The Expected And The Unexpected

The Expected And The Unexpected

A Story by Willys Watson

Both The Expected And Unexpected

“That’s both expected and unexpected,” she informed the writer as she watched him, over his shoulder, typing a new story into his writer’s software program.

“What’s both expexted and unexpected?” the writer asked the stranger watching him write.

“First, the fact that you selected ‘Both The Expected And The Unexpected’ as your title, and that I’ve found myself as part of this story when I don’t know you from Adam.”

“And if my name really is Adam?” he asked the woman.

“It means you’re very likely a hack of a writer trying to milk a tired, worn out joke.”

“My name isn’t Adam,” the writer assured the woman as he turned his desk chair around to face her. “But my only question is why you, of all people, showed up in my story when I didn’t ask you to be in it?”

“Are you so sure?”

“I’m not crazy or on drugs, and you look certainly nothing like what I perceive my Muse to look like or what I perceive my soul mate to look like.”

“That’s because I’m neither. Just finish your story about going to the animal shelter to adopt a dog and you’ll discover I work for the Humane Society and your Canine soul partner is waiting for you there.”

The writer smiled warmly at her, then watched in amazement as she vaporized into thin air.

When he suddenly woke from this dream he was having, he rushed into his study, turned on the lights, then his computer, and started a short story very close to his dream.

© 2022 Willys Watson

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Added on May 15, 2022
Last Updated on May 15, 2022
Tags: Adoption, muse, animal shelter, dream


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