Ignorance is Death

Ignorance is Death

A Poem by Thoctar

A poem about my favourite saying, which in fact is true. I know not all people are ignorant, but many are.

Ignorance is Death
As I look at the Ignorant Masses
And I wonder, why are they like that? 
How can they live like that? The answer is simple
They do not truly live
The Ignorant are the dead
For Ignorance does not mean bliss
Ignorance does not mean happiness
Ignorance means death
You may be happy for a time without knowledge
And in fact there may be some things better left unknown
But total utter ignorance, it does nto simply lead to death
It is Death
Death of the mind
Death of the body
Death of the soul and spirit
Ignorance truly means Death
You do not know it
For you are ignorant, unknowing, uncaring
But you are slowly, inexorably
Fading away into oblivion
Ignorant of the past
Ignorant of the truth
Filled with lies
You have become a well of pure ignorance and untruth
You have become Dead
Killed by those who made you ignorant
Who keep you in ignorance
The murderers of this world
They have condemned you to die
Over and over again
And until you open your eyes
You will continue to die
Die in the mind
Die in the body
Die in the soul and spirit
You will always die
Your ignorance, if you can see it
Do not take refuge in it, it is not bliss
It is not happiness
It is Death
It is your killer
It is your executioner
For you have been condemned to die
By those who pull the strings
They do not want you realizing
They do not want you intelligent
They want you ignorant and stupid
So that you cannot stop them
They shall exploit you until the ends of this world
Condemning you for their bemusement and profit
To a world of indefinite pain and suffering
You just don’t know it
And now you shall all die
Die in mind, body, soul and spirit
The system shall kill you 
Ignorance shall be your death
You could not have known
They never allowed you to know
But they don’t care
Its all part of their plan
The Ignorant masses are already dead
They are simply too ignorant to realize it
And those who are not ignorant within the masses
Shall have the pleasure of watching all they know and cherish
Fade into the Death of Ignorance
The Ignorant are the dead
For Ignorance does not mean bliss
Ignorance does not mean happiness
Ignorance means death
Ignorance is Death

© 2010 Thoctar

Author's Note

As always, criticism is welcome

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Added on December 11, 2010
Last Updated on December 11, 2010
Tags: Death, mind, body, soul, spirit, Ignorance, politics, exploitation, life



New Liskeard, Northern Ontario, Canada

Interested in history, politics, ideology, really anything intelligent. Always willing to accept criticism, I can only get better. I write poems occasionally, I never saw them as good, but some friend.. more..

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