Basket Case

Basket Case

A Chapter by Yaoi Queen 333

Charlie was always a nice person. That was the bad thing about him. He was too nice a person. In high school, he was always being taken advantage of for homework and other things. As Charlie grew up, he still stayed the nice person he was.

Charlie was driving down the dark street, going home from dropping some friends off after work. On Thursday, Charlie and his friends always went drinking after work. And Charlie, being the generous person he was, always dropped his friends off at home. But one reason he did it was because he knew they would be too drunk to drive home themselves. And Charlie didn’t want any of them to get into an accident.

The night was quiet, especially without any drunken men talking about the things they wanted to do to the hot women at the office they all worked at.

As Charlie drove, he noticed something on the side of road. He stopped the car and blinked when he saw it wasn’t a something, but someone.

He couldn’t see the face. The head of the person was bent down and a large hood was over it. Whoever it was was wearing a long black coat, zipped up, that came down to the floor. A wicker picnic basket hung on the arm.

Charlie rolled down the passenger window and called out, “Excuse me, do you need some help?”

Instead of answering, the person walked up to the car, opened the passenger side of the door and got in. They placed the wicker basket in their lap. Their head had stayed down the whole time.

Charlie couldn’t help but get a weird and creepy feeling, but decided he was just being paranoid. “So, where do you need to go?”

The hooded figure turned to him, the head still staying down. Instead of answering, Charlie watched with wide eyes as a bony fingered hand took hold of the lid of the picnic basket and lifted it up.

Even in the dark Charlie could see what was inside. He let out a loud gasp of terror. He could feel his body start to tremble in the horror of the sight before him. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, his breathing became heavy.

Severed heads lay inside the basket. But the thing that made Charlie cry out in fear was the bloodied knife in the corner.                                             

© 2009 Yaoi Queen 333

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Oh my god! I would never pull over and do that! I'm a nice person and all, but I do have common sense! Geez, Charlie is way too nice! If the person looks mysterious, do NOT go near them! He just pulled over and asked the person if they needed some help. Without even answering, the person got into his car! Oh, no! I would keep my doors locked! It was a great chapter! I just feel sorry for Charlie! He's just too nice!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 7, 2009


Yaoi Queen 333
Yaoi Queen 333

New Milford, CT

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A Chapter by Yaoi Queen 333