I do it for you Lord

I do it for you Lord

A Poem by Farmgirl

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When I suffer hurtful words from others and dont rise up because for a moment due to their words I became broken and shattered once more

I do it for you Lord

When I stand up for what is right even when others think im wrong because of their carnal mind not yet touched by you

I do it for you Lord

When I cant adult and all I want to do is end it
I dont because of you Lord

On days like today when everything that could go wrong again does I endure it for you Lord

I believe its what you call longsuffering in your word

When light cannot fellowship with darkness anymore and there is no hope in my heart for salvation to come for the impossible

I keep fighting their devils for you Lord

When Im hurt in a physical manner and I dont hit back because you say to turn the other cheek

I do turn both of them and I look to you Lord

And when all I want to do is fall apart and crumble in the middle of walmart

and I dont and suppress it all so no one can see how broken I am helping others

I dont break down and show myself as vulnerable and needing an escape from my harbor in where I dwell behind closed doors

I stay docked for you lord with a knot tied in my rope to keep me anchored through the storms that I whether in my home even when they  rage and reject you to my face  in my spirit im tossed to and fro

I trust in you Lord for with you nothing is impossible and the devil lies good to the empty soul of the fatherless and
person whos only comfort has ever been a bottle and bitterness

I moved them in for you Lord

Because in them I see you and what you done for me on a CROSS at calvary

But im tired and weary right now Lord

so please carry me

Im always the one fighting for and serving others despite their brokeness

but today im feeling sorry for me Lord

so just hold me a while so I feel that I can breathe a breath just a little while longer

Because You are My Father & The best at loving me even when I am invisible to everyone else who stays content and secure

as I foolishly failed to realize I'm not Savior .

I dont have regrets because I know that what you have planned for their future

and to me its worth sacraficing self for

just as you done for me

I do it for you Lord

I love you your my everything

I long to be in heaven with you always

I know if I stay faithful and strong my paradise too awaits but for now just hold me while I cry

because today  I do not feel like I care about living death seems so much more inviting

but instead of cowardly flighting

tonight I feel like fighting but I wont because im not an angry person like everyone percieves me to be Im the light in the midst of the darkness

drowning .. 

© 2017 Farmgirl

Author's Note

P.s. This is not dark writing...

It is just me ... & My Savior talking ...

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so nicely written, very sweet and wonderful

Posted 3 Years Ago

a sweet prayer,i do it for you lord

Posted 4 Years Ago

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4 Years Ago

Thank you Wordman .. I meant every word ...

4 Years Ago

you`re welcome,and i believe you did

4 Years Ago

With all that is within me !

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Added on July 25, 2017
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Farmtown, MO

Who I am speaks for itself through my writing and it's up to you on how you choose to perceive me and the way I express freely with my God gifted writing more..

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