Chapter three

Chapter three

A Chapter by Sunny Skye

Wow! After seen all those vampire dancers just dance feel their real passion it was great and seen David for the first time ever was also great. I hope we get to know each other better and I won't have to go to sleep and dream to see him I can just wait for the next day or actually hang out for the whole day and skip school and dance something else I love. 

Well David just asked me if i want to catch some lunch with the crew but I said no i already had my pints of  blood for today and something awesome i just joined their crew also. 


-"Hey! Yasmin wait up!" yelled David.

-"Yeah?" Yasmin asked.

-"Do you mind if I go to your place later you know to catch up?" asked David.

-"Sure i would like that." answered Yasmin.

-"Awesome" said David.

He rushed away and I just stared I loved his dark hair and his eyes when he looked at me they looked like they sparkled but that was just me I guess.

I left quick and went home to my great glass house. I did a little bit of cleaning in my libary the books were so dusty which I had no idea why but i placed them all in boxes since I had already read them all. I always read all my books and when I was finishe I placed them in boxes and donated them to schools that couldn't aford books for their students and then i went to the book store or online and got another thousand and I have been doing that for the last three-hundred years.

I took a shower then and wow i loved this bathroom the wall tiles were so acient and the color gold on them looked so great and shiny and can't forget about the flowers hanging from the ceiling, orchids my favorite I had all types hanging on the ceiling specially slipper orchids, boat orchids and brassavola orchids so beutiful. I love flowers orchids and white roses are my favorite there wasn't a thing to not love about them their sweet smell, how beutiful they look they were just hyptonizing and so diffrent from all the other flowers jut lovely.

I got out of the shower and got dressed and went outside and sat down at the garden behind the house I just loved looking at the waterfall that's why i picked this place to build my lovely home more like my dream house.






I took a few sips of the poor bears blood and rushed out.



© 2012 Sunny Skye

Author's Note

Sunny Skye
Hope you like it!

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A very good third chapter. I like the new feelings of contentment in the story. Some bear blood to give you strength is a good thing also. Thank you for the outstanding chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Sunny Skye
Sunny Skye


I want to read some stories please send me mail about your stories and I will check it out as soon as I receive your message. I have been writting since i was 10 and i really enjoy it. I love w.. more..