A Chapter by Kat24

It is about Volleyball.



Mary starts volleyball season. This is the sport that she does not like. Anyways, I start my first day of practice today. I had a fun time at practice today. I had fun the next few weeks. But then on the third week into the season, the coach says "Why are you not getting to the floor on thoughs type of times?" I say " Well sorry coach." The coach say " I do not take sorry for an answer this time." I say " I will try to get better for you then!!" The coach says" You better not have that type of attuide with me younger lady!" Then the coach and I get into a big fight in front of the whole team. Then a  two weeks  later I say to the coach" I am really sorry about what I did two weeks ago when we got into that big fight."The coach says" I will expect you apology this time because you can up to me right ion front of everyone and said that." Then the coach and I get along really good the rest of the season. Then I say at the end of the season to the coach " I really liked my first year in Volleyball even with the ups and downs!"The coach says" Well you deserved it Mary!" Then I say to the coach" You were a really good coach for this team this year."The coach says " Thanks Mary." There record for the Blackhawks volleyball team end up to 4-10 season. So this is how the story end. The End

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Interensting but you aren't really feeling to story are you?
It wasn't the best but at least you tried.
now basketball and softball are you in those sport kat24? it seems you now more about them try making a short story first ok the main character not liking sports at first but really hits it off with basketball and softball. Try to write about what you were like when first starting off as a young kid that never played sports often. Try and you might just get somewhere magnificent. Don't give up so easily kat24 you'll get there just keep trying!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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My name is Katherine. I really like sports and hanging out with my friends. My favorite music is Pop. My favorite animals are Cats, Cows, and Rabbits. Thanks for reading my short bio. and don't fo.. more..

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