Alone Forever

Alone Forever

A Poem by Tsuki Usagi

A lone shadow stands nearby, eyes watching as my blood spills to the ground.....


As the sun goes down and darkness falls,

the full blood red moon sits in the empty sky.

My soul floats to the heaven to met the moon.

A calmness washes over the world as I spill my blood to the masses.

Voices scream at the sky,


A lone shadow stands nearby,

eyes watching as my blood spill to the ground.

A tear rolls slowly down my face as my thoughts trail back to you.

Minds linking we share our pain.

Then in rage we turn on the world,

our hatred tears the silence and burns our words in the minds of the people.

Towns become ashes as fires light the dark.

Screams of pain and hatred are heard from miles around.

My face wet with tears and black with soot.

You just stand in the shadows, a blank expression on your face.

Your eyes pierce my soul and send me spiraling into the abyss of night.

Your image seared into the eyes of the world.

An image of pain.

Your opposite an image of love.

Never shall we meet.

The screams around us continue as people die across the world.

A cry of lonliness escapes my lips as I reach out to you in sadness.

My heart yearning for you.

Your hand touches mine.

You find me in death, the world is no more.

I grasp your hand not wanting to let go.

Your fingers slip away as you turn your back on me and disappear back into the shadows.

I am left on the ground, my tears fall all around me.

I can't stand to be without you.

The world has died and so have you.

I cry out in sorrow as I stab my own heart.

My soulless body falls to the ground as the rain poors down on me.

The blood red moon sits alone in the sky,

never to be seen again by my tearfilled soulless eyes.

© 2010 Tsuki Usagi

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Added on April 28, 2010
Last Updated on April 28, 2010


Tsuki Usagi
Tsuki Usagi

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