Chapter 1: In Love x In x The Exam

Chapter 1: In Love x In x The Exam

A Chapter by Yuki Lee

Yuki Lee was just supposed to be a normal examinee in the Hunter Exam when she suddenly fell in love with another examinee. What will happen next?

Today is day of the Hunter Exam. Two friends, Yuki Lee and Shiro Nakamura decided to enter it. They have been friends three years ago, when Yuki was 9 years old and Shiro was 10.

Yuki entered the exam site and saw many Hunter-wannabes. "Geez, they look pretty scary but are they even strong and worthy enough to be a Hunter?" Yuki thought, as she is really confident. She usually judges people, and people get mad at her for judging them.

She was then welcomed by some bean-like guy and gave her a badge with the number 91.
Yuki walked around the exam site until she bumped an examinee with drinks in his hands. "Oh, sorry," she apologized and walked but was stopped by the same person. "No worries. By the way, I'm Tonpa!" he said then started to observe Yuki. "By observing you, I can tell that you're new here."

"How'd you know?" Yuki asked.

"Well, that's easy. I first entered the exam when I was 10 years old. Now's the 35th time." Tonpa explained. "I know more things here and you can ask me for information!"

"What the" 35?" Yuki said, a little shocked. "Yep, I'm what you would call a 'veteran'," Tonpa said, smiling. "Okay, then..." Yuki said as she start to walk away. "By the way, what's your name?" he asked, stopping Yuki from walking away so suddenly. "...Yuki," she replied, turning around and looking at him. She then decided to walk away, but was stopped again. "Ah, wait! I have an extra drink in here. We should toast to our new friendship!" Tonpa said as gave Yuki a can of some juice. She got a little irritated so she grabbed the can quickly and "ate" it. Even the can itself. "Thanks for the drink," Yuki said with no expression. 'Laxative, huh? That thing won't affect me,' she thought. "Ehh, you're... you're welcome.." Tonpa replied, a bit afraid, as Yuki walked away.

Yuki looked around until finally, she saw her friend, Shiro Nakamura, walking out of the elevator and given a badge with a number too. Shiro noticed Yuki looking at her with a smile. She smiled too and ran off to Yuki. "Yuki-chan? Is that really you?" she asked, poking Yuki.

"Of course, Shi-chi!" Yuki said happily. Shiro smiled more, as she liked to hear Yuki call her "Shi-chi", or "Shi", her favorite nickname.

They roamed around and they were near Tonpa. "You shouldn't trust that guy," Yuki whispered to Shiro, while pointing at Tonpa. "Why?" Shiro whispered back. "He gives people drinks that have laxative and he is trying to get rid of all the rookies here. In fact, he has no ambition in becoming a Hunter anymore!" Yuki explained. "How did you know all that?" Shiro said, a little louder because they're far from Tonpa. "I.. overheard the conversation of the others...?"

"Oh, alright," was the only thing that came out of Shiro's mouth. Then they started to talk about the past.

A little later, they were tired from walking and waiting for the exam to start. They were really impatient and bored. "Man, let's just sit down over there. I'm bored and tired from all the walking," Shiro said while pointing to a part of the exam site wherein there are a few people as most of them are in front. "Yeah, sure." They sat down and there was complete silence between them. Why? Because Yuki kept on staring at a young boy, about their age, with blue eyes and spiky silver-white hair, walking along with his skateboard. 'He looks so cute.. Ah! He's a shota too. Huh? Oh! I sense abs! He must be a cute and sexy type. What an epic combo..." Yuki thought, and the looks on her face weirded Shiro out. Yuki is fond of shotas, or what some people call, "a shotacon".

"Oi, Yuki, Yuki-chan, Yu-chan," Shiro said, trying to get Yuki to stop fantasizing. "Eh.. what?" Yuki said, coming to her senses. "Hmm, you like that boy over there, don't ya?" Shiro asked.


"Liar, I know you're a shotacon.." Shiro said. "Ah, by the way, wanna know his name? I kind of know it.. But I'm not s--"

"Come on you! What's his name? Tell me or I will eat your soul..!" Yuki said excitedly. "Fine, fine. Killua Zoldyck. That's his name," Shiro replied as she rolled her eyes. "Oh, what an awesome name! Wait, what? Zoldyck? That infamous family of assassins? Wow, I never knew they raised such an awesome and cute little assassin shota~" Yuki said happily as imaginary sparkles surround her. "Oh come on, why are you such a shotacon?"

"Eyy, shaddup Shi!" Yuki blushed hard. "Oh come on...." Shiro sighed.

"Yeah whatever," Yuki said. "Let's just wait for the exam to start,"

Later on, some sort of bell rang and a mouthless man with a mustache came out. "Here I am," he said. "The time for reception is over. Now the exam may begin." he hopped down. "This way, please."

"How can he talk with no mouth?!" Yuki whispered to Shiro. "I don't know," Shiro replied with a chuckle.

"Well. We'll begin with a short verification." the man said. "It's an extremely difficult exam. Sometimes you can miss a chance and end up hurting yourself, or can simply die.. If you are too scared, this is the last chance to leave," he paused for a while, observing everyone. No one left. "There are things that can't be avoided. Now, please follow me," with this, everybody started following the man. There are 404 participants now, since one was killed by Hisoka, the magician.

"So Yuki~" Shiro told Yuki. "Go behind your new crush and..."

"And?" Yuki asked.

"And.. I'll do something!" Shiro said with a smile. "Okay...?" Yuki said and started to walk behind Killua, which was skateboarding. She was pushing into the crowd and finally reached him. But Yuki only acted like she was just there for no reason at all, because all the other examinees are scattered around, following the man. Shiro took something out of the pocket of her shorts then she threw it that it hit the wheels of Killua's skateboard and he tripped so he fell on Yuki.

"Ahh" Oww!" Yuki said. "Oops, sorry," Killua said while looking at Yuki. "Holy macaroni! His eyes are so beautiful, and he's so cute!" Yuki thought. "Lemme help you up," Killua said, pulling Yuki up and she blushed. "Oh, er... Thanks, um.. Killua?" Yuki said while they're following. Killua stared at her, "Yeah."

"Okay... By the way, what's your name? Since you know mine..." Killua asked. Yuki blushed harder because Killua asked for her name. "Umm" Yuki.. Lee," Yuki answered. Killua smiled, nodded and skated away.

Shiro walked closer to Yuki and saw her blushing madly. "Ohoh~ Step 1 is complete!" she said.

© 2014 Yuki Lee

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Yuki Lee
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