A wingless flight

A wingless flight

A Chapter by SethGear<3

like a rock he plummeted down...

It could not have been this...person whom Faadruuk had warned me about. This foolish being with strange coloerd hair and many piercings on his face could not be..the killer of serpents? Through the hand mirror i could not hear what he said as his lips moved, but i didn't need to as he pulled at his face with his hands, making stupid faces and even picked his nose and...oh god,and he ate the boogers. Gross..
"Fahim, must we watch thissss any further?"
I pet baldorf's scaly head unthinkingly as i replied, "No..I dont think this is the right man.."
Just as i was about to put the hand mirror something caught my eye. A small tattoo was on his shoulder, that I had not noticed before. I could not see it clearly, but it looked like an outline of bird. An eagle. 
"He could be one of the Eagle damnation..."
Baldorf tickled my ear with his tounge. "The eagle's are not as..." 
I nodded silently thinking. Perhaps this man was not as foolish as he appeared. It didn't matter anyways. Faadruuk told me to killl the being that showed itself through the mirror, and thats what must be done. I trailed my fingers along the hilt of my sword, the sheath hanging from my woven leather belt, wondering as i stared, how do i kill him from this side of the mirror? Fraadruuk had said nothing about how to, except some odd mix of letters and numbers. I looked about the dank chamber, to perhaps find some instructions but there was nothing but for frayed velvet wall hangings, empty cobwebed chairs and the table in the middle, as to where the mirror had been layed at. I sighed and layed the mirror back down, and leaned forward on the table. It began to wobble and before i could move the table gave in. I went crashing down, with Baldorf sqealing in my ear. I picked myself up sitting, looking at the splinterd table, when i saw to my dismay that the mirror had cracked. I picked it up quickly and looked into but saw nothing but the reflection of my disstresed eyes. I hung my head, and felt like wailing. To be chosen for a special commission, to come so far from the great city, my fate was to fail because of some old table??
"ARRRGGGHH" i screamed. Baldorf tightned himself around my neck butting me slightly with his head. "Not so looud man"
"But..but i have cracked the mirror of exception, and it will not work now, and i have failed, failed!" I hit at the old table when something shone hotly on my back. I stood up quick as a flash with my blade ready to pierce and slash, but there was nothing. The heat was completly gone, and in fact it had gotten very cold suddenly. I sheathed my sword and looked for the mirror. It was glowing faintly, and began to pulse as i picked it up. I could no longer see my reflection, or that of anything. Suddenly a light flashed from it, and the shape of a star burned an imprint into my eyes. I jolted and lost hold of it and fell to the floor with a loud clash, the glass shattering all around. The slivers of glass soon began to shake and drew itself into a small whirlwind, taking shape into a tall form. With a loud thud the glass then exploded, and flew outwards cutting my face and body. When i opened my eyes again the man with purple stood in place, with a bewildered look on his face. He now wore a shirt with short sleves, torn blue bottoms and had his hair spiked up like some sort of demon's horns. His eyes widened as he looked at me and suddenly dove at me. I rolled out of the way and drew my blade and held the tip to his head. "Come no further fool"
"You..you have a snake...it will s..strangle.." Baldorf huffed and hissed at the young man and he flinched away.
"this 'snake' is my friend and does not pose any threat to my life"
"I...what...eh.." He scratched his head, and looked up at me, his eyes swirling with bewilderment before pointing to the blade. "what the hell is with that blade?'
"It is no mere blade!" said i outraged. I lifted and swiftly thrusted the blade forward cutting a lock of his purple hair away from his eyes. 
"This sword has been with my family for the very first breath of creation, and is sharper then any mortal can make. It is known by many names but its true nature is Eileifr, for always and ever. It is a prevlige to die on his might!"
 This time as i drew the sword hilt back, and began to thrust for his heart, he moved faster then i could see and dodged my fiersome lunge. I could not believe it, nor do i think could the guideless one could either as for a while he stared at me, wide eyed. I myself stared back trying to regain my compusure.
 No one had ever fully dodged my attacks. Not since i was a boy of six, when i first held the destined weapon in my small hands. No one could match my skills that i had ever met, nor heard of anyone. Perhaps this 'eagle' was truely the threat Faadruuk had told me of. I can not let this faze me any further i thought shaking my head slightly before charging at him full speed. For the next 30 seconeds he evaded every move until he just finaly gave up and turned round and ran into the darked light of the temple. I ran after him while as Baldorf clung to me, whineing about wakening the gods, as the young eagle had begun to scream for help. How dare he yell in the presence of our bright everlasting ones! For a long time i follwed him till i could hear him gasping in the nearly silent sanctum. He was heading towards a balconay as i could soon see the fading stars in front of me. I had him, i thought with a smile. I shall bring the head back to Faadruuk and the others and i will be known as a hero. The eagle killer. Yes, had a nice ring to it. He tried to turn around as he finaly realized he was heading to a dead end, but i would not let him and sprinted fast as i could push myself. Finaly he had come to a sudden stop, as he looked over the marble rail, leaning on it as he gasped. I gained my breath before breaking the dead silence that now hung between us. I raised Eileifr and spoke with as much command as i could muster,
"You the destined serpent killer, shall die upon Eileifr, the everlasting and weapon of the bright god. Let your poor excuse of an exsistance come to an end, foul being!" Then with all my heart and my body I lunged forward and plunged the blade into his gut. As i pulled the blade from him, he gasped and blood gurgled from his mouth. Just as i was about to finalize his demise and slice his from his shoulders the sun came upon me suddenly, blinding me just long enough that when i could see he was no longer there. I turned round and round frantacly. I must have his head to prove myself! I rushed to the balcony and saw that below was a small pond that he had landed in, and was floating on the surface before turning over and i saw he lived as he pulled himself to the rocky shore. I ran as fast as i could down the balcony and the temple stairs. 
"Fahiiiimmm, slow down! He is nearly dead and probably used hisss-heey!" 
Baldorf bit down on my ear lightly as i nearly tumbled over my own feet and caught the rail to the stairs before i plumeted head first. "Youv'e time so hold your hikous, all this running is making it hard for to hold on, and im tired from itt"
I sat down heavily on one of the steep steps and bent over forward breathing in and out loudly. "Dont have a heart attack, ok?"
i laughed horsely and drug my nails acroos the cool marble stone.
 "I am almost there...almost.." Baldorf nudged his head against my neck. "Father would be proud.."
I half smiled and nodded. "You are right dear comrade, you are right."
This was the worse nightmare I had ever had, i thought as i pulled myself to the stone littered shore. But this was no nightmare, i thought as i touched my fingers to the gaping hole in my middle. Im dying, im going to die in a strange place, chopped into mincemeat by a small crazy man with a repulsive snake attached to him. Tears formed in my eyes, as i cried in pain, for every gasp was like being stabbed again, and again. Perhaps dying would be better then this pain, a relief into the darkness of eternal sleep. I weakly cried out for help but no one replied. For what seemed an eternity i lay on the cold ground, my mind rushing, wishing and praying my family would be able to cope on my death...would they even know why i was gone? My friends...ah! I took in a large gasp as i tasted more blood in my mouth. I spit it out, it growing harder and harder to breathe without choking on it. But my mind became hazzey from the blood loss and i could no longer think solidly, and all thougts were intangible, abstract and without any order. Faces...swirling into a large darkness swallowing me whole. God...I...
As i stepped outside feeling fufilled i walked around the temple to the gardens where the small pond lay and near it, my redemption. I stopped midstride. There was no body, dead or alive.  I hurried forward, and circled the pond several times before i saw the faint imprint of small feet. A woman perhaps...but there seemed to be no extra weight. And as i followed the faint footprints they dispeared. Like she had disapeared, vanished or...I looked up to the bright colored sky, searching....but i saw nothing. Not even a wretched bird. Only the bright reds and blues of the rising sun. Baldorf slithered up to the top of my head and looked with me. 
"Where...isss...he?" In a faint breathe i whispered. 
"Gone...and with him..my expiation.."

© 2011 SethGear<3

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Added on February 5, 2011
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My name is Seth, and I love to read, which led me to writing. I'm still working on my grammar and spelling, but i hope that in time i will be an epic adventure novelist, not popular, but known well en.. more..