Found out

Found out

A Chapter by Elysia

"Kelly always did have trouble getting to sleep. She would stay up to the early hours in the morning, reading, drawing, playing games, writing, and just passing time. she used to go to school after staying up all night and be perfectly fine. She always thought she just had trouble, but it never even crossed her mind that there might be something seriously wrong."

Kelly put her tricolour pen down onto the shiny metal tray and pressed the button next to her bed. She sighed. It's been to long she thought. Kelly had been shut up in hospital for almost a month now. She didn't even feel sick! They still hadn't found out what was wrong with her, and she was getting bored. So bored, in fact that she had decided to write a story about herself! 

"One day, Kelly's mum found her in the kitchen at 2 o'clock in the morning baking muffins for her breakfast. Kelly had been careful not to wake anyone else and nobody knew about her sleepless nights. Her mum took her to see a shrink as soon as she could. The shrink explained to Kelly that he was a psychologist and was he would try to help her to sleep at night." 

Kelly stopped writing as a nurse with an unusualy shaped birth mark above her cheekbone whisked apart the starchy white hospital curtains and arranged herself on the stool next to Kelly's bed. "Hey Sam, whats up with the shoes?" Kelly spoke in friendly terms with most of the nurses at the hospital, due to the fact that she saw at least three of them every day. Sam, or Samantha, was wearing high-heeled, bright yellow boots with pink buttterflies sewn onto the sides. Sam hated blending in with any crowd, and alway made a point to dress outragiously, even in a nursing uniform. 

Sam ignored Kelly's question and poured her a drink of mango and orange juice from a humongous green jug. "Thanks heaps" said Kelly, "Could you find out if they know when i can go home? Pretty please?" 

Sam, a woman of few words, jst nodded and strolled out of the curtained room. Kelly went back to writing.

"The day came around for her first appointment with the shrink, and Kelly was waiting for her parents at the kitchen table. She was more than willing to co-operate, for although her insomnia never bothered her, she hated to see her parents so worried. She sat calmly as her mother hurried her father along, and chatted casually with them during the car ride to the psycologist's office.
In the neon-lit waiting room, she sat down and waited patiently, inobtrusively observing the other patients. There was one young woman who kept flicking her eyes from person to person, looking as if she was afraid one of them would attack her. Another patient, an eldery man, was loudly protesting that his name was not Steven Hunn, and was in fact Elvis Presely."


Kelly sighed and decided to leave the next part for another day. Her first appointment at the shrink was not something she liked to remember. The first part, the boring part of her story was written down, and it was time for her sleep therapy which never worked. "I'm tired" she casually  told the doctor who had just stepped through the door, " I think I'll go to sleep now."

The doctor just laughed and said "If only, If only. Girl, that'd be the day."

© 2010 Elysia

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Added on October 31, 2010
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