Lost Memories

Lost Memories

A Poem by Tsuki Usagi

I met them beneath the cherry blossom trees....


I watched them meet beneath the cherry blossom trees.

Two people I knew from high school memories.

The boy was small, the girl was weak.

Her health dropping as the years went by.

The girl sat alone against one of the trees.

The boy walked over and handed her a bracelet of small wooden beads.

They smiled and talked,

never looking away from each others eyes.

The next day I saw them walking together hand-in-hand.

She looked frail and meek,

He looking ready to catch her whenever need be.

As weeks turned to months, her health continued to fail.

Although her heart was weak, the love they shared was strong.

A few days later I'd seen him run by.

He seemed worried and upset.

I found him holding her gently, at the place they first met.

The tears falling freely from her eyes.

Under those trees they shared their first kiss.

A few days later I found out the girl had passed away.

She'd died the night before, her heart giving away.

The boy followed the next day, diing of a broken heart.

I found the boy lingering, under the trees the next day.

He was surprised I could see him.

He told me they'd had a fight the night she passed away.

He kept saying he was sorry,

He didn't want to be alone.

She came out of thin air, her frail look had disappeared.

She told him she forgave him.

That she'd known she was going to die.

She hadn't wanted him to suffer.

But it didn't matter now.

They softly kissed each others lips, saying everything was just fine.

They looked at me and smiled,

I returned the smile and turned and waved goodbye.

I knew it was their time to go.

However, when I looked back,

I felt as if they were,

lingering beneath the shadows of the cherry blossom trees,

That place... that is filled with many memories.

© 2010 Tsuki Usagi

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Author's Note

Tsuki Usagi
It doesn't have a specific pattern.

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Added on April 27, 2010
Last Updated on April 28, 2010
Tags: cherry, blossom, love, death, forgivness


Tsuki Usagi
Tsuki Usagi

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