First Kiss

First Kiss

A Chapter by TKBickel

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Chapter 5

First Kiss

The sun sank past the horizon giving the stars a chance to come out and play with the rising, bigger than life, blushing-pink full moon.

Samantha carefully folded her jeans and vintage Terminator t-shirt. She had many great hunts with that shirt and considered it her lucky charm. That luck will be in high demand very soon. They were placed under the bed next to Johnny for quick access.

Geared in sleepwear of red and white striped boxers with a white under shirt, she grabbed her brush and hopped on the bed while belting out Alexandra Slate’s ‘Bad Girl’ blaring in her ear buds. The singing and brushing of her long drying hair came to a halt as the boys plowed through the door, finishing a discussion of trees.

Leaning over, she placed the brush and MP3 player on the night stand.  “So what’s on the agenda tonight boys? Oh, oh, I know,” while bouncing on the bed like a school girl at a slumber party. “How about a séance or I can paint your toe nails pink!”

Sam, already in his boxer and t-shirt for the night, pulled the cotton white sheets back to climb in. He laughed at her girly tactics in ruffling Mick’s feathers and the image of Mick with pink toe nails.

Mick, still in day garb, shook his head in frustration and growled to himself.

Her hands flew up in surrender. “Ok, no more. Really what is the plan General Mick? We have three bodies, two beds and you look like a man with a plan.” 

Relieved she was finally shifting into a more serious mode, he laid it out. “We will have three different watches tonight. I will take the first shift. Sam will have the second and then you. If you see anything out of the norm or have any strange vibes,” while giving Samantha a hard squinty stare, “you will come back to the room to alert everyone. Got it?”

The Sam’s simultaneously saluted each other and said, “Yes sir.”

She crawled under her cool white cotton sheet. “Oh he will show up and I’m placing bets it will be on my watch. That would be the best time…When everyone would be asleep. Defenses would be the lowest.”

“Thank you for the insight Psychic Bambi. If that’s the case you will come back and get us at any point you feel something is not right.” Mick headed to the door and turned around to point at her. “I will not have you going rogue on us again. We go at this together.” A grim expression settled over Mick as he started to spout like some kind of prophet. “Death will only come to us when we are divided.  Sam, when the s**t hits the fan, you need to get what people you can out of the building.”

Sam tried to be reassuring. “Mick, we got it under control and she’s not going anywhere. Right Sammie,” he threw his pillow at her.

She threw the pillow right back, smacking him in the face. “That’s right Sam. As long as you need me…I’m here to the bitter end.” Samantha shot Mick an innocent look.

Mick paused to give them a once over with the squinty x-ray scan into their brains look. He thought he could read them pretty damn good but since what was recently learned today, he didn’t feel confident in himself. Mick left the room still sorting out his thoughts.

Sam crawled into bed and clicked off the light on the night stand. The brilliant moonlight shined through the window.

All was quiet.

Samantha stared at the careless shadows dancing on the ceiling and sighed. Rolling over to her side, she peered across the room to Sam. She could see him effortlessly with the moonlight bouncing around the room. He was on his side looking right back at her.

She broke the relaxed silence. “Sam?”

“Yes Sammie?”

“Do you think Mick will ever forgive me?”

A hesitation hung in the air. “What for Sammie?”

“For not being there when you both needed me the most.” Her voice lowered to a whisper. “For losing Devin…I’m the sole reason your Dad…died.”

Sliding out of his bed, he crossed over to hers and slid under the sheet with her. Lying on his side and sharing her pillow, he found himself lost in her sad green eyes again. He needed for her to understand that it wasn’t her fault. She carried an unneeded burden.

She was almost to the point of begging. “Can you forgive me?”

A big sigh escaped from him as he reached to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear, exposing a small scare on the side temple he hadn’t seen before. “There isn’t anything you need forgiven for.”

Whispering again, “I let you both down.  I wasn’t there when you needed me the most.”

How ironic. She thinks she let me down when it was I that wasn’t there for her.

Samantha closed her eyes to control the pain and guilt closing in at the moment. Breathe in and let it out. Stay in control. She stuffed the pain in her little internal box and locked it back down. She could never let her guard down.  Never relax.  Never lose control. That’s when she made a promise to herself, just as much to Sam. “It will never happen again.” A single tear escaped and slid across the bridge of her nose, falling onto the pillow.

Her obvious pain tore him to shreds and he couldn’t take much more of it. God Sammie you’re ripping my heart out. While her eyes remained closed, he pushed the fluffy pillow down between them with his finger tips and slid his head closer. Ever so softly, he kissed the lips he longed for so many years.

Stun, she recovered and pushed her lips back in response. The kiss radiated warmth and comfort, seeping into her cold and emptiness. For the first time an overwhelming right filled her senses. This is where I belonged.

This was home.

Sam wiggled in closer. What the hell are you doing moron! You’ll end up hurting her!

The kissing shifted gears from warm and comforting to passionate and demanding, desperately needing more. He placed his hands on either side of her shoulders and adjusted to hover over, careful not to crush her. She seemed so tiny and fragile under him. A beauty he was willing to give his life to protect without thought.

She felt his increasing need grow behind each escalated consuming kiss. Her hands, with a mind of their own, disappeared under his shirt. Roaming fingers slid over a playground of roped abs and the flex of harden chest muscles.

Eager to explore more, she slowly glided around to his back and trailed down over the swells of stressed and strained back muscles, feeling the pebbling of goose bumps rise on his skin and a shiver that followed.

Unsatisfied hands wanted more skin. Careful fingers maneuvered and snatched up the hem of his shirt. The hem crawled and inched up while her thumbs enjoyed the drag along his warming skin. Reaching his shoulders, she pulled the t-shirt over his head and carelessly flicked it on the floor. A strange hunger began to roll in her. Logical thinking fell to an obsessive wanting. Skin, she wanted, needed more of his skin.

Back and forth clothes peeled away. He practically wanted to howl to the amazing feel of her still exploring every inch of his body. This is how we should have been long ago. In knowing what the past held, cautious kept nudging his mind. He didn’t want to hurt her physically or emotionally but he didn’t want or maybe couldn’t stop.

Bodies stroked, rubbing effortlessly with the aid of a thin barrier of moisture built between their bare skins. She wanted him just as bad as he did her and it fed the strange hunger. It grew, changing into a deep heat in her core. The heat reached out like a fever throughout her extremities. Her body responded like it already knew his carful caressing touch but a battle of self control raged within her. He had given himself fully and freely. Could she let go and give herself totally over to him?

Bracing for the unknown, she grabbed the metal rungs on the headboard with both hands and closed her eyes. You trust him…trust yourself. Inhaling deeply, she allowed him to slowly explore more of her world.

The same severe fever burned in Sam. An electrifying tingle began to crawl under his skin. My God she smells so good, mmm, flowery like jasmine. A nagging desire to taste her itched at him. Indulging, his tongue circled a rosy beaded peak and lazily dragged to her shoulder. Her salty taste with a hint of sweet honey exploded his taste buds and left his tongue tingling like a jolt of a nine volt battery.

Between her lips a surrendering moan escaped as the fever burst into a gasoline doused wildfire. Hidden flames torched her body. She was losing the eternal battle. There was a lot of him invading every part of her but she just couldn’t totally give all of herself over. I…can’t…

She was so close to letting go but the fear of this unknown territory, possibly hurting him in the end, kept dogging her mind. Under ragged breath, her subconscious betrayed her. “I can’t lose control.”

Everything he ever wanted came to a halt in hearing her predicament. She opened her eyes to the warmth of his hand cupping the side of her face. Her body screamed yes to him but she had put a cap on what her feelings truly wanted. He wanted her but he wanted all of her. I will not have her regretting this…I’ve waited this long. I can wait until she is truly ready for me.

Sam whispered soft and sincerely. “Samantha…Don’t ever doubt or put limitations on yourself.” She reached up and moved the curtain of hair those shy deep blue eyes always hid behind to truly see him. “There’s something that was told to me long ago. Now I finally understand…Take in what you can even though it will never be enough and enjoy what you have for you never know how long you may have it.”

For a moment she lowered her internal defenses and relaxed, leaning deeper into the comfort of his hand. Maybe…

The door flew open.

Instinct took over. She shot back. Her bareback pressed hard against the cold steel headboard as mental cursing lashed out for letting her guard down.

Mick stormed the room in battle mode.

Sam gritted his teeth and closed his eyes briefly. Oh Hell!  Tossing the blanket to cover as much of Samantha as possible, he never looked back at Mick. I’m sooo not ready to explain this!






© 2013 TKBickel

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A Hunters Evolution




I am a bookworm that happens to love writing. Now I finally have the time to write a story that's been clawing its way out of my brain. God help me before my brain explodes. -The Forever Hunting Se.. more..


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