Forgive me, my love!

Forgive me, my love!

A Poem by The ArK

If it hurts, it isn't love.

Forgive me, my love
for the things I have not done.
Forgive me, my love
for the tears I've caused.
I don't deserve it, your love,
If those tears I could bear.
I am what you always say,
a machine, a wooden plank.
My love wasn't romantic,
neither a shower of flowers.
It was all thorns, sharp edges
cutting into your flesh.

It wasn't lust either, cause
you were more than just a body.
Can't say why I loved you,
sometimes reasons are meaningless.
My love wasn't fake, cause
you could catch me every time.
I too had dreams, hopes flying-
like cotton clouds in the blue sky.
Too late to realize, it seems,
that those were just soap bubbles.
Now I know I should stop,
cause I don't deserve your love.

Have you seen my soul?
darker than the moonless night.
I heard some fool say, 'When you love-
you learn to love their dark side too'.
But that darkness, my love
you don't deserve to live with.
If Love never really hurts,
then is this love at all?

I know can't stop loving you.
But you should, take a stand.
I can never hate you.
I don't think you can either.
Stop loving me, but don't hate me,
cause hate is not the opposite of love.
It's a disease, will make you blind,
oblivious to what love really is.
My love, I love you.
But you shouldn't...

© 2018 The ArK

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Simple, honest, and straightforward. Yes, I agree to 'if it hurts, it isn't love'. Your choice of words made this poem excellent.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Very nice. I feel like it’s all ordinary to have fights and cry about it but then later make up.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is lovely a humanist view of love. Not lust or fancy words but spoken from the heart, mind and soul. And meant all.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Honest and good words shared. We do learn regret and most time. It is too late. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Deep and moving thoughts ;-]

Posted 3 Years Ago

This reminds me of the spiel I often gave to my boyfriends in my younger days . . . always trying to convince them to NOT fall in love with me becuz that would be a road to certain heartbreak. Your poem describes how this feels in a very realistic way, having insecurity about one's ability to be a good enuf lover, feeling sure I would eventually hurt someone I love. The sensations of uncertainty are heavy thru-out your poem (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Years Ago

True words
Why do we love one another
Lust gives way to feelings
Gifts for birthdays are just small tokens
Valentines day doesn't exist
Love gifts come all year long
at your request not just on a certain date

Posted 3 Years Ago

Very deep thoughts and heartfelt words.
Who says love does not hurt? It does and the most truest love hurts deeper.
What you had in your mind, all those thoughts you expressed it really well. I could feel your words.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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The ArK
The ArK

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