A Chapter by Brian

About the controversial building of a mosque near ground zero in NYC.

There is so much drama brewing up in America because of the building of one mosque near ground zero in New York City. Yes people have a right to be upset of what happened on September 11, but no it is not right to lash out against an entire religion and people just because of what a few people do. We Americans can not say this is a free nation if we refuse the building of a mosque. This can not be America the free, America the beautiful if our own neighbors and fellow citizens will not allow the people of Islam to practice their own religion, and that there are people actively slandering the religion of Islam. We must remember that Islam isn't very different from Christianity or Judaism. The three major religions are all interconnected into one another, and if you refuse to believe that, then you can not call yourself a Christian, Jew or Muslim. What i'm trying to get across on this is that we can not assume that every single muslim wants to fly airplanes into buildings. We simply can not assume that because it is socially ignorant. And once we refuse to let one mosque be built, then others in the future will not be able to be built. Some times we Americans have to blame ourselves for some of the problems in the world. We went into the middle east forcing nations to adopt American Democracy and Republican ideals, not thinking that every nation isn't meant to be democratic or have a similar governmental structure as we do. Nothing in the world is the same, every things is either very related or very different. That's how the world was in the beginning, and it's very similar today. 
Every American, young, old, liberal, conservative, christian, muslim or jew needs to ask ourselves, what if it was christians who hijacked those planes that day, would be fighting over the building of a church, I think not. What if it was a jews who hijacked those planes, would be objecting to the building of a synagogue? People have always found the faults in Islam, and yes there are major faults, but there are major faults also in Christianity, Judaism and every single religion on this planet. However one must recall that the good will always outlast the bad, which means that Islam does some good in the world and for it's people, and yes there are a few extremist's within that religion, but does it mean we must punish all simply because a few people's actions. 
Think for a moment if a white guy bombed a mall, and hundreds of people died resulting from that. Does that mean that every single white person in this nation and world wants to blow up a mall, no thats socially ignorant and just plain stupid. What if a black man robbed a bank, does that mean that every single black person wakes up everyday wanting to rob a bank, i think not. The point is that we can not blame an entire people for what a few does, and once we start doing that, we must also look at our own faults, and believe me, we Americans have some major faults that need to be fixed ASAP.
Yes it's alright to be angry of what happened that day, no one likes of what happened, the loss of life, but that doesn't give anyone a right to say "Sharia= Evil" because it's simply not right. Every religion has its good days and its bad days. The man who did the Oklahoma City Bombing was a Christian, but was there any debate about the building of a church in that city? NO. No matter how much we American's always say that we need to get rid of the negativity in our media and society, a little piece (some people its a large piece) of us still wants to hang on to the negativity just to be mad at something. Because every human needs to find something negative about a person, place or thing. 
The point is that no matter of what happened, those people who want the mosque have every right to do as they please, however if there is some wrong activity going on, thats why we have the federal agencies responsible for that. Every religion has its faults, it has it good times and its bad times, but never judge an entire people for what a few within that people do. 

© 2010 Brian

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Added on August 31, 2010
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