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About writing

A Story by bluessadmood

This was a review to some writing..I liked it so I decided to post it just as it is..I was like a pioneer..what's thoughts..ha ha


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Why do I read..I tell you something,what if I never read anything,I know I would miss what I am now,I like it how I am now..I know I ve been to different strange worlds
not meaning the world in stories ,no,but it makes my mind live like in another world,another times,I feel like I am in all times and all places,I feel so different
Once ,i ran into troubles ,like I always do all my life,few years ago..so I took to reading for months on end ,day and night
about 19 hours of every day..every night till the early hours of morning..after that It came to me ,I swear.. It was like a vision I came to see
I felt so light in body and soul,I felt so high ..troubles seemed so far away..I had happiness like never before..
everything and everyone seemed so small to me,I felt so big,I was not arrogant ,no,I felt lots of love..
For when you feel that you almost knew everything..its like you are just a soul..I walk the grounds and feet not touching%
i hear voices ,they talk to me,simple people,but their voices seems like so faint ,like coming from so far away
I hardly even feel them..these are the worlds I came to see ,its like not on this earth..thats why I read..To dream

© 2017 bluessadmood

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Just thoughts.

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"It's like you are just a soul"-such a beautiful line and story! Eloquent description of inspiration "I read...To dream." - so lovely. We writers and readers keep the dream alive. I love this!

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you much,so glad you liked this.

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Added on May 10, 2017
Last Updated on June 16, 2017
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The Music I like,the Carpenter,all their songs and albums,The Super Tramps,one of their songs ,reminds me of a girl who nearly broke my heart,still feel the pain ,no ,no i will not tell who ,I like t.. more..

warda warda

A Story by bluessadmood