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This is for any terms that you may not understnad, sorted out by chapter.


Chapter 1

A.E- A.E is a common acronym for After End. This is after the end of the revolution brought forward by the three hero's of the main continent. The three heroes brought the end to Lord Ekard, the tyrant that used to dictate the main continent.

Lord Ekard- Was a very powerful sorcerer that used to use his power to control many people. He started out as an adviser to the crown, but he secretly was whispering the kings ear. This caused the King to make rash decisions, poor choices and eventually he was voted off democratically. Ekard became king because the King's children died of spontaneous diseases. Ekard demanded complete control and had democracy wiped from the government. He then chose to make horrific monsters to become warrior and eventually he became the worst enemy in history. The three hero's stood against him and all three combined their magic to take him down. The Lord, in his last minutes, declared that "Death is only the beginning to Life." and disappeared.

Rotherfolk- A term used by those of the Main Continent for Rotherans. Not racist nor discriminative.

Rotheran- Term is flexible and can be used either in place of 'Rotherfolk' or represent the name of the country itself.

"Oad save me"- Angel uses the phrase when he is in frustration with Lanni. Oad is the historical chieftain of Rotheran and considered a Warrior God. Oad lived before the time of Lord Ekard and brought the Rotherfolk from being slaves to Amur, to being a country to itself. He led the slaves in a battle against their owners and made the leave the island completely. Oad is the symbol of Freedom and Preservation as Oad spent three years devising his plan.

Chapter 2

Amur Mark- A tattoo given to ranking officer's or diplomatic officials. A symbol of patriotism for Amur.

Luna- The glimmering Katana that belonged to Yaren. Yaren was a fine blacksmith and created many great works. His final masterpiece was Luna, the blade that glowed in the presence of the moon, so he may always find his way even in the darkest of nights, back to his love, Fay.

Archon: Similar to President,Prime Minister, King, but has more of a political power.

War of the Bloodcry- Amur declared war against Rotheran to revert back to the slave years. Both sides fought for days at a time, never giving up but losing countless. Rotheran lost so many soldiers that they recruited younger soldiers. Bloodcry is aptly named because so much blood was spillt that the soldiers lost morale   and cried as soon as they saw the bodies and the bloodwashed wasteland. Rotheran won, if you could call it winning.

Chapter 3

Drake(s)- The currency of the Main Continent. Gold coins containing the emblem of a dragon wing. Note: The currency is equal to the Canadian Dollar.

Krag Bear- A giant bear that is white but his mane is red. It stands at 8 feet tall, and has teeth similar to a sabretooth. Inhabits Boreas and is considered game kill for hunters, if they can kill one. Pack hunter, and is able to cut down a tree with it's 15 cm steel claws.

Zodiac Ore: Strong metal that if tempered into a weapon,armor, or other objects, will never dull,rust,scratch, or lost it's edge. Perfectly mined from elven mines of Ritz and perfectly honed by the Rotherans.

Chapter 4

Crystalline Season- The time of year where ice can form between cliffsides and gaps. The ice isn't thick but covered by snow, making it seem as solid ground.

Boreanis- Ethnicity belonging to Boreas

Dragons/Dragonlings- Dragons are very rare and are hardly seen, but they have a presence throughtout the world. The three hero's were once aided by a Grand Dragon named Quark, who used his mighty breath to destroy the abominations made by Lord Ekard, leaving no trace behind. When Quark died, the heroes decided to make the Drake, which would be memorandum for the deed that the great dragon has done.

Chapter 5

Snow Ferns- Like normal ferns, but they are completely white and have red roots. Very common in Boreas.

Aevis- The Elemental power of the inhabitants of Sotha. Scouted at a young age, those who can use Aevis are quickly trained to control it. Those who aren't trained can accidentally cause catastrophes such as unexpected whirlwinds or even a forestfire. The elements are Air,Ice,Fire and Water.

Kryl- The power to Heal and recover is Sylph's alone. The power can cause any wound to mend itself to making a variety of potions to do many things. Rumors that one who is experienced enough in this , can numb the senses and even control somebody.

Borel Arts- Very difficult magic that the Boreas teaches. The magic is very very potent and powerful but it belongs to nobles only. The magic is cast by the inner emotions and mental stability of the user. Historic writings claim that people have changed the weather, caused the very blood of someone to spear out and even stop death. Other writings have also claimed that if the mental stability of the user is in turmoil, the magic can kill them in horrific ways.

Wolkin- Half man/woman half wolf. Nobody really knows how this came to be, but Wolkin are able to live for a very long time. The cross phase begins in the 200's and slowly changes the individual by adding hair, losing hands and growing paws, to even having the snout of a wolf. 600 is the end of the crossphase and where the Wolkin are reborn as a Primal.

Primal- When a Wolkin reaches it's 600th year, then it's time to become the full beast. The person does not have the memories his/her former self and listens only to the animal instinct. Very dangerous.

Aviola hip Flowers- Very ugly looking plant that really shouldn't be called a flower. The scent however is so attractive, that it has said that it could be turned into a love potion by a skilled chemist.

Commonfolk- Those who are not of Royalty nor nobility.

Chapter 6

Horn Rabbit- A Rabbit that gores it's prey with the sharpened horn on its head. Short haired, and stands 2 feet tall.

   *Author's Note*
                -What Happened At The Temple, 4 days ago?-
Lanni's Borel Arts activated because she has never been so close to a man before. While she gazed into his eyes, her Borel Arts gave her ability of Eye Imagery. Think of it as seeing into his past.
                                    -What Did She See?-
Pieces of his past.I won't reveal how much she saw, or go into detail about the pieces. But, I will say that you should re-read chapter 4 and remember how Angel came to the Mainland. Piece that together and you will know why he said what he said in Chapter 5.

Chapter 8

Kryta Borea: One of the Heroes that fought Lord Ekard and first king of Borea.

Norman Sylph: One of the Heroes that fought Lord Ekard and first king of Sylph.

Idilia Sotha: One of the heroes that fought Lord Ekard and first duchess of Sotha.

Marka Gram: The Commander of Borea's Military might. Unmatched female knight.

Warrior's spirit: When a Rotheran looks into another Rotheran's eyes, they can see what they call the "Warriors spirit". What they see is said to be a sort of wispy smoke that lays hidden in the iris'.

Right Of Passage paper(s): These were in use twenty years ago, before they were dismissed because many fakes were forged. If one did not have these, they are labeled outlaws, because every citizen of the respected country had them.

Knight Emissary: A special knight that has the pleasure of being a messenger between countries, in this case, warring countries.

Claymore: A giant 2-handed sword that takes a large amount of strength to swing, but if one has the strength, the force of the swing can crack the hardest of metals.

Book,"Dawn and Dusk": A story written by Yelet Pint, a Rotheran historian, telling of how one Rotheran was the warrior of Heaven and Earth. The Rotheran had to do heroic acts during the day, but do evil and chaotic acts during the night. The story is based on the theme, Balance.

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This world of yours is certainly well built! I can't wait to start reading the book itself!
Keep up the great work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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