Hopefully I Never Wake .

Hopefully I Never Wake .

A Poem by AchingAlexandra

I can't help the pain in my chest , so I'm writing about it .

I feel my eyes darken ,
from the pain in my heart,
the pain in my chest,
the pain in my soul .

You pushed me away ,
when I was trying to comfort you ,
I really just want you to be mine ,
and never leave my side .

Is that too much to ask ?
After I've tried so hard ,
to help heal you ,
after I've shown you so much ,
of my sacred affection ?

I want to help you ,
you want me gone ,
you say you don't want to ruin me,
But I'm already ruined .

There's nothing more I can do ,
so I'll just go back to my room ,
and show my pillow more tears,
but these ones will be crimson ,
and hopefully I'll never wake .

© 2012 AchingAlexandra

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From the start, I knew this was going to be a depressing poem. Its well written and flows from the start-which are goood qualities-but.. there is a big difference between writing ridiculously drepssing poems, and writing what is running through your mind. I know 100% where you're coming from- but being depressed, writing depressingly, and thinking depressing thoughts gets you nowhere.

Posted 8 Years Ago

i think every person has felt this in their life at least once.and this is a beautiful way to show it..very good

Posted 8 Years Ago

The first line of any body of writing is what lures the reader in, and you did that so marvellously, well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

great poetry wonderful work thanks for sharing this with me

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sad words, beautifully penned.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I'm a really nice person, but I have a lot of issues. I love writing, it helps ebb the regular pain I have. First name: Courtney Middle Name: Alexandra I'm purely myself. I don't change to fit.. more..


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