A Chapter by Shin

First Chapter


It’s was the middle of June and my first day in my new school. I’m just a new student in St. Anthony College as a Senior here in one corner of the Earth, or it’s better to say that our new place is actually deserted, for me. My mother was calling me for breakfast. I could hear her voice loud and clearly inside my room. It was only 6 o’clock in the morning and my class begins at 8:00a.m.

            I couldn’t sleep last night, maybe because I was excited and mixed with nervousness, so I decided to just read my book The Last Song. I was about to finish reading it when I fell asleep.

“Fatima!” my mom was all ready shouting outside my room and kept on knocking at the door.

“Fatima! Get up. It’s already 6:00 you’re going to be late.”

Even though I was still sleepy I answered her.

“But it’s still early. My class is at 8 o’clock. What’s the rush?”

“It’s the first day. You don’t want to be late in the first day right?”

“Okay, okay, just a minute. I’m still sleepy”

If I wouldn’t answer, she would still keep knocking and knocking, she might break the door.

“Wash yourself and go down for breakfast. The food may get cold.”

“Okay mom, be there in 30 minutes.”

I was wearing my favorite white t-shirt and skinny jeans and a pair of doll shoes. My skin was pale than ever. I straighten up my hair and put on a headband. My bangs fall on my face and were like hiding half of it.

I need to hide my eye bugs. They’re so big because of last night.

I looked inside my bag and checked if I have all the things I needed to bring.

“Notebook, check. Ball pen, check. Slippers, check. Wallet, check. Cell phone, check. The Last Song… wait… hey, where is it? Now where’s that book”

I just left my book at the desk then now it’s already missing. How clumsy could I be? I looked around my room and still didn’t see it. I looked inside the drawer of my desk and found it.

“There you are. How’d you get in there?”

I read it again and again and still don’t get bored with it. I bought it for my own savings so I take care of it. I take care all of the books I have but it is different from this one. I always bring it anywhere I go.

I always bring my slippers to school just in case it will rain. I never leave the house without it.

The sound of the TV was surrounding the whole house. My brother was sitting on the couch and watching TV when I got down from the stairs.

“Hey Josh, have you eaten already?”

“Done” my annoying brother said while he was watching Mr. Bean and chewing something I don’t know what.

“Don’t you get tired with that show? I’ve watched that so many times.”

“No. Don’t care. It’s funny.”

“Okay fine.” I went to the kitchen and saw my mom washing the plates that Josh probably used.

“Mom? You don’t have work today?”

“I just had a day off, so I can take care of you guys.”

“Uh, what’s for breakfast?”

“Rice with eggs and bacons, is it okay with you? If it’s not, I can cook another dish for you” said my mom still washing the dishes.

“No, it’s okay. No need to cook another dish mom.”

“Okay, eat our breakfast so you can go to school.”

I ate my breakfast, kissed my mother and my brother goodbye and left the house. The trip to school was only 20 minutes from our house. Good thing my grandfather has a mountain bike at the house so I can go to school faster and I don’t need to spend money for the bus and for the gas -- if ever I have a car " and especially, I don’t need to walk to school every morning.

I arrived at St. Anthony at about pass 7 and there were already so many people outside, so much for the deserted thing I was thinking. Maybe this isn’t the kind of deserted place I was actually visualizing of. But where did all these people come from? I don’t see many houses on our neighborhood.

They have parking for cars and also for bicycles and motorcycles. That’s a good thing about it. I don’t need to worry about where I would park grandpa’s old bike.

I passed by the gate and they were inspecting the bags. Good security huh. I didn’t know. When it was my turn, the guard noticed me.

“You’re new?” he asked.

“Yeah, just moved.” I smiled at him.

“Good luck.” He smiled back.

Friendly people. That’s also good.

I passed by many group of students while I was going to our building. There were many buildings though, and many trees. Big school. I didn’t notice that it was big when I was outside. The buildings were like old fashioned but it has air condition units. I didn’t know we can afford this kind of school.

I went in when the bell rang. When I came inside the room, the people were so quite. The only vacant seat was at the back, beside the window. Beside me was a boy "good looking though- that is also quiet.

The room was big, maybe twice as big as my former classroom. It has two air cons, too bad I didn’t bring with me my jacket. We are almost 50 students in the classroom, as what I have estimated.

Our professor came in, he was kind of a chubby man and has a beard, and his hair was combed at the side that he looked like a school boy. He did to us the elementary was of checking the attendance, the raise-your-hand-and-say-present way. He was I think about 30 years old in his face.

Some of my classmates knew each other and I was left behind, again.

My seatmate’s name was Kevin Smith. The chair I was seating at was beside the window and outside the window was like a garden, full of students who’s their classes are all ready finished.

The word ALONE was echoing inside my mind when suddenly someone spoke beside me. At last! Somebody had the guts to talk to me!

“Hey, want some?” I looked beside and it was… a sandwich.

What do I expect? He’s the one who’s beside me, he’s should be the first one to talk to me, not the one who’s at the door.

His face was like a normal guy with a normal life. He has eye glasses but still kept his taste of clothing. His hair was brown and slightly spiky, his eyes were color cerulean that matched the color of his skin that was also pale like me. His lips are small and thin a bit pinkish. He was wearing a pink polo shirt, jeans and shoes that match with… everything!

“Uh, no thanks, its okay” I said with a smile

“Here, take it. It’s my gift for the first day” he said.

“Uh, okay. Thanks.”

Maybe he’s not that bad.

Well, to tell you honestly, I really don’t get along that much with boys. Actually I hate them, I don’t know why. Maybe because of their pride, arrogance and hot air, I really hate it.

I didn’t have any boy friend EVER. I am a certified NBSB (no-boyfriend-since-birth) girl. I don’t care about my suitors, even though my mother says that I can already have a boyfriend. Still, I don’t want any. I didn’t have any crushes since my elementary days and some of my high school days. I just really hate boys.

Boys will only break us girl’s heart and find some new again and do it again. It’s a cycle for them. They will court the girl, hurt them, leave them, and find some one new to flirt with. I really hate those kinds of boys. That’s why I have concluded that… all of them are the same.

It was dismissal and I went out of the building and said goodbye to Kevin. He ran after me and got my cell phone number and I got his. He left after that.

Oh great. The word alone is echoing in my mind again.

The school has a kindergarten, elementary, high school and college but it has a wall, like a fence or something, separating them so that the students will not loiter around the other buildings. Our building is near the field so when I went outside the building I could see many people at the field having picnics, lovers at the side of the field where there are chairs and tables, people playing football, some track and field varsities and everything. The field was so big that maybe all of the students can fit in it. It was like ¼ of the school.

Beside it was the gym where most of the varsity players practice. Of course most of the people playing there are boys because all of us know that boys really love playing sports and all. Most of the people staying at the field to watch or staying at the gym are girls. Girls here really love boy-hunting or rather looking for boys that are good-looking.

Why do girls like good-looking boys? They will not get anything from them even they are good-looking. I just don’t understand other girls with that kind of things. They will just brag about how handsome their boy friend is to other girls etc. etc. so that other girls will envy them and…yeah, I don’t want to talk about it.

Besides my professor, I only know Kevin so while I was strolling around the campus; I was all alone, all by myself.

I don’t want to go home yet because it’s so early and I have nothing to do at home, only watch TV, listen through the radio and so.

I was like a lost girl that just wanders around the school searching for someone I know. I wouldn’t get shocked if somebody would approach me and ask if I need some assistance with the directions.

While I was strolling, like I always do when I’m new at the place, I accidentally passed by at the gym because I saw many people there.

What’s with them? I wonder what’s inside.

Because of curiosity, I went in.

Inside, there were so many girls. They were shouting a name that I didn’t understand much because they are all yelling so loud that I didn’t understand anything they are saying. I looked at the court.

And there he was.

The boy who’s playing basketball was so cute. He’s sweating so much and he looks so tired but he can still manage to get his appearance still good.

But, gross, don’t they ever take a break?

Maybe they’re just practicing, as what I know, the start of the competitions here is late October, and it’s just the middle of September. They really need to pump up for the win.

What am I still doing here? I couldn’t see anything because of the rising crowd of shouting girlies. My eardrums might pop in here.

I went out and continued my self-directing stroll around the school. While I was walking, I passed by two girls that looked familiar. The two girls approached me and I recognized them, they were two of my new classmates.

Wonderful! I got company.

            “Hi, you’re new here right?” asked one girl.

            “Yeah, you two are long time classmates? I think you know each other really well” I said with a smile.

            “Actually, we’re classmates since grade school” said the other girl with a beam.

            “What she really meant is since kindergarten. By the way, what’s your name?” asked the girl.

            “I’m Fatima, Fatima White. And you are?” I said.

            “My name is Jane. Jane Pierce, and she’s Abby”

            “Abby Brooks here. Nice to meet you” the short haired girl said and she smiled.

            “You too” I said smiling.

            We went together and continued to stroll around the campus grounds, exchange cell phone numbers and walked as a group of friends.

            Jane was tall, her skin was tan and her lips was pouty and red, as if she used a red lipstick, her hair was long and straight but she ties it up in a pony tail. Black beauty in short.

            Abby was the exact opposite of Jane. She was a bit shorter than I and she looks like a Chinese. Her hair was short but it looked good on her, she uses a clip on her hair so that her face can still be seen.

            Even they have opposite physical appearance, they get along really well. They are very friendly and kind and I noticed that they are both caring by looking only at their movements even though I only knew them only that day.

            I went home after that.

I with my mother and my 10 year old brother moved to this place after my father married another woman and he went to another country with this woman. We are not rich and only staying at my grandparent’s house because they have a residence here in this place where it was very, very, very far away from our previous house that we sold so that we can have money for my tuition fee and my brother’s tuition fee and also for our everyday allowance in school. Our mother managed to find a work near in a small factory here as a tailor. The factory is near to our house. I had a scholarship at school because I was an honor student since I was in grade school and I graduated with honors so I only pay half the original price that the school gives.

When I got home, my mother was at the garden sweeping the leaves that have fallen from the trees. The garden was located in front of the house. It was big and there are so many flowers and trees around it. It has a swing and a table at the garden.

“How was school?” her mother asked, still sweeping the leaves.

“Fine, I met three of my classmates.” I said while I sat down at the swing.

My mother sat down beside me and said “That’s great dear. Sooner or later you will have more friends.”

“Excuse me mom” I stood and walked. She continued what she was doing.

I left my mother there because I was so exhausted and I want to rest a bit. I went inside and saw my brother at the living room watching, again, just like what his routine is. His class would end at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and arrive here at 4 o’clock and I arrive mostly at 5:00.

I went upstairs and straight to my bedroom. I placed my bag at the table and as I lay down, I fell asleep. I woke up nearly 7 o’clock in the evening and I was still wearing my clothes! I forgot to change my clothes!

“Shoots! I forgot to change!”

“Fatima! Get down here, dinner is ready.”

“Okay mom, I’ll just change.”

I was at the bathroom. Mom said something, I didn’t hear it.

I cleaned myself up and changed clothes, then walked down the stairs.

“Mom, what did you " ”

Oh no. Why are they here?

“Hey, what are you guys doing here?” I said surprised.

“We just wanted to stop by” Jane said with a wide grin.

“You had dinner all ready? You can eat here if you want” my mom said.

“No thanks Mrs. White. Can Fatima come with us? We’re going to show her around the place and also Kevin” said Abby.

“Sure. Go Fatima, have fun.”

“Are you sure mom its okay?”

“Yeah, just be careful on your way.”

“Thanks mom.”

“I’ll just go upstairs and change. Wait.”

I ran to my bedroom and changed again. I went back down and found them looking at the albums on the center table.

“Let’s go?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Mom! We’re going!”

“Sure dear! Take care!” she shouted back from the kitchen.

“Okay mom!”

We went outside and very, very dark.

“Are we going to walk?” I asked them.

“Of course not, Kevin bought his car” said Abby.

“You have a car?” I looked at him with astonishment in my eyes.

He smiled. “It’s over there” he was pointing at something red. And what I saw made my eyes bulge.

It was a Ferrari S430, the one that was convertible. I didn’t know that he was that rich and his car is so expensive. We went inside the car. The car was so cozy and has leather seats. Kevin was at the drivers seat and I, Jane and Abby were at the back.

“This car is yours?” I asked Kevin totally amazed.

“Yeah. I don’t have any other car so I have to use it” he started the engine and it doesn’t have much sound like other cars do. This is so cool!

“I can’t believe it”

“Can’t believe what?”

“That I’m actually seeing this.”

“You have to because you’re sitting on it” Kevin said with a silent laugh.

“Where are your parents anyway?” I asked.

“They died 3 years ago because of a car accident. I live at our house and my relatives pay for my schooling. My parents left their money for me and left this car. So I have to budget the money that my parents left behind so that I can still buy food. Good thing my father taught me how to drive this or else I can’t use this car.”

“How about the bills for the house?” I asked, obviously interested about the topic.

“My relatives also pay for it. I only spend the money for my food and the other things I need” Kevin said with a smile in his face.

“You’re so rich.”

“No we’re not.”

“Yes you are. You wouldn’t have this kind of car if you are not rich.”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Hey Fatima” Abby began to talk.


“We looked at your albums and I just wondered… where’s your father?”

“Uh, he’s with his girl, somewhere out there.”

“Oh. Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay. Not a big deal really.”

And then there was silence.

“So, where are we going?” I asked, to break up the silence.

“I know a good restaurant at the town, we can eat there” Abby suggested.

Abby told Kevin the directions and we got there around 30 minutes. We ordered and got a table at the corner.

The restaurant looks like any other restaurant at the place. But its theme is like a cabin. The clothes or rather the costume of the staff there are the one’s that the cowboys wear with the cowboy hats and the cowboy boots. The uniform of the waitress there were the ones with the checkered mini shirts, and long sleeves polo that were folded and they wear a neck tie. I don’t know what the neck ties are for.

 The taste of their food is so good that I feel like I am eating at the finest hotel. My food was a steak with gravy all around it. It’s very delicious.

When we finished eating, I looked at my watch and it was all ready 10:00! I didn’t notice the time.

“My gosh! It’s already 10p.m I need to go home” I demanded.

“You really need to go home?” Kevin asked.

“Yes. And I’m also not used to go home this late.”

“Okay, let’s go. Your mom might be looking for you” said Jane.

We left the restaurant and drove off to our house. The road was so dark and the wind was so cold. At 10:30 we arrived at our house.

“God, it’s so dark.” Only the porch light was on in our entire house.

“I’ll come with you.” Kevin suggested.

“I can go by myself.”

“Yeah Kevin. Go with her, she might get kidnapped when we’re going out of here.” Abby just blurted out.

I looked at her sharply. She looked away giggling.

“Okay fine.” Kevin opened my door before I was able to push it. He accompanied me up to our door step.


“No problem.”

“Uh, you can go now.”

“I’ll wait until you get inside your house.” I looked at him. He looks cute.

“Okay.” I got my keys and opened the door.

“You can go now.”

“Until you’re inside right?”

“Okay, okay.” I went inside.


“Bye. Sleep well.” He said and smiled. And I closed the door.

My mom was at the couch when I saw her. Maybe she was waiting for me and fell asleep. I placed a pillow under her head and went to my bedroom silently so that they will not hear me. I went to sleep because we have classes tomorrow.

© 2011 Shin

Author's Note

Sorry if it's kinda long. It's a novel anyway :)

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its very interesting.. i'll surely read this

Posted 10 Years Ago

It's interesting reading about someone's first day of school. It feels nostalgic for me, but many younger people could identify with this situation immediately. I laughed a little when she said what was for breakfast because I myself have a half Japanese friend that does the same thing (her mom mixes everything with rice, even Americanized meals you wouldn't expect). This is a good start! Keep at it. I'll keep my eyes open for your updates

Other suggestions:
-"I’m just new student " this is from the second sentence of the story. The first sentence was in past tense (as most stories are). I would alter this to follow that tense for better reading flow (as there is a bit of bouncing back and forth).
--"his eyes was color" His eyes WERE THE color

Posted 10 Years Ago

Intresting, the characters are compelling, and I am also looking forward to reading more.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like it alot so far. The spacing kind of threw me off at first, until I read more of it. The flow is good, the dialogue interesting, and overall a very nice piece. I'm looking forward to more.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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