A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum

this is a wake up call.

i am shouting to you

like i am walking around

the walls of jericho

for the certain number of times

that makes things feel right.

do whatever it takes

to get where you need to be

even though you are not certain

of where that is

because you have been waiting

for someone to find you,

to figure you out.

he made you realize that tonight

while you were sitting in your car fighting.

he pushes you,

almost past your limits,

almost to the place

where you cannot stand it.

you do not think that

you are capable of handling it.

and it frustrates the hell out of you,

and you hate it so terribly much,

but deep down a part of you knows

that it is good for you

because he is trying to get you to the position

in this madly spinning world

that you need to be.

he will take your fickle mind,

your fickle heart,

and help you make them up.

he will make you feel something

that you didnt know you could feel,

and i promise you,

there is still hope.

you have to reach out and grab it,

whether you can discern it as hope or not,

have faith and believe that it is,

tell yourself that it is,

and that it will become.

you have to wake up.

© 2011 Nosce Te Ipsum

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Added on September 14, 2011
Last Updated on September 14, 2011


Nosce Te Ipsum
Nosce Te Ipsum


Honestly, I simply write for myself. I'm not big on the technicalities. I do it to keep myself sane because generally there is no other way to release my emotions. I will be thrilled and overjoyed if .. more..

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A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum

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A Poem by Nosce Te Ipsum