A Story by shafrini

For those who use unwanted or bad words


Sweeto was a very sweet boy loved by his parents. As he grew, he learnt some bad words and proudly used them at home and in school. His parents and teachers tried to correct him but all went in vain. All were very disturbed about his rude behavior.

One day he rushed home all excited as it was his birthday. He thought of his new dress, birthday party and lots of gifts he would get. Suddenly he bumped into an old man who fell on the road.

Sweeto shouted, “You blind bat! Can’t you see properly!?"He continued to call the old man all dirty words. The shocked old man looked at the sweet little boy, who looked ugly mouthing the bad words. He stretched out his bleeding hands and cursed, “It’s a shame that a child like you are still a human! So, become a waste-bin!!"

Sweeto felt his body turning rigid. He couldn't move his hands or legs or even his body. He cried out to the old man, “I’m saw....."He couldn't complete his words....as his mouth remained open. The old man was nowhere to be seen. Sweeto remained there by the roadside with his mouth gaping open.

"Mom, there’s the waste-bin!" A little kid shouted. Sweeto saw a lady walk up with a basket of garbage containing rotting vegetables, chicken and fish waste and as he looked in horror, the lady dumped the garbage into his mouth. He retched hard and the garbage went down into his stomach. He then saw a sweeper collecting the droppings of animals from the ground. Alarmed he shut his eyes and for the first time in life, he prayed with a sincere heart, just as his mother had taught him. She had told him that prayer was a mind bath. He wept, “Please God!...Forgive me, I’ll never ever speak bad words .I promise...Please!!!

"What are you mumbling Sweeto? Wake up it's six o'clock! "His mother called out as she went down-stairs. Sweeto jumped out of his bed delighted. He was back to his human form! He moved his hands and legs and danced about. "God forgave me! Thank you God!!" Then he paused, “Or ….was it a nightmare? How can a human being become a waste-bin?!Silly nightmare “He chuckled. He then hurried to look into the mirror, and he nearly screamed---

A rotten fish-bone and some dirty rag piece were hanging from his shirt button.

"Sweeto, what happened? "His mother called from down. "Nothing mom" He answered and ran towards the wash-room.

So, it had happened for real! He shuddered. But God had been kind with him this time. Never again will he be a waste-bin. After sometime Sweeto's mother came upstairs and was pleasantly surprised to see her son ready for school and praying! She kissed her son and led him downstairs for breakfast. Thereafter Sweeto decided never to be a living waste-bin and encouraged his friends to be good.

© 2022 shafrini

Author's Note

Most of us hurt others thoughtlessly with unnecessary words when we are upset or furious. Don't you think we got to practice speaking to others kindly?

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Added on May 15, 2017
Last Updated on May 14, 2022
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I trust in God and righteousness' Have very few friends,but am friendly to all. My belief :People behave as they shouldn't when they have problems. more..