Zaranai Mikazu

Zaranai Mikazu

A Chapter by The Silent Deviant

The bio of Zaranai Mikazu, a mystery woman from the far east of Azerus.



Name: Zaranai Mikazu                                                  DOB: December 24th

Zodiac: Capricorn                                                          Blood Type: A

Likes: Art or anything aesthetically pleasing, being preoccupied with anything so that her mind doesn't wander off, books, magic, lore, strange obsession with things that are cute, music, knowing that she matters, conversation (to a point)

Dislikes: Arrogance, irritation, stupid comments (in that they lack a common sense), trusting without caution, loud and wide open areas, people harming her friends and family, being judged (BIG one)

Hobbies: Enjoys drawing mainly. Other than that she's known to read heavily, mainly magical tomes to expand her knowledge in that field. Beyond that she likes to simply do things to occupy her time.

Height/Weight: 5'5”/128 lbs

Physical Appearance: Short white hair that drops to the collar, about moderate height for the average woman with a decent physique. Her clothing is unique in that it resembles traditional Japanese attire, although it has certain unique characteristics. Has a distinctive purple-pink eye as well as a green one, making her an unnatural heterochrome.

Education: Standard education up until the point where she left Aketo to become a hero.

Family: Oldest sibling of 2. Has a younger brother she cares for deeply. Has both a mother and father that are happily wed who own a bookstore passed down from generations.

Status/Money: Part of a middle class and well-known family.

Possessions: Her mothers gifted Kimono, a Kanji symbol on her right tricep that reads “Truth” for a tattoo, and a hand crafted (and runed) scythe that she didn't make herself.

Beliefs/Values: Stands true to her belief that everyone has the freedom of choice without judgement.

Ambition: To become a powerful mage that can protect all that she cares for most in the world.

Fears: Losing her loved ones, opening up, being alone, rain (strangely enough)

Attitude: Upfront, she is callous, sarcastic, and abrasive. In reality there is far more to it.

Flaws: Over thinks things far too easily, difficult for her to invoke emotion to take over without thought, incendiary remarks often push away those who don't understand it, gets taken advantage of for her kind nature that she tries to hide, jumps to conclusions.

Strengths: Headstrong, independent, very rational in nature, easy conversationalist, can always smile despite her emotional status, loyal to the bitter end, good for a nice laugh when in need of it.

Talents: Able to maintain a good mood for people despite how severe her pain may be.

Race/Classifications: From Aketo, a land in the far east regions of Azerus. The place closely resembles that of a feudal Japan ambiance. Her presence in Tempest is rather foreign to most due to the large distance between the setting and her home.

Description: Born to a higher standing family, the Mikazu's were well known book merchants. They thrived in selling books that documented on various things, particularly magic and the many parts of the world. From even her early years, Zaranai had read these books nonstop and as a result, wanted to see it all. She developed a deep infatuation with the outside world and magic. She was pressured to take inheritance of the family store, but it conflicted with her desires to venture out and experience the very same things she read about. She ran away from Aketo and her home, fleeing to the opposite end of the world so that she could pursue her dream of mastering the arts. She had left everyone she cared for that day in hopes to follow her dreams, including her younger brother who she cared for above all.

This experience however is not without merit. She found her path in life among many others within the sanctuary of Denerith, and started her long trek towards becoming a powerful mage. She studies hard and rarely breaks her focus on her dream so that she can diligently work her way up to the top, in hopes that when she does then she will atone for her selfishness in abandoning her family.

Zaranai has 2 entirely different personalities. Outwardly she is a callous individual that is teeming with sarcasm. She often spouts out insults she doesn't mean to the people around her. It causes many people to make false accusations on who she is, provided that they do not understand her. She does this to hide away the delicate side of her mind that has been manipulated many times before. A closer look reveals a 2nd personality, which resembles a far more generous girl that simply wants to matter to someone. Zaranai can be hard to become close with, however if you manage to do so she is easily one of the most loyal friends you can make and would take the proverbial bullet for you (perhaps a real one provided the situation).She is always good for an uplifting conversation that is bound to make you laugh. These conversations are always dripping with sarcastic remarks. It is simply her way of bonding with people.

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Added on February 28, 2014
Last Updated on June 9, 2018
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