Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by VanillaBean

I couldn’t wait to get to school the next day, arriving an hour early when normally I am the seriously late student. A ‘bad-a*s’ if you will. After everything that happened in the bathroom with my mum, well let’s just say she fainted rather fast then when she woke up 5 minutes later, after me shaking and prodding her, she was in hysterics.



“W-wh-WHAT?!” My mum managed to get out, her wide eyes darting from her arm to my face searching for answers.

“Now this is going to sound real crazy but lately-“

“Just spit it out already girl!” She shouted interrupting my explanation.

“I’m getting there! It makes me sound psycho so please let me take my time here.” She nodded allowing me to continue. “Right, so lately I’ve been noticing some changes about me…” I went on explaining everything I had told the Unicorn that same evening, including me seeing said Unicorn, by the end my mum was still wide eyed but this time her jaw was a gape.

“N-no…the man…he said he didn’t want anything in return.” She whispered to herself but I managed to hear it. “This cannot be happening, I won’t allow it!”

*End Flashback*


Yeah then she decided I wasn’t conversation worthy any longer and stormed out the bathroom, leaving me kneeling on the cold tiles with just a towel covering me, trying to make sense of what she said. So as to avoid unwanted chat or weird looks from my family, I made sure to be up and ready before any of them and left real early. I swear most of the teachers aren’t even here yet from looking at the serious lack of vehicles in the faculty car park.

                After throwing my bag, and other things I hated to lug around with me all day, in my locker I made my way to the library to waste some time. Now again I’m not the type to be caught in the library cause of this ‘Bad-a*s’ title I have going on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice girl but the day I turned down Lexi’s offer to join her group everyone dubbed me as a rebel cause apparently no one turns down little ole’ Lexi Lu. Let me explain, Lexi Lu, a petite Asian girl with glorious jet black hair, chocolate brown eyes and the cutest button nose you will ever see. That is how the horn dogs in this school describe her anyway. How do they describe me, you ask? You will kick yourself when you hear! I know I get a laugh out of it. ‘Lux Sater, damn would I take her to bed! Have my hand tangled in her long blonde hair and her telling me what to do in a dominatrix kind of way’…yeah well you get the picture. Enjoy that image that’s now imbedded in your mind. Since that day I’ve made it my goal to keep that image, hey it keeps Lexi and her little copy cats away from me so I can’t complain.

                Sitting at one of the already switched on library computers I logged onto my Facebook seeing I have 5 new friend requests, most likely from people I don’t even know, and 10 notifications I sigh and quickly skim over them before signing out and clicking the little red ‘x’ to exit.

“Whoa Lux Sater in the library? This is a rare sight to behold!” Turning around the familiar voice I lock eyes with my best friend, Trey Nettle.

“I got here an hour early, wasn’t going to sit outside where people can gawk, you know?” Trey’s face broke out with a giant grin, he knew exactly what I meant. Trey was a bad boy here at the school so it was only natural that we hit it off straight away. There is many a rumour going around about us, such as we are ‘totally dating’ or my personal favourite ‘I heard Lux gave her virginity to him and now they get it on in the janitors closet every day before school…that’s why they are always late’. We might have fuelled that one ourselves though by making sure to be extra late on purpose. They are so clueless, I mean anyone can see me and Trey would never date each other that would just be so gross, like spaghetti and maple syrup gross.

                “You getting to class on time today then Miss Sater?” I raised an eyebrow at Trey for his choice of name for me.

“Might as well, no point in staying in the library for another hour.” I looked in the corner of the computer screen to check the time. 08.50. Just another 10 minutes till class. “Hang on, why are you here on time anyway Mr Nettle?” I countered on him.

“I, uh, well, you see…” Usual Trey always at a loss for words when he has been caught out. “I may have seen you heading in early so thought why not?” He gave me his puppy dog eyes which no girl could refuse, he was adorable when he wanted to be.

“Aww Trey-Poo you are just too sweet to me!” I mocked flashing him my signature smirk before patting his head like you would a real dog. “But seriously, they real reason!”

“No time, we gotta get to class before we are late!” He was already out the library doors before I could even log out the computer. Something is extremely up with him today and I plan to find out what!

                Making it to class before the teacher was even present was a shock to everyone, it was a moment where you wish you had taken a photo of their faces to reflect back on later on in the day for a nice laugh. Sitting in my usual desk right at the back of the room next to the window I grabbed my notebook and some colourful pens and started doodling random things.

“Lux! Oh my gosh! Long-time no speak hey?” I knew that squeaky high pitched voice anywhere, looking up only confirmed it.

“Lexi, what do you want?” I got straight to the point, she knew I wasn’t interested in joining her group nor did I want to be her friend.

“Oh Lux, don’t be like that!” She clutched her hand to her heart in a motion to symbolise hurt. “Wanna come shopping with me and Mimi later? There is this big party and-“

“Not interested, never am, never will be.” I interrupted her before she went on about how many cute guys there will be and blah blah blah.

“Please!” She pleaded with her hands in a praying position. “You can invite Trey as a date, seeing as you two are together and all!” She was getting way too excited for my liking, only adding to my anger of her presence. I stood up from my desk, towering over Lexi while looking down into her eyes.

“Look here Lexi Lu.” I began my tirade. “First of all, me and Trey are best friends nothing more nothing less, we have not even kissed let alone slept together. Second of all, I have told you many times before I don’t want to be involved in your prissy little group and have told you to stop pestering me countless times.” By now a nice crowd had started to gather around us, even students not from this class had come to see the show.

“B-but Lux, you are too pretty to be a bad girl! You need to be girly like me!” She argued. Her telling me who I had to be was the tip of the iceberg. Snatching my notebook and pens from my desk I stormed out of the classroom hearing a few snide comments thrown my way but the one that stood out the most was the comment on how my eyes changed colour.

                Running at my full speed to the bathroom, I was determined to get away from anyone before something drastic happened. Making it into the bathroom I hesitated before walking in view of the mirror, right as rain my eyes had indeed changed colour. My usual dark green eyes were now a vibrant bright green almost neon looking. I backed up hitting the stall door behind me, closing my eyes as tight as I could willing my eyes to change back to normal I opened them and it only got worse. Not only were my eyes a different colour now my hair was that same delicate lilac I’d seen before, but that’s not what caught my eye this time. Situated right in the centre of my forehead was none other than a pearl white horn with a crystal gem dangling from the bottom resting against my skin. If ever there was a time to freak out, I am pretty sure now is it.

                Cautiously I brought my hand up and touched the foreign object protruding from my face, it was cold but a nice kind of cold if that is even possible.

“This can’t be happening! What have I ever done to deserve this?” I asked out loud to no-one in particular. From a distance I could hear footsteps and the faint sound of girlish giggling, knowing full well they were coming into this very bathroom I darted into one of the cubicles and tried to be as quiet as I could while perching myself on top of the toilet seat.

                “You almost had her Lexi, don’t beat yourself up for it! She will join us sooner or later!” The door to the bathroom flung open, immediately I recognised the voice of Mimi, Lexi’s best friend.

“Yeah! She is pretty, all pretty girls find their way to us eventually!” I stifled a scoff which was trying to make its way up my throat. “I mean she isn’t one of our kind, but she is damn close to it, I can sense it about her!” This comment came from one of Lexi’s little copycats, I never take it upon myself to remember their names.

“Did you find a way to make her like us yet Lexi? Once you do she has no choice but to join!” Another copycat chimed in. One of them? What were they talking about, did they do this to me?

“No not yet. My father says not to bother cause it’s not the natural way of a mermaid, but come on what does he know!” Lexi spoke up.

                The rest of their conversation was a blur to me after hearing that one word, Mermaid. What was going on? First I change into some kind of Human/Unicorn hybrid freak then the popular girls in my school turn out to be a school of mermaids, that’s what you’d call them right? Just like a school of fish? The loud bang of the bathroom door opening and closing brought me back from my thoughts, slowly I knelt on the ground peering from under the door to double check they were gone, luckily they were nowhere in sight. Keeping my eyes to the ground in attempt to not look at my reflection I touched my forehead finding only skin and no horn. Whipping my head up to look at my image in front of me I released a groan, my eyes were the same bright green and my hair was still that delicate lilac. I was going to need to think up an excuse and fast!

                Hitting myself on the top of my head when I remembered my black beanie which is always tucked in the back of my locker in case of a bad hair day, how could I forget about that? Hoping that everyone would still be in the confinements of a classroom I gradually opened the door looking left and right to double check I was alone before darting my way down the corridor to reach my locker, luckily for me it wasn’t far to go which meant less risk of being caught. Hurling open the metal locker, which protested with a creek, I rummaged through all my books and junk breathing out the air I’d been holding in when my hands wrapped around the fluffy black material. I threw the hat on making sure to tuck any hair left visible under the material, double checking myself in a small pocket sized mirror so I knew for sure no purple could be seen. I couldn’t stay here any longer, I needed to leave and have a serious think through everything, mostly being the whole horn business, oh and not forgetting that weird conversation about mermaids…yeah that could be a big thing.

© 2014 VanillaBean

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