. I'll stick around even if you dont, mostly to protect you from yourself." His small eyes widened slightly before he hopped back onto my back, and went still and stiff. "Now Rosario, after you gain your senses you will be given the choice to come with me. If you refuse then i will leave, and let you on to your fate in the hands on bounty killers, or if you are lucky Elbewums."
Minutes later i finaly was able to move, and the blotches were no longer there. I stood up and Young Sil moved off of me swiftly and stood to look up at me. His eyes were like glass only reflecting my confused grey eyes. "Have i no time to think?"
"You were given time. Decide now."
I stomped my foot and nearly screamed.  "What the f**k is going on?!" "Who are you for me to trust? Im not doing anything, or going anywhere without an explanation!!" 
"One more chance Rosario. Come now, or face death."
I had faced death as a cop, and the completly alien situation i was in, i felt no fear only anger and confusion. Both bad habbits on my part. "tell me now where would you take me? Why are you here? Why..
As i started another question Young Sil bowed and stepped into the wall and disapeared. I blinked several times and fell back into my recliner. I was no longer tired, but wide awake. This was like out of some sci-fi book or soemthing like it...There was no technology that would allow a man to walk through a wall...I stood up and began to pace my living room before deciding to check out that tree again. This time with gloves. As i walked out i stooped to touch the blue dust curious on what it would do. Wherever my finger touched it, it seemed as if it was sucked up by my skin as m finger turned blue. I stared at my hand in awe, then in fear. Could it be another disease i had never heard of? Ahh crapp..As i went to stand i accidently stuck my hand into a pile of blue dust and soon my whole hand was blue, a bright livid blue. it was alive or..I blinked several times as i realized that i could suddenly see through my hand.
I let out a line of swear words, shaking my hands feveriously as if i could just shake it off. As i began to panic something latched itself to my back. It only worsened my panic. I never panic if its a wound or if a gun or blade was pointed at me. The one thing that could reallly get me going was diseases. Being sick. I slammed my back into the wall and whatever it was that latched itself to my back fell off.
I heard a string of forien swear words quite loudly behind me. Sounded asian, i thought without it registering through my panic. Someone was trying to talk to me i realized but my eyes were blind to him/her only glued to my hands. Suddenly i was tugged down by small hands and something soft and warm pressed against my lips. My panic began to fade, as the warm pressure around my lips deepened and something wet slid...
I punched the asian man before pulling back, feeling like i was about to vomit.
"Ow, ow, not so roughh"
"F-f*****g f****t get away from me!" I pushed him back into the wall, gasping from sudden anger.
His snake tattoo had disapeared, and he was now wearing bright vivid blues, purples and pinks with lace and platforms. I stared. Despite me knowing he was a he, he would have made a cute girl if...I shook my head several times. 
I became frustrated when i realized i was blushing. 
"Aw come on Ros, dont tell me you didn't enjoy that kiss."
I balled up my fist and was about topunch him again when i noticed my hand was no longer blue or see through.
"When i kissed you, i slipped a small pill into your mouth that stopped you from becoming a mirror." Again my anger seethed that i had been taken advantage by a little queer in drag, but he had saved me more then once so i let it go. But only enough not to beat Young Sil.
Now that i was fairly calm, i could think. So much was happening that it made my brain sore. What is it that i have that im being pursued so vigorosly by..bounty killers, the 'stump', Elbe somethings, and what more...Im not a super genious, i own nothing of great worth, my kidney was probably close to black from all the whiskey i drink. I looked down my arm and at the hello kitty watch. Ha, it couldn't be you thats causeing all this, i thought to my watch...wait...could it?

© 2011 SethGear<3

Author's Note

worth continuing?, anything that should be changed?

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Madison, WI

My name is Seth, and I love to read, which led me to writing. I'm still working on my grammar and spelling, but i hope that in time i will be an epic adventure novelist, not popular, but known well en.. more..