Characters of Vagrant  * Updates with each new character *

Characters of Vagrant * Updates with each new character *

A Chapter by SpiritedTales

I know it's unorthodox to have a character page for a book. But it helps with the visualization of my characters. *Updated with each new chapter*


Role:Cold Vagrant
Occupation:Wanderer or Vagrant
Homeland:Rotheran-Rotheran Capital Falen

F.Y.I: Angel ,despite his name, is quite cold-hearted.He is often selfish and would ignore any possible selfless thing he would have to do.He is skilled with the Katana he carries with him.The reason is due to the nature of the blade because it glimmers during moonlight.He comes from the land of Rotheran, known for their weapon smiths and fighting prowess. The reason he is so far away from home, is unknown.But now he has to escort the a "Spoiled Girl" to Sotha, or he will remain seen as a criminal that kidnapped a princess.

Lanni Boreas
Role:Upbeat Noble
Occupation:Heir to Boreas Throne.
Homeland:Boreas- Boreas Castle

F.Y.I: If Lanni seems innocent, she is, she never done wrong ever. But when she is asked to do something against her will, she won't stand for it. Being of Royal blood, she has no combat experience or training. So she relies on Angel for protection. She wishes to travel to the neutral country of Sotha, where she can find sanctuary with her uncle, the Duke of Sotha.But she has to overcome many hardships along the way, and face things she have never seen before.

Name:Rutee Argyle
Role:Unspoken Scout
Occupation:Innkeep and Guide

F.Y.I: The quiet elegant daughter of a large hearty innkeeper. Rutee is the union of Rotheran and Boreanis, causing her to be very hardened and sharp eyed, while being able to stand the cold and rough terrain of the Boreas country.Rutee isn't known for being a talkative girl, because she barely talks at all, even to her own father.She will talk when it's needed but any other time ,she prefers to keep to her thoughts. The greatbow she carries is silver and ebony, handed down to her as a memento from her mother. Though it doesn't go unused, Rutee is a very skilled marksman and has hunted since she was the tender age of 9.

Name:Lloyd Cross
Role:Conflicted Knight
Occupation:Mage-Knight to the Sotha Knight Order

F.Y.I: Lloyd Cross is the youngest of the order, being the second-son of Razial "The Shadow" Cross, the oldest Wolkin as of late. Lloyd is an exceptional tracker and has a super keen sense of smell and hearing, but he knows nothing of the evils of the world. This young Wolkin joined the Order to bring justice to the world and make sure everyone is safe.Yet, the armor he wears and the sword he carries is nothing but a title, as he has never seen real battle. Lloyd is void of evil, as he seen as the purest of innocence and the keeper of justice in any situation. But the world is full of evil and Lloyd sometimes wonders if he is able to bring such order to a chaotic world.

Name:Razial Cross
Role: Loyal Captain
Occupation:Knight Captain of the Sotha Knight Order

F.Y.I: Razial is the oldest Wolkin to date and he is slowly changing to his primal animal form. Razial gave everything   for his country and will continue to do so until the day he runs with the pack as a wolf. Razial puts duty ahead of love and treats Lloyd as only his trusted soldier. Razial is two years away from becoming fully aged and beginning his life as a Primal, so he will do everything he can to be sure his country and his son, are left in good hands. With how everything is in world right now, Razial only wishes that he was younger so he can help defend his country if need be.

Name: Bishop Daryl / Lymle
Role: Man of Faith / Smart Puppy
Age: 47 / 1
Occupation:Knight Emissary / Puppy

F.Y.I: Bishop is another Rotheran who left the homeland. Along with his sister he left in hopes of finding the pacifism he and his sister seeked. Though one thing led to another and he joined the army while his sister went to Borea. Bishop is a man of faith, he only does what he believes in, and he seems to think there is a greater being in the world that controls destiny and fate. He found Lymle one year back when he was traveling to the border and now takes care of her.

© 2010 SpiritedTales

Author's Note

I do not draw these characters, nor do I lay claim to them. I use these pictures under "Fair Use"

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Hmm. I like how you did this. Would you, by any chance, care if I stole your idea and make a 'Characters' chapter for my book?

Posted 14 Years Ago

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