Zuld's Lost Legend

Zuld's Lost Legend

A Story by SethGear<3

a boy knows of the lost weapon of Zuld, the greatest of federations and conquerers. But he does not yet know it himself, until his past catches up with him...and everything changes

I ran from the backdoor of the black shiny ship called Expruzela, and didn't look back. I had no idea if i had been seen but i didn't take the time to look over my shoulder. To have hidden in the Expruzela for three days was far from easy, several times i had almost been walked on, or found my hideing nook that i constantly changed whenever i could. I had seen the layout blueprint of the ship from an old airshaft where i hid above. I could not move for several hours as there was a greatmeeting with most of the crew. I knew even if i was carefull not to make noise, one slip or cough would have done me in. All the time i had been able to study the paper before it was moved from view. I knew i had a chance then to stay hidden until thier next stop, which ever planet or star it didn't mater, i just had to get away from home. And the Zuld officer with silver eyes. When i could run no longer i stopped and fell to my knees gasping...the air here seemed thin as the ground began to spin. I fell forward, bracing my hands against the cold ground as i tryed to regain my wind. It was not until after i gained it back that i looked up to look where i was. In a vast open field with short grey grass and a shining silver city made it seem so unreal. The ground was cold, as i realized it was half frozen. There was no snow though...perhaps snow doesn't exist on other planets...I stood and began to walk towards the shining city in the bleak light, knowing with every step that i was never going to be able to go back home.

Three Elon years past, [6 years for Earth] and i came to call the grey city Hibilul, my home. It was a strange sort of place, with all kinds of beings from diferent planets, in which i learned that space was much larger than what was taught on Earth. Many of the beings who resided in the shiny metal homes, were shady, either criminal or just trying to get away from all sorts of laws. It was the perfect city for me. Even though there were many Zuld patrols that came through every month or so. I made use of the city's seedyness and changed my name, and my idenity. I used to wear plain cloths, often worn with loose curly black hair and dirt or some sort of oil on my face and pant knees. Luckily i was able to get a good paying job on being a ship repair man and then had the money to transform myself. I only blended in more with my wild blue hair, heavy eyeshadow, and spiked cloths. I made an effort everyday to look different so even my employes often questioned me before i could get down to work. After a few months they recognized me by sound. My job was getting harder and harder for me though, as technoligy was evolving and no one took the time to teach me anything new about it. But i was considered by most everyone in the city, a growing expert in my 'flawless' repairs. Something i was not welcome to. Even though i know it was long enough that the Zuld would no longer be looking for a missing earthling, if people started to notice me some Zuld officer might remember through thier expections. 
A day after my third year aniversory for liveing in Hibilul i was called to atend an actual Zuld ship. A war carrier, something i was not used to. But when i read the name of it in the call book i could not look away from the name. 
Expru...zela. I had to respond and so i hesitantly hit the call back on the hallograph next to paper work. Fear took hold of me,as the captain of the ship appeared in miniture on the floating metal celinder. The Zuld officer with silver eyes stared into mine. 
"Leon Akol, your name has become noticed among many Zuld officers and cilvilons for your expertise. I am Zell Flurell, captain of the Expruzela. You will do your best in taking care of my ship Leon. Your neck depends upon it."
I stared back for several minutes before his voice came back as a bark "Do you understand?"
Yes i murmured and thanked him quickly for the oppurtunity to aide the Great Zuld. He stared at me a while before he ended the call. I fell limp and stumbled abit before hitting up against the wall. My heart thrashed in my chest, and i could not think clearly. Thoose eyes, were emotionless...there were no pupils just silver whirlpools. Had...had he regocnized me under all of my make up and cloths?
I closedmy eyes tight as my head spinned. I was haveing a panic attack i thought before i passed out...
Blood splurted from my Mothers neck as it was slashed open with presision,by a blue blade that seemed to absorb most of the blood that touched it. My father soon fell next to her as a beam of green light went through his head, much like a bullet. I knew why they were here. It had only been a month under Zuld rule that everyone on the planet wished thier demise. But thier weapons were far more advanced, as was most of thier offiercers in just about every subject. But my Father was able to make coppies of the Zulds swords and guns. Days before the secret uprise for north america...
I fell back and over my legs as the three officers walked in the door, un effected by the blood that sqealched beneath thier rubber boots. They all were aliens. One with green skin, three fingers, one covered in scales and the one that lead with silver eyes and pointed scaled ears. His face revieled no emotion unlike the other two. But the way he swung his blade was vicious and prestine. He pressed the tip of the blue blade to my neck with one hand, and pushed a button on a small gold box attached to the side of his neck. "You will come with us and tell me everything about the uprising you and the other earthlings have tryed to hide from the Zuld." 
I knew nothing andi knew what they would do to me if they knew. Torture...then death.
So i ran, fast without another thought. but i stumbled then, and was set upon by the creature with the blue blade..
I opened my eyes and shielded them as my eyes reajusted to the bright light. The voice was familair.
The man pressed his hand against my forehead."You feeling ill? Should i contact a practitioner?"
There was a slight commotion as a few more of my employes entered the office in a rush. 
"The Zuld captain is early and wants to see....why is Leon on the ground?"
huffed Eliza. Cole who had nearly been trampled on by Eliza pushed Eliza back and knelt down next to me. 
"there is no discoloring in his cheeks, and neither does he seem in pain. but...could it be that you had another flash back?"
His purple eyes probed mine and i knew i didn't have to say a word for him to know it. "Perhaps we will inform the commander and tell him to come at the scheduled time, yes?"
"Qoudok is out there, stalling for time. And from when i went to get leon, he looked like he was going to bite someones head clear off, stab thier unmoving body over and over, then cut off the skin and-"
"enough Eliza" i said sitting up. "I'll go see to..the captain. Sooner the better"
I leaned against the wall and breathed in and out slowly before gathering up my nerves as best i could and walked into the main lobby. Qoudok was in a heated talk with Zell, telling him over and over how i would be out soon. The moment i entered the room Zell turned with a disgusted sneer and barked, "Took you well enough human."
As my eyes met his I felt like fainting again, and barley mangaged to keep my balance.
"Thank you for your patience Captain, but we were not epecting you for a few days now."
Zell crossed his arms beind his back and stared at me blankly. "An emergency has come up, and will be needing my ships aid as soon as possible, since we are the closest."
I nodded and asked him what needed fixing. Just the basics actually to my pleasure, fill up the tank, polish the exterier and change engines oil to keep from inward rusting and emplosions.
As we walked out back Zell, kept looking at me from the corner of his eyes. My heart thrashed within my chest trying not to think about the last time he had looked at me like that. He said nothing though, until we reached the back where he had parked the ship. It was smaller then i remember it, but still the black and gold coat gave the same evil glint as it had all thoose years ago. I knew i stared to long at it because suddenly Zell spoke.
"Ever seen a Zuld ship up close before?"
I shook my head. "It...truely is a work of art"
He turned towards me and held out his open hand. I was not sure of the gesture, the only place i had seen something like this was back on my home planet. Earth...
I looked away and muttered that everything would be done within a few hours. He nodded curtly, and walked away. Zuld officers were exiting the ship except two, a green woman and a humaniod with silver hair. I knew the womans face but i would not let it show. They stood still as marble statues next to the rampway of the ship, but thier eyes shifted from the Captains figure, to me, to the building and my employes. I walked up to them, and qoudok followed me.
 "So..where is the engine in this thing?" 

Within an hour I, Qoudok, Cole and Eliza had the engine checked, the oils and vapors and lazers in right order, and had begun to fill the mammoth, when i noticed something glinting in Qoudok's hand. It was small compact metal box, in which she dug into an outerwall for the main engine, and hid it behind some wires. She looked straight at me then stood up slowly and suddenly bolted. I could see the Zuld officers on the ramp, watching Qoudok run before they turned and ran after her. Eliza and Cole were in the back of the ship, and had not taken note of Qoudok's escape. Several seconeds later as i hurried to the ramp to tell them, a ball of fire leapt up and englufed me whole. I rolled on the burning ground screaming as the fire began to cook my skin. But through the searing pain, in the back of my mind i knew there would be a seconed explosion much bigger and more powerful, and i would not survive it without getting somewhere safer then the steel strewn lot. With every movement I screamed, and somehow managed to run to the door and open it when the seconed round went off. Chunks of the Expruzella shot through the small window in the door, and the walls and ceiling. I fell down next to the entryway and curled up in a ball of scorched skin, and wrapped my hands over my head, my face in the metal floor. I gasped heavily as thick smoke seeped in through the holes in the walls, and broken windows. I tried to crawl but I was in much to pain to get far, and layed there choking,dying, Qoudok...I had...trusted her..why..Eliza, Cole...be alive..
When i awoke it was dark, and warm. Something soft lied under me. I opened my blistered lips and breathed in slowly; my throat ached as if i had swallowed broken glass, and my head pounded heavily. I was to weak to move, so i layed there with my eyes wide open, gasping softly. A cold hand rested against my burnt face and i whimpered.
There was a long pause before there was a reply. I closed my eyes tight as sudden tears ran down my red skin.
"I'm sorry..Im not Allen. Just..an old costomer that came to see an old friend."
I strained to move my head but it hurt to much and gave a weak cry. 
"Shh..hold on for a little while longer Leon..I have a friend on thier way since the hospitol for humans is far a-."
"Was...I the only one?" I whispered hoarsly. "The only one...that.."
The cool hand was upon my cheek lightly, gently petting it. "Shh..relax and focus on breathing slowly, the pain will be eased soon. Shh.."
I closed my eyes finaly and fell back into the unconcious.
'How much do i pay you Uriah?"
Uriah rested his long webbed fingers on Leons face lightly, and left a faint trail of glimmering blue slime. He looked over the burnt body with unblinking eyes before responding in Altruian, a dialect of Shgoush his home planet.
"This will take a few hours for me to fix, expecialy because of all the skin i must regenerate...when i am finished i will be very worn out. I would normaly charge a high price but considering your predicument all I ask is for a place to rest and someone you trust to look after me."
I nodded my thanks and stood up as Uriah layed his hands on either side of Leon's face and watched Uriah's hands glow and in turn Leons whole body began to glimmer. I left to give Uriah space for his miticulous work.
Outside i hit the metal wall with my fist roughly. I had been to late. I had heard from Qoudok's own mouth her plans for zuld demise a week ago by chance, yet i had never thought she would act so soon, and with Leon and the others in harms way. . I should have visited there sooner...i could have saved the others and not just Leon. Leon was dying, could have died easily before Uriah had arrived. It had been so long since...i had first met the kind people who had fixed not only my ship but...I ran my left hand over my right gloved hand before sighing. If i ever see Qoudok again i will kill her...for killing my first friends on this god forsaken planet.
I walked away from the hallway and went to thesmall window and looked outside. No one was outside my door. Not yet. Zuld will come looking for Leon. Charge him with acomplice to murder of Zuld officers and the destruction of a Zuld ship. Death would come next..if Leon was lucky. But only if they catch him, and I wont let that happen. I went to my bathroom and locked the door before digging in my pockets for my phone. I pressed my finger against the small screen and whispered "Ta'a" before it started to ring. In seconeds a small 2d pixel figure stood above the screen of my phone. A green huminoid with long limbs scratched its rock hard head with small blades attached to its two fingered hands.

"Que voulez-vous John?" asked Ta'a gruffly [what do you want, John?]

"J'ai besoin d'une faveur. c'est urgent." [i need a favor. it is urgent]

"Vous a l'argen?" said Ta's rubbing his two fingers together [have you the money?]

"Oui, je fais." said i nodding. [yes, i do]

Ta'a smiled a black fanged smile and nodded.

"Me dire que vous avez besoin de, et je livrerai." [tell me what you need and i will deliver]
After four long hours i went in to my room to check on both Uriah and Leon. Leon's skin was no longer covered in severe burns, no bruises and the cuts that had been there were gone too. His skin was now a pale pink and his sleeping form no longer struggled to breathe. Uriah sat in the corner of the room by a small window, sprawled on the floor. I quickly ran to him and his eyes opened to look at me. "He...will be fully healed within a nights...rest" Uriah gasped softly. I picked him up his thin form carefully and carried him to the front room and layed him upon the silver velvet couch. Again he looked up at me, his black eyes staring at me before he closed them again. "Your welcome John.." he said before i could thank him, and soon passed out. As iwatched Uriah's chest rise and fall, i wondered how much longer Ta'a would be. What i had asked of him...was alot. I sat on the floor and stared at it for a while. Leon will be safe in Ta'a's care despite his beastly appearance and gruff personality. Ta'a is trustworthy, which many creatures lacked on this planet. But even knowing this...i feared for Leon. The Zuld are many, and thier reach vast, and their cruelty was known to nearly every world in the multi'verses. Perhaps all i could do was bide him time, but either would be better then capture in his state. 
The soft sound of a bell ringing awoke me from my brooding. I hurried to the back door and there stood Ta'a, eight foot and eleven inches tall, looking at me with brilliant yellow eyes. 

"Dépêchez John, le zuld ne sont pas derrière lointain je." [ we must Dispatch John, the zuld are not far behind me] said he breathlessly. I layed my hand on his scaley arm briefly before rustling my hair back with my hands, before replying quickly,
"oui oui, donnez-moi un moment" [yes, yes give me one moment]
I ran back into my home and into my room, i picked up Leon's sleeping form carefully and hurried to the back door. But before i reached the door something in my stomach jumped and told me not go to that doorway. I was to turn, leave Uriah, go to the front door and run as fast as i could. It was so strong that i nearly did so at that moment. But i set down Leon carefully and edged my way to the door. Ta'a's back was towards me and it seemed as if he were talking to someone. I peeked further and indeed a Zuld officer, and several grunts were there in top gear. I absconded quickly from the door way to where i had laid Leon, and then the couch. Despite the situation, and the fact that i would be slowed down considerably, I hung Uriah over my shoulder and stalked towards the front window. More Zuld. What to do...I sat down heavily and though time was running out quickly i could think of nothing. But wait. I peeked out the front window again and saw that there was a small ledge that crossed behind them and into an alley way several hundred yards away. If i could manage to carry both and then somehow scale across the small swelling and to the alleyway safely, i might have the chance to not only save myself from capture, but Leon and Uriah as well. But i was not some action star in a low budget movie. I was athletic, but my abillities did not list crawling onto a ledge while holding two people. Oh god, what now...
It was just as Ta'a rung the back door again when my loads regained concious. Uriah was still weak as he had been before he passed out, and Leon was completly dazed and disoriented. Thankfully Uriah's sharp senses still worked and some of his weakness left him. "The Zuld...have you done something unlawfully?"
I shook my head, "It matters not now my friend, all that matters is that we leave now, quickly and quietly."
"I will slow you down, go without me" he said, huffing slightly. I shook my head and wrapped my arm around him tightly before dragging leon to the windowsill. "I know you just woke up but you have to climb unto the ledge and climb onto the roof." Leon blinked several times before looking out the window. He backed away from the window. "No way, i wont even fit through it."
I opened the hinge of the window hastely with my free arm and pushed Leon towards it. "Its that or keep company with the Zuld captain and seven officers, right outside in the back."
"But...I'll f-" I swiftly held my hand over Leon's mouth and ducked back as i saw the two zuld grunts in front look back towards the building. To my amazement the two Zuld officers walked away into a nearby side way. There were a few grunts before there was the sound of running feet. More officers had filed from out of the back to see what the commotion was. Then lazers, and dark-guns went off, the sound nearly deafening. It was now to dangerous to go out the front. 
"Someone other then the Zuld....and....Ta'a...outside" said Uriah gasping heavily. I shushed Uriah softly, telling him not to ush himself when Leon took hold of my other arm, staring up at me with wide eyes.
"What the hell is goinng on?? why here why.." He cut off his question as his eyes wandered away and towards the back door. I glanced in the direction of his gaze, and there stood a short curvy woman, in a tight black jumpsuit that fit to her like a seconed skin. So...hot. She raised her arms,and In her hands were two dark matter guns. She shot both guns, grazing both my cheeks as i heard two shrill screams and a succesion of thuds. I looked behind me and there layed two dead Zuld officers, that had probably climbed through the window. "Hurry this way!" she yelled motioning to the door, "Trust me" she said before running out the back way. Without another thought, i bodily picked up Uriah and ran after her, Leon trailing behind me. Outside there was smoke everywhere, and lazers flashed. If i stepped out into that mess i could easily kill not only myself but Uriah. Leon clutched my arm, and began to gasp. Suddenly another figure came from the smoke, two in fact. The small woman and a tall wirey Elktoid, with long red hair. The Elktoid came at us, picked Leon up and ran back swiftly into the haze. I ran after him blindly, before coming out of it in a couple of minutes. At the other side i was on a corner of a block, and the elktoid was several hundred yardsin front of me, and the woman behind. There a ship hovered just above the empty street, and the two climbed aboard when it touched the ground, a metal ramp hitting the street with a loud screech. Then the ramp began to close. They were taking Leon from me! Before i could get to it, the ship sped away and up into the sky. I ran like a mad man, and shoke my fist at the sky vainly. I stood in place swearing, staring at the sky, hoping somehow they had forgotten i had been there. No...no, they did this purposfuly. 

© 2011 SethGear<3

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Added on February 5, 2011
Last Updated on February 5, 2011
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My name is Seth, and I love to read, which led me to writing. I'm still working on my grammar and spelling, but i hope that in time i will be an epic adventure novelist, not popular, but known well en.. more..