[FLT] Chapter 2: The Surprise

[FLT] Chapter 2: The Surprise

A Chapter by Mobius Aquarian

Daniella and Gabriella invite Robbie up to their house to hang out, but when he gets there, he finds they've got something interesting planned. NOTE: It's not what you think.

It had been one day since I had met Daniella and Gabriella on the beach, with my friends. I remembered originally thinking that there was something special about them, from the way they looked at me, to how they would always whisper amongst each other, then glance back over at me. Sometimes, the day played out slightly differently in my mind, as several questions arose. What if they weren't celibate? What if they were a bunch of crazy girls? What if this was just to get me to trust them, to soften me up, while they planned something sexual? I glanced over at my cellphone, remembering Daniella had programmed their number into it, so I could call them, and find a time when I could visit them again. As the random thoughts played through my mind, I was almost afraid to.
But I was always one to worry about things, a bit more than I probably should. Ray had told me this quite a few times, as had one of my other friends, Chrysta. So, it wouldn't have surprised me if I was worrying too much about it.
Then, other images from the day flashed through my mind, in an attempt to calm me down. Daniella and Gabriella's warm hugs. Their soft back rubs. The multiple times they gave me a peck on the cheek, not meaning anything by it, other than that they liked me as a friend. Maybe I am worrying too much about this, I thought. They seemed like they were for real. The whole day hadn't been a dream. If I thought hard enough, I could still feel Daniella's soft hands against my skin, Gabriella's arms around my chest, her body heat against my back, and the water around my body.
And their trust. They had talked about trusting me.
  "Only Robbie. We trust him."
   "What is up with this guy? I don't trust him."
   "...we want you to trust us. We would never do anything crazy to you, or with you."
I remembered feeling that I could trust the girls, like how they trusted me, to not get sexual in a situation like what happened yesterday. I was never one to go back on trust, as the thought of defying someone's trust, especially Daniella and Gabriella's, made me feel almost sick to my stomach. Not to mention how horrible I would feel if they went back on their trust, and got sexual with me. The thought slowly started to appear in my mind, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut, and shake my head, fast.
As I opened my eyes, my gaze returned to my cellphone, which sat on the desk, in front of the lamp, next to my bed. Maybe I should call them, I thought. What harm could it do? They wanted to spend some time with me, anyway. Maybe that was just a one-time thing?

Man, was I in for a surprise.

I sat on the edge of my bed, reached out, and grabbed my cellphone. Picking it up, I held it in front of my face, and glanced at it. The time and date was on the screen, in front of a pretty picture of a green-haired anime angel, which was the background. My thumb moved up, and pushed up on the phone, sliding the screen upward, revealing a numeric keypad underneath it, which lit up, as the screen above it got brighter. My thumb then went up toward the arrow buttons below the screen, and pressed one, which brought up the phone listing. I kept pressing the down arrow, my eyes scanning through the list as it scrolled up the screen, stopping as the words "Danni & Gabby" were highlighted.
A bit of a nervous feeling began to grow in my stomach, as I stared at the screen, trying to bring myself to press the "Send" key with my thumb, to make my phone dial the number.
Why is this so hard for me? I thought. It's just Danni and Gabby! It's not like you're going on a date with them, or something! You're just friends.
After staring at my phone for several seconds, I finally closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and forced myself to press the "Send" button. I slowly brought the phone to my ear, as I waited. My eyes slowly opened, as I heard the sound of ringing fill my ears, wondering what Daniella and Gabriella were doing, and what they'd wanna do with me.
About a half a second later, I heard the line pick up.
"Hello?" The voice sounded like Gabriella's. The nervous feeling in my stomach got a bit worse, yet I somehow found the words to speak.
"Um... hey, Gabby," I began, sounding a bit nervous. "It's... Robbie."
"Oh, hi, Robbie!" the voice replied, sounding happier. "How are you doing?"
I felt a bit more relaxed, as I kept talking. "I'm doing good. How about you?"
"I'm doing great! I'm glad you called. What's up?"
I felt a bit of a nerve spike, as I remembered why I was calling. "Um... I was wondering... would you girls wanna do something with me?"
Unbeknownst to me, as I was only talking to her on the phone, a smile slowly grew on Gabriella's face, as she held the phone to her ear.
"Oh, we'd love to!" Her voice began to sound a bit more excited, as I relaxed, slightly. "What time would be good for you?"
"Well, any time, I guess," I replied, before hearing quiet footsteps at the other end of the line, followed by a quiet voice, that sounded like Daniella's.
"Who is it?"
Gabriella's voice became slightly muffled, as she answered, probably from putting her hand over the receiver's microphone. "It's Robbie!"
A smile lit up Daniella's face, as well, just as Gabriella took her hand off from the mic.
"Hi, Robbie!" Daniella yelled, hoping I would hear her.
"Hi, Danni!" I said, feeling a bit more relaxed than before. I then heard Gabriella tell Daniella that I had said hi, along with what we were talking about. In the background, I could hear what sounded like Daniella, saying, slightly muffled, "could he come over tonight? We're not doing anything special tonight."
I blinked, and waited for Gabriella's voice to return. And sure enough, a few seconds later, it did.
"Would you wanna come over tonight, Robbie?" she asked. "Danni and I aren't doing anything special."
I nodded, even though Gabriella and Daniella couldn't see it. "Sure! That sounds great. What time should I come over?"
Gabriella glanced at the clock, as I heard Daniella say, somewhat faintly, "how about around seven?"
"Would... seven be a good time?" Gabriella asked.
I glanced over at the alarm clock, on the desk, sitting next to my bed, noticing it said 5:57 PM. "Sure. Seven's good. I'll see you girls, then!"
"Okay!" Gabriella replied. "See you then! Goodbye!"
"Bye!" I said, before pulling the phone away from my ear, and sliding the screen back down, ending the call.
At the other end, as Gabriella hung up the phone, she smiled, and gave a thumbs-up to Daniella, who couldn't resist joining her in a squeal, like they had done the other day, around me. As they slowly opened their eyes, looked at each other, and unclenched their fists, Daniella smiled at Gabriella.
"I know what we can do when he gets here," she said.
"What?" Gabriella asked.
"You know what we do on even-numbered nights, right?" Daniella replied.
Gabriella thought for a second. "Oh yeah, we always take our bath... but what's--"
Daniella nodded, still smiling.
"But Danni," Gabriella began, looking slightly worried, "won't that freak him out? What's he gonna say when he gets here, and finds out we wanna take a bath with him?"
"Well, we trust him," Daniella replied, trying to reassure her sister, "and he trusts us. Besides, we skinny-dipped with him yesterday. What's a bath, if not skinny-dipping in warm, soapy water?"
Gabriella closed her eyes for about a full second, before reopening them, and returning her gaze to Daniella. "Yeah, I guess you're right..."
"And, if you remember," Daniella continued, "he did get a bit curious when we told him that thing about 'liking to do things with us, no matter how weird they are'. Besides, it's just a bath. All you and I do is just wash each other. We'll just wash him, and he'll probably wash us. If anything, it'll feel really good, especially because he thinks the same way we do, about stuff like that."
Suddenly, Gabriella blinked, as she had remembered something I had said yesterday, as well.
"Yeah, you're right!" she began, feeling a bit better about Daniella's idea. "I remember him saying something about, 'if boys and girls trust each other not to have sex when they're naked, they could do things that others might think are sexual, and not be sexual, like--"
Daniella instantly remembered, as well, and chimed in, just as her sister finished her sentence.
"...taking a bath together!" they said, in unison.
"So he should have no problem with it!" Gabriella said, a smile returning to her face. "I think tonight will be a fun night, after all."
Daniella nodded, with a smile on her face, as the two of them walked down the hallway, into the living room of their house, where they sat on a comfy couch that faced a TV, which the girls watched for a good 45 minutes, before going to get the bathroom, and a few other parts of their house, ready, for when I arrived. They had no doubt in their mind that I would like what they had planned for us to do.

As I put my cellphone back onto the desk next to my bed, I laid back down, on my back, onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling.
There, that wasn't so bad, I thought to myself. You're gonna go spend some time with your friends.
I blinked. But what would we do? I thought.
Maybe we'll just play some board games.
I imagined the three of us sitting around a table, in what looked like their living room, playing a game of Scrabble. The thought then changed to the three of us playing a game of Twister, with the three of us twisted in crazy positions, next to each other, before I fell over, pulling Daniella down with me. After we landed, all three of us burst into laughter.
Maybe this'll be a fun night, after all, I thought. They've probably got some really fun games, and we'll all have a night in.
Then I blinked. Or what about movies?
The thought in my mind changed to the three of us, sitting on the couch, Daniella and Gabriella on opposite sides of me, reaching into a bowl of popcorn that rested on my lap, like I was, staring at the TV.
I shrugged, as I sat up, in bed. It could be anything, I thought. I glanced over at the clock, which now read 6:30 PM. Only another fifteen minutes before I'd leave to go hang out with Daniella and Gabriella. I reached over to grab my cellphone, again.
I think I'd better call Ray, I thought. I'll need a ride over.

Around 6:50 PM, Ray came over, picked me up, and took me over to Daniella and Gabriella's house. At first, he was slightly surprised, when I told him who I was going to see.
"I didn't know you got their number!" he said, with a bit of a chuckle. "Dang, dude! You're lucky!"
I smiled, and chuckled a bit, myself. "Nah, they're just my friends," I replied. "They wanted to spend some time with me."
"Are you serious?" he continued. "You do realize they're probably setting you up for a date night, right?"
I blinked. "What? A date? Ray, they're two girls. What makes you think they wanna date me?"
"Well, they gave you their number, for one," he countered. "And two, they're so eager to see you, they set something up with you, tonight! Who knows what they've got planned!"
I shook my head, and almost gave him a funny look. "Oh, Ray... it's nothing, trust me. We're just friends, hanging out. It's not like they're gonna do anything like... that..."
We drove up to their house, and he pulled over to the side, to let me out.
"I'll give you a call when I'm ready for you to come get me," I said, stepping out of his car, onto the sidewalk, in front of Daniella and Gabriella's house, before closing the car door.
"Okay," he replied, and drove off, after I shut the door.
I turned my attention to Daniella and Gabriella's house. It was quite the house: two stories tall, brick-and-mortar, with beautifully-trimmed hedges lining the front walk, and a wooden front door with flowers adorning it. It was just how Gabriella had described it, when she told me the directions to their house, over the phone, earlier. After getting a good look at the house, I walked up the front walk, to their front door, just as the butterflies returned. My hand slowly reached out to ring their doorbell, not knowing what exactly I was going to come across, in their house. Would we play games, or watch movies? Or did they just want me to meet them here, and we'd all go out and do something, just the three of us? I pondered those questions, as my index finger slowly reached out, and pushed the doorbell. I heard it ring within the house, and a second or two later, I heard a faint "he's here!", before the door opened. As I got a good look at Daniella and Gabriella, a small chill ran up my spine.

They were only wearing towels.

"Hi, Robbie!" Daniella greeted me, with a warm smile on her face, like her sister had. "Glad you could come!"
I managed to keep my composure, as I looked at the girls. Their skin doesn't look like it's wet, I thought, so they couldn't have just come out of the shower... so why are they only wearing towels?
"Hi, Danni, Gabby!" I had a bit of a confused look on my face. "Um... did I come too early?"
Gabriella shook her head. "Nope! You're just in time."
"Gabby and I always take our bath on even-numbered nights, like tonight," Daniella added.
"Should I... come back later?" I asked, rubbing the back of my head.
"Nah, come on in!" Daniella gestured to me. "We don't mind."
I slowly walked into their house, behind them, as Gabriella closed the door behind me. As I walked farther into their house, my eyes gazed all around it.
"Wow," I spoke up. "This is a beautiful house."
"Thanks!" Daniella and Gabriella said, in unison, turning around to face me.
I began to get slightly curious, as I saw the smiles on their faces, as they looked at me.
"Umm... I guess I'll... wait out here?" I asked, looking over at the couch, in their living room.
"Well, actually..." Daniella began, sending another tiny chill up my spine, as I almost knew where it was heading. "Do you remember when we told you, yesterday, about those weird things that we said we did with our friends?"
My mind instantly flashed back to the thing they said, as they stood on the beach with me, before we all undressed. Daniella's words echoed, '...and likes to do things with us, no matter how weird they are...'
As my attention returned to the girls, I nodded, slowly. "Yeah, I remember..."
"Well, one of those things is something we like to do with our friends, but most of them get freaked out by it, so Gabby and I only do it by ourselves," Daniella continued.
Gee, I wonder why? I thought. "Really?" I spoke.
"Yeah," Gabriella replied, "but we thought that, since you were okay with what we all did yesterday, since that didn't go crazy, we'd try it on you."
I blinked. "Okay... is this why you girls are only in towels?"
Daniella giggled, a bit, and nodded. "We... wanna help you with your personal hygiene."
I slowly began to get a bit of a surprised look on my face, and Daniella could see it, so she took one step closer to me. "But don't worry... it's nothing crazy. It's just the three of us. It's good... clean... fun," she said, with a wink.
I got a bit of an interesting feeling within me, as Daniella finished her sentence. They wanna take a bath with me, I thought. They must really trust me, if they actually wanna do this...
Suddenly, my mind flashed back to the previous day, and something I had said. '...they can do things that other people would see as being sexual, and not actually be sexual. Like... this, or taking a bath together.' My mind's eye instantly zoomed to Daniella's face, as I saw her giggle a bit, then nod, apparently to Gabriella. Did they actually have this in mind, I thought?
Noticing I was slightly out of it, Gabriella spoke up, snapping me back into reality.
"So..." she asked, "...what do you think? Do you wanna take a bath with Danni and I? We'll make you really clean... and we won't get crazy with you. We're not like that, remember? Come on. You'll like it, trust me."
I thought, for a second, about Daniella, Gabriella and how much trust they had in me, like I had in them. They trusted me to resist the urge to have sex with them, if they undressed in front of me, or I saw them naked. I trusted them to do the same, if I undressed, or was naked in front of them. They kept their word, as nothing crazy had happened, while the three of us skinny-dipped in the lake. Maybe I can trust them to just wash me, I thought, and not get sexual. They're celibate until marriage, remember? What have I got to lose?
Daniella slowly placed her hand on my shoulder, as I returned my attention to her and Gabriella. "Hmm... I think... that sounds like it could be... fun."
Daniella's and Gabriella's smiles slowly got bigger, after I said that.
"Yay!" the girls exclaimed, both embracing me in a hug. "Nothing bad will happen, trust us!" Daniella added.
I slowly began to smile, as I reached around, and hugged the girls back. My nerves slowly began to fade away, as I felt a feeling like I had felt the day before, a feeling of trust, return. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.
Daniella and Gabriella slowly turned around, and walked back toward the bathroom, at the end of the hallway.
"We'll meet you in the bathroom, and get a towel out, for you," Gabriella said, as she followed Daniella. "You can change back into those clothes after our bath."
"Okay," I said, with a nod, as I watched the girls disappear into the bathroom, and close the door behind themselves. I walked down the hallway toward the bathroom, bent over, and began to untie my shoes.
Well, I certainly didn't expect this, I thought to myself, as I did this. These girls must like to do really unique things with their friends, and they must really care about them... but I can almost realize why they probably don't have that many friends... I wonder who else they tried to take a bath with, or skinny-dip with...
Once I had stripped down to just my underwear, I set my clothes in a pile, on top of my shoes, and knocked on the bathroom door.
I heard Daniella's voice from behind the door. "You can come in!" she said.
My hand moved down to the door handle, which I gripped, turned, and slowly pulled the bathroom door open. As I peered behind the door, slowly, not sure what I was about to see, I got another small chill down my spine.
Daniella and Gabriella stood before me, naked.
Their faces lit up as they saw me, and gestured for me to open the door all the way, and come inside. I did so, slowly, and closed the door behind me. Gabriella then walked behind me, just as Daniella stepped closer to me.
"This isn't... overpowering you at all, is it?" Daniella asked, getting a sort of concerned look on her face, as I could start to feel Gabriella softly rub my back with both of her hands.
I calmed down, just a bit, remembering that they would never go too far, around me, and shook my head. "No, it's not. I guess I wasn't expecting that."
Daniella smiled, as she took another step closer to me. "Well, you've seen Gabby and I naked before, and we're all gonna be naked in the bath, so we figured you'd be okay seeing us naked," she said, before looking down, noticing I was still wearing underwear. "So... you can be naked around us, too, without having to worry. We can't wash you everywhere, if you're not naked."
I chuckled a bit, nervously, remembering that they had seen me naked before, as well, and they were okay with it.
"Yeah, you're right," I replied, slowly reaching down, putting my fingers around the waistband of my underwear, and slowly pulling them down, until they were at my feet. I then stepped out of them and set them aside.
Daniella looked back up at me. "Hey, do you mind if Gabby and I do something, before our bath?" she asked.
"Umm... like what?" I asked, looking a bit curious, even though I was slowly letting myself relax, from the feel of Gabriella's soft, warm hands giving me a slow, soft back rub.
A smile returned to Daniella's face. "Well, Gabby's already doing one part of it," she began, "but we wanted to give you a soft body rub, to relax you, so you'll feel better about taking a bath with us. Nothing sexual, or anything."
Wow, I thought. They must really care about me, if they're willing to go this far, to get me to bathe with them...
I slowly nodded. "Sure, I don't mind," I said, as I felt Gabriella's soft, warm hands slowly and softly rub up and down my back, nearing my butt. Daniella then stepped closer to me, until she was practically in front of me, and then began to softly and slowly rub my belly, chest and arms, at about the same speed as Gabriella, which relaxed me to the point where my nerves, and every other awkward feeling I had, from the thought of taking a bath with the girls, completely disappeared. A smile slowly grew on my face, which made Daniella smile brighter, and Gabriella, in turn, after seeing her sister's smile.
After a few minutes, during which Daniella and Gabriella slowly and softly rubbed almost every inch of my body, except for my head, hair, and between my legs, I decided to ask them a question, as I still felt their soft, warm hands giving me a slow, soft body rub.
"Hey, um, if you don't mind my asking," I began, "what did everyone else, that you tried to take a bath with, do, when you asked them?"
Daniella's and Gabriella's smiles faded, slightly, as they continued slowly, and softly, rubbing my body.
"They got incredibly freaked out," Daniella replied. "We told them about the 'personal hygiene' thing, and how we promised not to get sexual, but they didn't trust us. They thought we were just waiting to get them into the bath, and then we'd... go crazy."
Gabriella closed her eyes, and shook her head. "We would never do that," she added. "But they didn't know us that well. Most of them we never heard from again, since they thought they knew what we were capable of."
I closed my eyes, after Gabriella finished her sentence. "Oh... I'm sorry to hear that," I said, sadly.
Daniella's smile slowly returned to her face, as she kept slowly and softly rubbing my belly and sides, going in circles. "But they didn't know us like you do," she continued. "They never even got this far. When they came to visit us, and we greeted them at the door, only in towels, like how we greeted you, a lot of them got a bit suspicious, and turned around and ran, when we told them what we had planned."
"So, we were slightly curious when we walked into the bathroom, and left you in the hallway," Gabriella added. "Danni and I actually pressed our ears to the door, to try and hear if you were gonna turn around and leave, or what you were gonna do. When we didn't hear anything, we took off our towels, thinking we were gonna be bathing by ourselves, but when we heard you knock, we were surprised."
Daniella nodded, as she continued softly, and slowly rubbing me, like Gabriella. "That's one of the reasons why Gabby and I are giving you this soft body rub. The other is because we're glad you're still our friend, after the crazy stuff we've been through, in the two days we've known each other. We can do this for you every time we all take a bath together, to relax you, and get you ready for it."
I blinked. "Every time?" I asked.
Daniella nodded again, smiling a bit more than before. "Yeah!" she replied. "If you like the bath, you're welcome to come back, every time Gabby and I take ours, and join us. We really don't mind, and we won't start until you get here."
"We love to take care of our friends," Gabriella chimed in, "especially with stuff like this, that anyone else would think is weird. We're glad you don't think it's weird, Robbie!"
I smiled, after I heard Gabriella say that. "Of course I don't think it's weird. I've always had thoughts like this. I think this could be pretty nice."
Daniella closed her eyes, and giggled, as she and Gabriella continued to slowly, and softly rub my body.
"Have you ever been washed, until your skin is very soft, and sparkly?" she asked.
I chuckled, a bit. "Nope," I replied. "Of course, nobody's ever washed me in quite a long time."
This time, Gabriella giggled. "Then you should come back every time Danni and I take our bath! We'll all take one together, and you'll be really clean! We always wash each other, and we're very thorough. So, you can wash us, and we'll wash you!"
I smiled, and chuckled, at about the same time Daniella did. "That's right!" she agreed. "We can make a regular thing out of this. Three-way bath night!"
"Sounds like a plan!" I said.

© 2012 Mobius Aquarian

Author's Note

Mobius Aquarian
When I first wrote this, I had based it on several ideas I had written up before, just because of my random daydreams. Some might say they're perverted, but since nothing sexual ever happens, it's not really. It's just like this: a boy and a girl sharing a bath, washing each other, just bonding, saving water, and helping to take care of each other, the way co-ed baths should be.
This chapter was actually one big, long chapter when I first wrote it, but at the advice of a good friend, I decided to split it into two chapters: this, and the one after this one. So the bath will officially start in the next chapter. Keep in mind, that it won't get sexual, once, so even though this is mature-rated in the Erotica genre, it's only there because I'm not sure where exactly it belongs. But I hope you like this, and maybe it opens your mind a bit.

** EDIT: I downgraded it from "mature" to "everyone", and switched the genre to "philosophy", just out of curiosity. The book's description explains why.

** 2ND EDIT: Just like with chapter 3, I forgot to italicize everyone's thoughts, so I just went and did that. Sorry it took so long to find that, and I hope I didn't confuse anybody.

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wonderful detail. This chapter had me thinking a little more but its all about open mind! You can't jump ahead of yourself to much. I like how this chapter makes me think and you detail sooo well its like seeing it in a movie. Wonderful work I just love it. I love the names they are so awesome and the girls name are so pretty. I can tell why Robbie is always thinking and yet get the feeling that the girls are wondering the same thing. very awesome. cant wait to read more! I love it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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wonderful detail. This chapter had me thinking a little more but its all about open mind! You can't jump ahead of yourself to much. I like how this chapter makes me think and you detail sooo well its like seeing it in a movie. Wonderful work I just love it. I love the names they are so awesome and the girls name are so pretty. I can tell why Robbie is always thinking and yet get the feeling that the girls are wondering the same thing. very awesome. cant wait to read more! I love it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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