Off Off With ya Head

Off Off With ya Head

A Story by SethGear<3

stroy inspired by the song Heads WIll Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The tall man in baggy cloths and bright red sunglasses stood before the bridge blocked by many others men all in black, and grinned and bobbed his head. He secured his earphones to his head, and wrapped the small cord around his neck loosely. 
"Heads are gunna roll, my lovelies" He said hopping around in time with the peppy techno music that blasted into his ears.
The men in black looked at one another in slight disbelief...this man was the great swords man that defeated many a honorable samurai and lords? Was he high?
The man in the shades lifted them up to squint at the men. "Aren't you going to attack now?" He tapped his foot. "Come on, lovelies and meet ya doom!" he said drawing a  loud purple sword, swinging it about like a mad man.
 "Come on Ya'll dont leave a brotha hangin" he drawled, 

© 2011 SethGear<3

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Added on February 23, 2011
Last Updated on February 23, 2011



Madison, WI

My name is Seth, and I love to read, which led me to writing. I'm still working on my grammar and spelling, but i hope that in time i will be an epic adventure novelist, not popular, but known well en.. more..