Chapter 6

Chapter 6

A Chapter by Autumn

You'll never guess who Adelaide shares a bed with along with the events that ensue.



Suddenly, Adelaide felt herself being shaken awake. She nuzzled her face into the soft material her head was resting against. “What?” she groaned after she was shaken for a second time.

“It’s time for you to actually go sleep in a bed instead of on my leg,” a rough voice softly explained.

Adelaide immediately sat straight up as if the leg had unexpected electrocuted her. “Sorry, I honestly did realize how tired I actually was.”

Samuel chuckled before he leisurely stood up. He held out his hand down toward her, silently offering her his help once again.

The sleepy figure gratefully accepted it, allowing him to pull her to her feet.

When she began to sway slightly, the enormous man swiftly picked her up in his arms, carrying her bridal style.

Adelaide squealed and kicked her legs, but he steadily kept his hold on her. “Put me down!”

“Shhh, you’re going to wake everyone up.”

“Then put me down,” she argued.

Samuel started walking up the stairs. “Nope, I do not need you falling, making a s**t load of noise, and waking the entire house up.”

“I won’t,” Adelaide grunted.        

The muscular male chuckled. “We are almost there anyway.” He opened the crimson door next to Arielle’s room and flicked on the lights.

Adelaide whined at the sting of the lights. “Can’t you at least give a little warning before you try to burn someone’s eyeballs out of their sockets?”

Samuel laughed full heartedly as he gently placed the blonde on the foot of the bed.

Adelaide pried her eyelids away from her corneas before glancing around the room. The walls were painted a deep blue while the floor had carpeting the color of eggshells. All of the furniture was wooden with a stain so dark of a brown, it appeared black. She remembered that this room was the one Samuel had disappeared into and had come out of earlier in the evening. “Hey, isn’t this your room?” she asked as she continued to glance around.

“Yeah, but you can sleep in here for the night,” he responded. “I’ll just sleep on the couch or in Andy’s bedroom with him.”

Adelaide shook her head side to side. “No, this is your room so I should be the one sleeping in the living room, not you,” she disputed.

“But you are the guest, so-“

“Guest be damned,” she interrupted him. “I came here out of the blue without any warning whatsoever. I literally showed up on your doorstep. You are also huge, so you wouldn’t be able to lay comfortably on the couch as much as a normal person would, not meaning to be rude or anything. You would just be extremely awkward and most likely wake up in a unpleasant mood.”

Samuel simply crossed his arms with a blank stare painted across his face aimed directly the small blonde.

Adelaide uneasily laughed as she fiddled with her fingers. “I mean not because you are fat. You’re quite the opposite which would actually make you heavier because of the density,” she trailed off. “Never mind, that’s not the point. It just makes more sense sine I am practically a foot shorter than you. I would be a lot more restful than you if I was the one laying on the couch and not you.”

Samuel squinted his eyes at her with his arms still crossed. “I’m not changing my mind so you might as well accept that.”

“But I’m making sense!” Adelaide screeched with her hands harshly slapping the blanket underneath her.

Samuel instantly covered her mouth with his massive hand, muffling whatever she was going to say next. “There are other people who are in this same house trying to sleep,” he hissed.

Adelaide glided her wet, pink tongue against the rough palm of his hand, effectively causing him to immediately pull away. “Now that I am free to talk, how about we consider a compromise?”

Samuel shrugged his broad shoulder. “Sure but that doesn’t mean that I’ll agree to it.”

The agitated blonde sighed loudly as she dramatically flopped back onto the bed, slightly bouncing for a moment. “Do you think you could at least try?” she asked the impenetrable rock.

Samuel softly exhaled before he momentarily closed his eyes. “Fine.”

“Great,” she replied as she sat back up to be able to clearly see Samuel. “Now, it appears to me that there are only two ways we could possibly agree: either both of us sleep on the couches or we could share your bed for the night. May I add that it’s more than enough room for the two of us?” She scooted backwards a little bit before lying down again and spreading her arms out on the mattress for emphasis. “Which choice do you personally prefer and be completely honest?”

Samuel sighed once more as he uncrossed his thick, tan arms, letting them hang limp from his shoulders. “The bed.”

“Then it’s settled. We both are sharing the bed.”

Samuel rolled his cerulean eyes. “Okay, I just don’t see the point of arguing with you anymore. You’re simply going to have your way somehow.”

Adelaide manically giggled before grinning widely. “Another question, which side of the bed do you sleep on usually?”

Samuel shook his head almost imperceptibly. “It doesn’t matter to me. I just kinda sleep wherever.”

“I have another question, but it’s kind of odd. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to,” she said, staring up at the ceiling.

The giant man sighed. “Just ask.”

“Um, uh, whatdoyouwearwhenyousleep?” she rushed out all in one breath.

He aimed to not laugh, smiling instead. “Again, but a little slower this time so I can actually understand you are trying to say.”

Adelaide’s face turned into a tomato. “What do you wear when you are sleeping? I am purely asking just so we both aren’t uncomfortable.”

The man with inky black hair could not suppress the impending smirk. “I sleep in only my boxers. How about you?”

“Oh, um, I sleep in whatever shirt I feel like, usually the one from the daytime, along with a pair of underwear.”

“Cool, you can sleep in that if you like as long as you aren’t too uncomfortable with me seeing it.”

“Are you serious? You are not trying to trick me, are you?”

Samuel shook his head. “No, I promise that I’m not, plus what trick could I play on you? No one can sleep if they are uncomfortable unless they’re about to pass out from exhaustion.”

“That’s perfectly reasonable. What about you then? You sleep be able to sleep in your boxers then.”

Samuel shrugged. “I’ll just sleep in them and with this t-shirt, if you don’t mind. I am comfortable either way.”

Adelaide nodded. “That’s perfectly fine with me. So do we just turn to where our backs are facing each other and strip or does one of us go in a different room to change?”

“We are both adults, or close enough, so the turn and strip should be perfectly fine,” Samuel answered. He strolled over to the dark, oak dresser and grabbed a black t-shirt from it. He closed it and faced Adelaide once again. “Sorry about this personal question, but are you wearing any underwear? I’m only asking since I had to change every piece of clothing I had on from when we were outside earlier.”

The small teenager’s eyes practically leaped from her skull. “S**t! I can’t believe I forgot about that! So no, I’m not wearing any.”

Samuel chuckled with his eyebrows furrowed slightly together and his chin leaning more towards one of his shoulders. “How do you forget something like that?”

She laughed, sounding like bird in song, common yet so different at the same time. “Maybe because I’ve slept since then,” she answered with a grin that reached both her ears.

He shook his head, the curls on top of his head bouncing lightly, while showing off all of the thirty-two pearls that lived in his mouth. “You’re insane.”

Adelaide stuck out her small, pink tongue and forced both of her ashy eyes before releasing a joyous giggle and returning her face to normal. “Insane is fun.”

Samuel chuckled, the sound like honey. “Back to the no underwear thing, do you want to borrow a pair of my boxers?”

Adelaide stood up and strolled over to him. She took her childlike hands and set the palms flat against each of her hips while facing Samuel. She moved her hands forward towards his slightly wider hips. They stopped against the huge man’s inner hips. “Dude, how do expect them to fit tiny me?”

Samuel smacked his forehead with an audibly thud before sighing and staring back down at her. “I have a pack of them that I accidently bought in the wrong size. No one else in the house wears this kind so they’ve been sitting in the back of the drawer,” he explained.

Adelaide moved her shoulders up and down nonchalantly. “I’ll try them then. Thanks.”

“Not a problem. You are actually doing me a favor by taking those off my hands. I had lost the receipt so there was no possibility of returning or exchanging them when I finally realized.” He turned around to swift through the contents of the top drawer. Three pairs of boxers were thrown on top of the wood finish. “Choose whatever pattern you like.”

Adelaide glanced at the few boxers on top of the dresser. “They are all three dark colors,” she accidentally observed out loud.


“Nothing, just an observation that was meant to remain in my head.” she picked up the dark blue pair of male underwear. “These should work.”

The dark-haired man picked up the chosen t-shirt from earlier and stood by the door. “You ready?”

Adelaide nodded before they both faced the opposite way. She quickly pulled down her sweatpants and grabbed the boxers off the dresser. As she slipped one leg into them, she lost her balance. She tilted towards the dresser. "S**t, ouch," she muttered under her breath.

"You okay?" he muffled as he pulled the t-shirt over his head.

"Grr, yeah, I just hit my damn funny bone on the stupid dresser.

"Funny bone?"

"My elbow." Adelaide slid her other leg into the underwear before pulling them up to her waist. She rolled the waistband over one time.

Samuel took off his sweatpants and threw them onto a growing pile of laundry in the corner of his bedroom. "You good?"

"Yeah," she answered.

They both turned around and walked towards the perfectly made bed. Samuel climbed into the side closest to the door while Adelaide climbed into the opposite. She lifted the midnight duvet and sat against the headboard with her legs covered. The dark-haired man sat on top of the blanket with his long, hairy legs stretched out. The pair sat in silence. The man sat there twiddling his thumbs while the woman gathered her soft, blonde hair on top of her head before wrapping the hair tie around the poofy ball.

Once she finished, Adelaide glanced up at Samuel. His crystal blue eyes were hidden from the world as his muscles flexed behind his head. The blonde-haired woman starred at this man's features. His hair was the color of the night sky and his matching eyelashes went on for miles. His face had no blemish nor ever having a trace of one. His muscles were the size of a tree's trunk. His strong jaw line complemented his high cheek bones which could cut through ice if need be. His thick, full lips perfectly contrasted his straight edge nose.

"Can I help you?"

Startled, Adelaide jumped away from Samuel a little bit. "Sorry, I was just looking at the tattoos on both your arms."

Samuel chuckled. "I was just messing with you. I don't mind you asking. I could just feel you staring holes into me is all."

Adelaide could not help but blush. "Sorry."

The man attempted to hide his joyous smile by biting his lip ring.

Adelaide glanced over at him once more. Her eyes narrowed at him as she crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s not funny!”

“Just a little bit.” Samuel opened his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Stop it!” she squealed before lightly smacking his arm.

Samuel chuckled. “Okay, okay.” He held his arms up in surrender. “My tattoos are a compass and a pocketwatch by the way.”

Adelaide tenderly lead his left arm into her own soft hands. She gently brushed her fingers over the colorful yet simple compass permanently inked on the humongous man’s inner arm. She stared at the red heart of it. The back of her other hand barely brushed over it. She began to trace the intricate letters, signifying the directions with her fingers. “Did you get this because it reminds you of something or just because you like it?”

“The compass does have a meaning behind it but it is kind of girly.”

Adelaide gave him a blank look. “Are you kidding me? Are you that worried about your masculinity? It’s literally just you and me in here. I won’t say anything to anyone else about it.”

Samuel nodded as he slightly turned to look at the woman more clearly. He sighed before finally answering, “It serves as a reminder. I am never truly lost to myself, only my sense of direction in life.”

Adelaide smiled at him. “That’s beautiful.” She then switched to the other arm where an intricate pocketwatch was etched into his skin. The clock’s numbers were in the pattern of Roman numerals. The chain was a deep black outlined by red, and it loosely wound around the watch’s top before snaking off into the skin above it. The hour and minute hand were solid black with each of them barely separating in the middle before coming back together in a point. “How about this one?”

Samuel could not help but grin once again. “Yes, it does.”

Adelaide silently stared at him before nearly shouting, “Aren’t you going to tell me?”

He smiled wider, almost wickedly. “Only if you tell me what one of yours mean?”

She jokingly glared at him. “Blackmail, eh?”

The raven-haired man shrugged. “Yeah, it’s only fair.”

“So which one do you want to know about?”

“The quote on your ankle. It sounds familiar.”

Adelaide pushed the comforter from her lap and placed her legs on top of it. She crossed and bent her legs toward herself. The ink of the tattoo was rubbed by her hand. “It is a Shakespearian quote: ‘We know what we are, but know not what we may be’.”

Samuel nodded in understanding. “What about the meaning?”

Adelaide swallowed hard as she hooked her fingers around the anklet that was dangling on the opposite ankle. “It does have a meaning, but I might cry if I tell you.” She bit her lip as she glanced up at Samuel through her eyelashes.

Samuel shrugged. “I don’t mind. A little tears never hurt anybody.”

“You sure? Most guys run at the sight of a girl crying.”

He nodded.

The woman inhaled deeply before releasing it. “I was really lost somewhat recently; I completely lost myself during my high school years. My mother was gone a long time by then, but that loss of her was still strong within my heart. It was mainly the loss of never truly knowing her that drove me to insanity. I was being pressured into so many things, the good and the bad. If it wasn’t school pressuring me into what career I will work for the rest of my life, then it was classmates pushing me to do something that can be as harmless as eating something disgusting or as terrible as doing drugs. I was reading in class one day during my senior year and saw this quote. I immediately wrote it down. It was so motivational for me. It made me see that I may have been struggling with who I was, but there’s always a chance for me to change for the better in the future. I eventually found who I was back then and made a few changes so I wasn’t so much of a b***h.”

“Wow! That’s really cool and a lot more meaningful than my tattoos.”

Adelaide involuntarily laughed. “Yours is pretty awesome. Don’t doubt yourself. I like yours better than I do mine.”


“Because yours are short and to the point while mine takes like five or six minutes to explain,” she giggled.

Samuel smiled at her. “That is true but good news is that you didn’t cry.”

Adelaide laughed. “Very true. I deserve a prize,” she joked.

“Hold on a second.” The large man turned and bent sideways to seemingly look at something. The woman took her hair down and began to braid the soft long hair out of boredom. He came back up with a couple of packages of white chocolate-covered pretzels. He handed over one of them. “Here, there’s your prize!” he lightly shouted with a chuckle. He opened his package and placed a couple of them into his mouth before chewing.

Adelaide did the same. The pair simultaneously looked at each other and busted into laughter. She covered her mouth with her hand in order to prevent food from spewing out of her mouth.

Once the laughter died down, Adelaide questioned, “So what made all of you decide to share the same house?”

Samuel thoughtfully chewed on his lip ring that Adelaide failed to notice until now. "We never really spent a lot of time together when we were kids. The only ones who were remotely together were Michael and Ray, but that's because they are twins. Arielle had her own interests along with Andy and me. We were and are all so different that we did not have any similar interests. Later on, we all found a common interest so we discovered how to work in perfect harmony."

Adelaide leaned back against her headboard. "That's pretty cool. My brother and I are polar opposites, but we have always gotten along for the most part."

Samuel looked down at her as she stared into her bag of pretzels. He teasingly pulled on her braided hair.

Adelaide playfully punched him in the chest. "Didn't anyone teach you not to pull a girl's hair?"

He pulled her hair a bit harder. "Obviously not."

She bit her lip before smacking him a little harder. "Ow! Stop it!"

"Make me!"

Adelaide glared at him before setting the pretzels aside. She stretched out her legs as Samuel turned his back towards her for a moment. This provided her with an opportunity. The woman leaped forward onto the man's back. He quickly leaned more while effectively staying on the mattress. Because the blonde's momentum was still strong, she slid directly over him and onto the white carpet with a thud. "Rude," she groaned as she rolled over onto her back.

Meanwhile, Samuel was howling with laughter. He sat back on his legs as he shook with laughter. "I couldn't have seen that coming," he chuckled as he calmed down some. He glanced down at the fallen woman. "Need any help?"

"Just so you can watch me fall again? No thanks." She leaned up onto her elbows and glared at him once more.

"Come on, princess."

Adelaide groaned as she slowly stood up. "I think my b***s have rug burn because of you."

Samuel laughed "It'll heal."

She playfully shoved his shoulder as she stood over him. He rolled over to where the blonde was previously laying. Adelaide pulled back the blankets and sheets before settling down on the mattress while the man was sitting with his spine against the hard oak of the headboard. The woman laid with her back turned towards the man, and the covers were pulled up to her ears with her eyes closed.

Samuel stared down at the gorgeous woman. Her light eyelashes kissed the tops of her cheeks, her styled hair glittered in the dim light, and her rosy lips were set in a slight pout. The point of her nose was naturally set in the air, complementing her cheekbones.

While he was taking in the extraordinary features belonging to the woman, her stormy grey eyes were revealed to the world once more. "Can I help you?" she asked as she twisted her head in order to look up at him.

Samuel shrugged. "Depends on if you are either angry with me, truly tired, or perhaps maybe even both."

Adelaide turned her back to its previous position and closed her eyes.

"Come on, please just look at me. You can also answer if you want."

Adelaide immediately sat up onto her elbows after turning onto her back. "Do you have to be so rude?!"

Samuel just stared down at her. "I didn't mean to upset you."

"Well, you did."

He laid down and rolled to where his back was turned towards the woman.

Adelaide moved closer to him and laid her hand on his large shoulder. "Hey, I'm sorry for being a b***h. I'm just really tired so my fuse is a little, well more like a lot shorter than normal."

Samuel stared into the storm clouds trapped in the woman's eyes. This dim light accentuated her soft, gorgeous features, and her golden locks seemed to glow. His fingers tingled as his lust to touch her overcame him. The man shoved these thoughts out of his mind as he cleared his throat. "It's okay. I understand."

The woman rested her hand on his shoulder and smiled. "Thank you for not being angry with me even though I was with you."

Samuel glared up at Adelaide. "It's not a problem."

"What time is it?"

"2:34 a.m."

"Wanna sleep?"

"Yeah, sure. Back is kinda sore."

An elbow collided with hard muscle. "Ow! You are practically a freaking rock!"

He chuckled. "Just close your eyes and go to sleep."

Adelaide rolled over and did as she was told while Samuel turned off the lamp.


"Sweet dreams, princess."

© 2018 Autumn

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