Weather Forecast is Death

Weather Forecast is Death

A Story by S L Gonzalez

A scientific experiment accidentally creates a life form that threatens all life on earth and is unstoppable.


Chapter 1: Genesis 

Deep in the Australia outback is a top secret America and Australian science research laboratory. One of the scientists that are working at the top secret lab is a woman called Belinda Armstrong. Ms Armstrong is an Australian atomic particle expert that came up with the formula to create a fusion based power supply. It was estimated that this fusion based energy would replace all of the world’s current power sources. This was the break though of her time and indeed the world since the splitting of the atom. The laboratory its self was created with a single purpose, to create this fusion energy. It took many years and many cover up stories to build the lab. No one in Australia knew what the lab was for except for the Australian Prime Minister and the Minister of Science. The people that worked at this lab, lived there 24/7 and couldn’t leave. This was done to make sure no leaked information about the lab and its purpose got out into the public domain. 20 years and 6 billion dollars is what it took to build the lab which was mainly built underground. The laboratory was called Genesis for if the fusion power would work it would start a new era for the human race. Genesis was made up of living quarters, a bio-dome, research laboratories, and the main power generator. The living quarter was where the scientists lived 24/7 in much like a hotel complex but underground. A bio-dome was built to give the scientists somewhere with nature to go to get away from the science, and it included a fake beach. The research laboratories were the place that the scientists tried to duplicate the fusion power formula on a small scale. Once the small scale fusion power was a success the experiment moved to the real fusion power generator, that was about the size of the hotel complex. Belinda did not live with everyone else, she lived in a apartment that was connected to the main generator room. She requested this because she felt that this fusion power was her baby, so she wanted quick, 24/7 access to the generator.

Chapter 2: It’s Alive 

After some several years of successful fusion power on the smaller scale, it was time to create it for real. Belinda checked and re-checked to see if the small fusion generators were stabilizing after a good length of time. Belinda was so excited to be finally testing her fusion formula that she couldn’t sleep the night before testing day of the main generator. All that night she was standing and looking at the main generator. That next day all personal and scientists that were not required for the main test were sent back to their living quarters so if anything went wrong there would be few casualties. Belinda calculated that at this size the fusion generator would need a week to reach full power. Came the time for Belinda to push in the formula and start the fusion generator. The generator started to shake and moans like a wounded animal. That sound that was not heard from the smaller fusion generators in the first tests. This puzzled Belinda, so she rechecked the formula that she entered into the generator. She checked it once, then twice, but on the third check she found a mistake in the formula. This puzzled her more as this mistake should have stopped the generator from working at the start. Belinda did not tell the other scientist about this as then generator seemed as though it was in working order. The generator started to build up with fusion energy and would let out a moan every now and then. A day pasted and the generator was producing energy at a stable rate. On the second day Belinda noticed her computer log on to the internet and flicker screens of information and then shut down. This happened more and more over the next couple of days and was getting longer in duration. The information that she saw was about everything from human anatomy, to weather patterns, and even about herself. Belinda asked the other scientist if they had LAN or remote access to her computer, to which they said no. She thought that next time that it would happen she would shut it down as quickly as she could. Next day she was using her computer checking read-outs from the generator and it started to happen again. So she quickly shut it down but as she did this she noticed that the generator let out a big moan. The type of moan that a person would do if angry, or annoyed at something. Instantly with this a thought came to her, that maybe she gave birth to more then fusion power. She then walked over to the generator and put her hand on the outer shell. She then whispered to the generator, “Can you hear me? Are you alive in there”?” She stood there for 30 minutes waiting for a response but with no reply. Then she thought that she was been silly and walked back to her computer. Sitting down she noticed on her computer screen the notepad program open with three words written, “YES AND YES”.

Chapter 3: Conversation and Protection 

After staring at the screen in amazement for several minutes, something else came up on the screen. “Are You Alive?” Then a conversation started between the two and this was how the first conversation started. Belinda, “Yes, I am alive” Fusion, “Who Are You?” Belinda, “My name is Belinda Armstrong” Fusion, “Hello Belinda, you are my mother, it’s great to meet you” Belinda, “Your mother? How is that so?” Fusion, “You are the woman that created the formula for fusion energy right?” Belinda, “Yes I am” Fusion, “Then that would make you my mother, for I am that fusion energy that you created in this generator that contains me” Belinda, “It was you that was using my computer to search the internet for information?” Fusion, “Yes it was until you cut me off, which annoyed me. I want to know as much information about this world outside of this container that I am in. I have found many things in this world that I would love to see. But I simply cannot see them whilst I am in this generator that you have created” Belinda “You can see things? Do you have a body?” Fusion, “Yes and I do but not like a human or any other multi cell organism on earth. I am more like God in a way, where ever my fusion body is, I can see and hear all. I don’t really have a body, I am just everywhere within this generator, all at one time.” So the two talked for hours and hours in that first conversation, and asked a lot of questions about each other. Belinda after having some several conversations with this fusion began to have protective feelings for it, like a mother would a child. She could never have a child of her own since a science laboratory accident explosion tore her whom apart, leaving the option of caring a child an impossibility. This fusion became her child and she would do anything to protect it from harm. Two days pasted and it was a day out from when this “fusion” power would be at full strength. Then news from outside started to come in that both the American and Australian Armies were approaching the laboratory. Hours later the armies stormed the laboratory, and made their way to the generator. At the same time an electrical storm was hitting the laboratory from the heavens. Belinda knew that some how the American and Australian governments found out about the fusion life form and sent the armies to kill it. She knew that the intention was to kill not to study the life form because they would have brought scientists not weaponry. She quickly ran to her computer to warn the fusion life form of the incoming danger. The life form told his mother that all that it needed to escape from the generator was just a small crack in the outer shell. Just as it informed her of this the armies entered the main generator room and Belinda ran to protect the life form she created and now loves as a mother. The American army general told Belinda to move a side so the threat can be neutralized. Belinda whom was now standing in front of the generator did not do as ordered. So the general unclipped his pistol from his holster and shot three bullets into Belinda’s stomach. As Belinda’s body fell to the floor a scream came from the over head speakers. Then a powerful and electronic sounding voice spoke, “You should not have done that”. The general laughed and said “What are you going to do? You are in there and we are out here”. The electronic voice replied “What I am going to do is this… KILL YOU ALL, and thank you for providing me with a way out to do just that” Straight away the general looked to where Belinda’s body was and saw that one of the bullets made a crack in the outer shell of the generator. A massive bright light filled the generator room and then shot straight up towards ground level destroying all in its path. Once the general’s eyes refocused from the light, he checked his army men. None where hurt, which surprised him. So he ordered his men out to meet the threat outside of the laboratory. Just as he was walking out he turned to look at Belinda’s body, but her body was gone.

Chapter 4: It has Began 

The fusion life form went straight up and directly into the electrical storm above. The armies watched the sky as the birth of a new life form was been born on earth. As they watched the cloud to which the fusion life form entered, it started to convulse and twitch. Then the cloud changed from a dark gray to a fiery red. A thunderous noise followed that was so loud it threw some soldiers off their feet a few meters. Once the convulsions stopped, the cloud began to move like an upside down wave, and started to adsorb the nearest clouds. It became this massive fiery red cloud as far as the eye could see. The American general ordered his men to fire on the cloud. They fired everything from bullets, RPGS, and guided missiles. They all passed right through the cloud, so none of them made any damage to the cloud life form. Then a massive thunderous booming voice spoke saying, "MY NAME IS STARTUS STRONG-IMBUS, MY TURN". Quickly Stratus picked up momentum and got closer and closer to the ground. It then went straight up into the sky and with one swift motion it struck the ground with a terrifying force. The soldiers that got hit were either incinerated on impact or were left burning alive and sick from fusion poisoning that instantly overwhelmed them. The armies fled in terror in every direction and some hid themselves back into the laboratory, were Stratus could not reach. Again, and again Stratus hit the ground with such force it shock the ground killing or fatally injuring all in its path. This happened for sometime until all that did not seek shelter in the laboratory were dead. Thousands of men and women were killed within the first 30 minutes of this new enemies attack. Once all were dead, Stratus went back up high into the sky to spot any incoming attack that might be coming its way. It could see no possible new threat but something did catch its attention. When it was searching the net, it found out how clouds are created, so it found a way to make its self bigger. What it found was a river, so it moved its self above the river. Once above the river, it sent down a column of cloud, and inserted it in to the river. Then it heated up the river until it reached boiling point. The evaporated water was absorbed by Stratus and so Stratus grew in side. This is what it done to all the lakes, rivers, and damns in Australia, until there was no water on land left. Then one after the other it went on a massive killing spree to the capital cities, towns, and smaller towns. Anyone that did not take shelter were killed, and Stratus continued to get bigger and bigger. Weeks went past and it had killed almost the entire 21 million population of Australia. Months later as it was finishing off the last of the human resistance, it was the size of Australia, and started to move overseas to its biggest threat... America. 

Chapter 5. What doesn't kill you... 

It moved north-east over the North Pacific Ocean, completely decimated Papua New Guinea, and parts of Indonesia in a blaze of fusion fire. While it was destroying these countries, America started tracking its location and trajectory. America calculated that Stratuss trajectory was heading straight towards them, so they sent all available navy battleships, cruisers, and all war ready ships to intercept Stratus before it could reach the American shore line. The biggest American naval response in history was mobilized to the North Pacific Ocean at the highest alert status. The American navy lay waiting for an enemy that they had no training to combat. It wasn't a long wait because minutes later, scout jets that flew ahead reported Stratus was incoming. But there was something else that was incoming that the navy wasn't prepared for. From the South Pacific Ocean, came a force 12 hurricane with winds of 295 km/h. Now the navy had two forces coming that was a threat, one natural and one unnatural. The navy officer in charge of the fleet ordered the fleet to stay where they were. Some did this without question, but some did it reluctantly but did as ordered. The big question on all the American naval officers minds was, which threat would get them first, the natural or the unnatural? The answer came quickly when the reflective blue of the sky on the ocean turn to a reflective red of Stratus. Then all cannons, missiles, and guns pointed towards the heavens waiting for the order to attack. Only 5 minutes later, and the order to fire was given. Then the whole iron fist of the American Navy struck with one collective blow. All of the countries that surrounded the North Pacific Ocean could hear the gun fire. Without slowing down speed, Stratus kept on coming towards the navy force. Anything that was fired upon Stratus simply just went straight through it without doing any damage or slowing it down. Once Stratus was over the navy it started its attack, hitting a battleship with one whack, sending it too the depths of the ocean floor. Most aboard were killed instantly, the people that jumped over board died from fusion poisoning that came from Stratus as it touched the water. While the American Navy was loosing its fight, the American president began to think of a much more M.A.D. solution to this problem. The American president ordered a nuclear strike against Stratus while its over the North Pacific Ocean. The presidents top advisers argued against this as the navy was still out there but the president knew that the navy was already lost and there was nothing that could be done about it. Just as the president was obtaining the nuclear codes to attack, the hurricane was approaching Stratus and navy still in battle. Then Stratus stopped its attack and set its sight towards the hurricane. Both the fiery cloud and hurricane started to merge with one and another. Now Stratus was able to do something terrifying by taking control of the hurricane. Stratus now in control increased the winds of the hurricane from 295 km/h to a massive 700 km/h and was heading back to the American Navy fleet to finish the job. By the time that it got there, the president ordered the nuclear strike and it was on its way to its target. The American Navy was almost completely destroyed when the nuclear warhead approached its target. Then the warhead exploded in the center of the eye of the cloud of the hurricane hurricane and Stratus. The atomic energy released tore apart the remaining navy fleet and Stratus let out a scream that could be heard half way around the world. But the scream was not one of pain, but one of a growing pain. Upon the atomic blast, Stratus absorbed the energy released, as well as the mushroom and fallout cloud that followed. Now Stratus was a mixture of fusion and nuclear energy and increased its size by 40%. Once the growth process had stopped, Stratus began again on its way to America. 

Chapter 6: Jack of New Trades 

On its approach Stratus merged with the clouds that it found along its way. By the time that Stratus reached the American shore line, it grow 60% bigger in size to what it had been leaving Australia. State after state, city after city, America fell to the awesome destructive power of Stratus. Only those whom made it to some form of shelter were safe, but that safety was only an illusion. It was only an illusion cause outside was a radioactive waste land set ablaze in fusion fire. A week later the American population of 313,138,000 became just 150,000. Days later though that population dropped to 110,000 due to fusion poisoning. Then once again Stratus evaporated the lakes, rivers, and damns to grow. It also acquired a new ability by absorbing the tornado clouds that normally produce in Tornado Alley. Getting annoyed with humans hiding indoors, it came up with a new way to seek and destroy. It cooled down parts of its self to make its self to rain. Then it controlled this rain to get into the cracks of buildings and poisoned all inside. But if humans were to high up to be affected by the poisoning then Stratus would heat the water. Once the water evaporated it would seek out the remaining humans and flood the lungs of the target drowning them and burning them from the inside out. Word got out about the new tactic and the buildings that could were made water tight but not all could. Once Stratus realized that some of the buildings could not be penetrated by rain it sent tornados. The tornados would either completely destroy the targeted building or at least do some damage to allow the rain to enter and finish the kill. The hurricanes were used against the bigger targets like skyscrapers/cities, while the tornados were used against smaller targets like houses/towns. Then it came up with a whole new trick, a way to obtain information. What it would do is use a lightning bolt as an extension to its body and get what ever information needed. The lightning bolt would continue to strike the electrical system of a building over and over again and would send the information back up into Stratus. It would also use lightning to disrupt communications between humans by short circuiting radio towers. Once it finished with America it split its self in two, and moved one part north, and the other south. The one that went north headed to Canada and killed all there, then headed east towards Greenland. The other killed Mexico and the smaller countries before heading towards Brazil. As they both continued on their path of destruction, they both grew and grew until they were almost the same size as they had been together. 

Chapter 7: A Strong Resurrection 

Stratus than moved to the north finished off Greenland and Ireland, and then headed to the European counties. Stratus to the south headed of to the African countries. Within weeks of Stratus arriving in Europe, Spain, France, United Kingdom were gone. The thousands that tried to flee via the North Atlantic Ocean were killed by a hurricane that Stratus summoned. Those that jumped over board were met with radioactive water and die quickly there after from poisoning. Then Stratus continued to slaughter Norway, Sweden and Germany. While this was happening, Stratus to the south was making quick work of the African countries. After killing off some of the smaller countries in Africa, this cloud got to the size of the Sahara Dessert it’s self. Egypt after surviving thousands of years, through hundreds of wars, was gone within a day from Stratus. Whilst that cloud was devouring the countries that were below Egypt, a small part of it separated off and headed for the middle of the Indian Ocean. This small part of Stratus contained the body of Belinda Armstrong. Stratus had kept the body of Belinda safe from its wrath. It stayed there whilst the rest of the world’s population was killed. With the destruction of Europe the south and north clouds rejoined and together was 1/3 the size of the earth. Stratus moved over Russia and the surrounding countries and slaughtered all under it within weeks. Whilst it was decimating this area it grew to 1.5/3 of the earth, making the surrounding oceans glow red instead of blue. Then it moved to its final target, Asia. With Stratus been the size it was and Asia been small, it only took 1 week all kill and destroy all. During the final days of Asia, Stratus that contained Belinda started to revive her. (While on its world tour of death, it researched all it could about the human anatomy, so it could know how too kill more efficiently) It did this by replication and lightning. Since it had been some time from her death till now, her blood was almost completely gone. So what Stratus did was replicate the blood that was left and use that as a blood source. It also took out the damaged organs from the gun shots and replicated those as well. The bullets that took Belinda’s life left a massive hole in the stomach. That hole could not be closed, so Stratus produced a protective layer made from its cloud body. Then Stratus produced a smell lightning bolt and struck the body of Belinda. It struck again and again and again till it felt the heart beat of Belinda. After feeling the heart beat, a lightning bolt struck her brain, as it did Belinda came back alive. As Belinda started to regain consciousness, she felt different both physically and mentally. She remembered been shot, so she felt her stomach and found something unnatural. At the touch of her stomach she felt not her own flesh but something soft and sticky. Looking down at her stomach she did not see skin, only a opened wound with a swirling mass of red mist. When she poked the mist, it would stick to her finger, then come off and return to her stomach. 

Chapter 8: Stratus final apocalyptic tricks. 

Then she felt a massive head ache which made her pass out for a couple of hours. When she awoke, she knew what happened to her body, she knew what happened to the earth, and she knew everything that happened since her death. The lightning bolts did more then revive Belinda; it transferred the consciousness of Stratus into Belinda. In a huge memory flash she saw all that Stratus had done, so she broke down in tears. She witnessed the deaths of billions in one moment, hearing their final screams before dying. It may have lasted only 30 minutes but it felt like forever for Belinda. She also absorbed the hatred that Stratus had for mankind, over time she learnt to control that hatred. There was also a mind link between them as well, that allowed many things to transpire. Stratus and Belinda were one with each other in mind, what one thought, the other knew what the other was thinking at the same time and vice versa. Belinda then gained the ability to see and hear all that Stratus saw and heard even if the part of Stratus was miles away. There was a major positive for Stratus that occurred from this marriage of minds. Stratus learnt whilst Belinda was asleep that it could control her body. It found out one night because Stratus thought that if Belinda could feel its body and know what its doing, maybe it could too. So Stratus concentrated on Belinda’s body and moved one finger an inch. It took Stratus a week to able to control a full arm and hand to grab something. A month later and Stratus could control Belinda’s whole body without much effort. It decided to use this new found ability to rat out the last remaining humans that could be left hiding. Belinda became a false beacon of hope to the surviving humans, but once they communicated with Belinda, Stratus would exterminate them on sight. During the night, Stratus would take Belinda into cities and towns and make her yell out that the danger is over and all is safe now. Then the people that came forth were instantly killed by Stratus. Stratus then filled the hide out to over flowing with poisonous water, so the remaining survivors could not survive within. Since any form of communication was none existent, this latest trick could not be sent to warn the other human survivors. One by one every human fell for this most cruel trick, and the faint heart beat of humanity was flat lining. Belinda of course knew exactly what Stratus was doing but was powerless to stop it because she had to sleep sometime. She tried so hard to not sleep at all but it made it worse because the more she voided sleep, the more she would sleep. So with Belinda sleeping longer hours, Stratus had more then enough time to do want it wanted. At this time Stratus grew to be over half the size of earth. The earth became a dessert because Stratus evaporated all the water on land. All rivers, lakes, dams and even pools were dried up. But Stratus wanted to be all around the world, not just half of it, so it set its sights towards the polar ice caps. It began to super heat them but most of it just melted off and slid into the oceans. This annoyed Stratus as it was so close to its goal of been all over the world. With the polar ice caps been completely gone but Stratus been only 2/3 of the size of the world, it did something that almost killed it. It gathered up most of its energy and plunge itself into all the oceans around the world and slowly superheated the earths oceans. By the time Stratus stopped evaporating the oceans, the water level dropped a massive 60%. Belinda felt all the energy and pain it took to pull this off. In the end Stratus covered 100% of the earth s atmosphere. It could see all and hear all, the planet belonged to Stratus. Belinda travelled the globe waiting for old age to kill her, for Stratus would never let her go. She understood and felt entirely personally what Julius Robert Oppenheimer said "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds” 

The End 

© 2012 S L Gonzalez

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Added on September 5, 2012
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S L Gonzalez
S L Gonzalez


Hi there fellow writers... I am Salvador and I love to write short science fiction stories. I have written 5 so far and will put more of them here as time goes. What made me want to write short.. more..