The Shelf

The Shelf

A Chapter by Andrez Cervantes

Dear Reader,

While proceeding with my nightly shift duties...I came across a wondrous feeling that was inspired by a shelf. A simple shelf for holding bread-like products.

This shelf did its duty. It provided room for these delicious treats to be looked upon and consumed. It was clean and in good shape! It was a shelf. But I could see ware and tare; its clear plastic scratched and tainted. I stared at this inanimate object for what it seemed like...forever...

My eyes drawn to a spot that craved attention. A hinge. A shiny metal hinge that was missing a screw and bolt. Then a thought came about and hit me like a hammer.

This shelf functioned well without this bolt and screw. It still worked and was very manageable. It was like I had personified this object and I pictured it having a life. I saw it walk the streets and smile upon other odd faces. I could feel its pain when It would remorse and the passion when It would kiss. I laughed at myself really...I felt so unsure of this feeling and this thought process. What did it mean?

We all decay, don't we. We all lose passion and gain knowledge. We all lose knowledge and gain passion! I guess what I am trying to say is...I think I can go about living my life knowing I won't find every screw I have lost and I may not be able to repair every hinge that has been broken.

For awhile I always thought I would stay in the same location for my whole life. My family was here, they didn't move so why should I? I can get a good job, settle down and go on staring into the sunset which luminates [shines] on these gold flat plains. BUT why stay here and search for something that might be lost with time, decaying and no longer in the proper condition?

Perhaps this is just a shelf. And so it may be. But. It can also be hope...

Hope, that it might fill ones empty stomach?

Or, Hope, that it might grant a guy the courage he needs to move forward.

© 2014 Andrez Cervantes

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Added on February 19, 2014
Last Updated on February 19, 2014
Tags: Beauty, talking, deep thoughts, expression, self, experience, downfall, loathing, inspiration, help, come in


Andrez Cervantes
Andrez Cervantes

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