Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Created to Write

I'm surfing the internet on the Mount Justice main computer. The beach can wait. I come up to news from Central City. 'Hmm, Flash saves the City Again.' I start looking for more information on the subject when someone walks up behind me. I can tell who it is.
"Hey Abigail! We're all on the beach. Are you going to join us now?" Robin says, quizzically.
I turn away from the detailed article. He has his dark sunglasses and red swim shorts on. His towel is around his neck. But he's so comical, I can't stop laughing.
"What?" He's puzzled at my hysteria. I point to the mirror not too far away. His gaze follows my finger to see white cream on his face and chest in shapes of smilies, hearts, and stars. On his forehead there is an R symbol. He frowns.
"I let Wally and Artemis put sun screen on me." He mumbles. After a beat of silence, he laughs with me.
"That explains why they were smirking when I left." He says between laughing fits.
Still giggling, I walk over to him and rub the sun screen into his face. He starts to work on his chest and arms. But his head moves so I can't see what I'm doing.
"Hold still silly." I tease. He stops so I can finish. All the white goo is gone from his face. 'Except-'
"Uh, Tim?" I ask. He looks up from smearing a white star on his bicep. I caught his attention by using his first name.
"Can you. . ." I scratch next to my eye. He understands and slowly removes his sun glasses. For a moment, I just stare.
It is rare for anyone to see his deep blue eyes at Mount Justice. Everyone on his team, except Wally, don't know his identity. But with no one around, it's okay for him to take his glasses off.
I bring my hand up and gently smoothen the sun block around his eyes and at the bridge of his nose. The whole time he watches my face concentrate on the task. When I finally bring my hand down, he's still looking.
"Do you know how blue your eyes are?" I ask him, feeling uncomfortable with the attention. He turns to the mirror and walks closer to it. I silently follow.
"A little, but," he turns my head to look at our reflections, "I'm sure they aren't as bright as yours."
I look at the mirror closer. Next to Tim, I feel small. I've been training with him and his brother for a while now, but he is more muscular. But not buff. His black hair comes just to his ears, while my shoulder blade long brown locks are unkempt. The skin showing past my tee shirt sleeves and capris has a few bruises and small scars from previous missions. 'But yeah, apart from all that, I guess my eyes are brighter than Tim's.'

"I don't mean to ruin this romantic moment, but there is a party going on out there and our two favorite love-birds are missing it." Wally stresses after zooming into the room.
Tim pushes his glasses on, smiles, and walks away.
"Abigail, where are your glasses?" Wally asks. I tap the invisible visor my glasses can change into. He nods with an understanding 'Ah.' Tim comes back over to us. I realize the computer is off.
"Robin! I was using that!" I complain. Tim looks at me with mock scolding.
"You've been on enough screens today, young lady. Go outside and get some vitamin D." He commands.
"And to make sure you do," Wally pitches in with his sarcastic tease, "I will stay in your room until you are done getting ready." With that, he starts marching over to the dorms.
I get in front of him and stare at him with my near best Bat Glare. The only difference is that I'm smirking. He turns around smiling and marches past Tim.
"How'd you like your makeover Rob? It was all my idea." Wally asks gleefully. Tim tries swatting Wally's red hair. But he was expecting it and dodged. With his super speed, Wally sprints out the back entrance.
Tim looks at me, tipping his glasses so his eyes show just above them.
"Go get ready. I'll wait right here." He reassures. I giggle and turn to go get my swimsuit on. 'The beach is waiting!'

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Interesting, I like how you put the characters (Who I have no idea who they are) in the story. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Silent Wolf

9 Years Ago

I see, and cool. Sorry, computer was being stupid. One minute.
Silent Wolf

9 Years Ago

Oh, the next chapter isn't up yet... never mind...
Created to Write

9 Years Ago

Young Justice is on Netflix!! YESSSS!!!!

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A Chapter by Created to Write