Lilly Pads

Lilly Pads

A Story by Bug377

A teacher finds true happiness with her students and learns that they are all equal. Sound like a fairy tale?? It most certainly is not. Enjoy! (:


             I am a teacher at Northridge Middle School. I have a lot of students every day and I usually don't pay attention to one in particular. Not until a few days ago. A new student named Anna came to Northridge and did not know anybody at all. She would sit by herself and keep to herself all day. She seemed shy, but I learned that when you got to know her, she wanted to be a singer. She was very confident. Before I get ahead of myself, here is a story that took place one week of a school year. Even though it was only seven days, It meant a lot.


          I remembered her just walking in, not even introducing herself to the class. She sat by the window and stared out, looking at the world beside her. I found her amusing. The other students piled on in, like usual. She sat there, not wincing at all.

         "Class, Class. I have something to say. We have a new student today. What is your name, dear?" I said as I got situated at my desk. She lifted her head and smiled. She looked pretty, with the silky brown hair and full lips.

         "Hi. I am Anna, from Connecticut." She said and smiled. I thought she was sweet. Tiffany, a student in my class room, walked to the front of the room with some flyers. She was the student with the poofy hair and heels that attracted all of the guys. She waved to Anna, but the kind of wave that you only flick your fingers. She smiled, but it looked fake.

        "Ok, guys, listen up. Lucy and I are throwing our party!"

        "Wait, you already had your birthday part?" A voice said from the classroom.

        "Ever heard of a get-together, Billy? Didn't think so. Anyway, these adorable pink invations need to be taken home and put up on your fridge and kept there. We do not want anyone to miss out on this excellent party. The theme is a costume party. Winner will get a 100$ giftcard to Abercrombie. Don's miss it!" Tiffany finished and started to hand the invitations out.

        I continued English class and finished an hour later. English was the longest class. When the bell rang, everybody got up and went their seperate paths.


        Lunch was the most interesting part of the school day to me. I get to see how everybody communicates and eats. Anna went and sat down at a table by herself. I noticed the whole time that Lucy, Tiffany's friend, was glancing at Anna. I remember wishing somebody would go sit with her, but I thought it would be interesting to find out for myself who was nice enough to go introduce themselves by not saying anything.


        I watched for a few days, Monday through Thursday. On Friday, everybody was excited about the party Tiffany and Lucy were throwing. Classes and Lunch were both wild.

       Lunch is the only part of the day I loved, though. Anna was at her usual table, Lucy continuing to glance at her back and fourth. All of a sudden, Lucy got up and sat down with Anna. The other girls that were sitting with Tiffany were looking disgusted at Lucy. My eyes were watering. I thought it was the sweetest thing in the world, for Lucy to sit with her. I could not believe how much of angel Lucy had been. I wished i had brought a camera.

      Later in the hall, I heard an argument, and I listened in. It was Lucy and Tiffany.

      "Lucy, I cannot believe you sat with her, then invited her to the movies--the night of our party! We have been planning this for weeks!"

      "Well, sorry Tiffany, but you have been really mean lately, you haven't been a friend at all! I don't want to be friends with people who make other people feel bad. Like I told Lucy at lunch, We are all like Lilly Pads. We are all equal and go through the same things. At first, everybody is floating on the water, looking pretty. We are all weak but still try so hard to float and keep up with everybody. But if everybody, let go, we would all fall through. None of us are that strong--we are all equal. Nobody is better then anybody. Stop making feel bad, Tiffany." Lucy said, then turned and walked away.

       I stoppd Lucy later that day, and told her thanks for sitting with Anna and standing up to Tiffany. She smiled and started to walk away with Anna.

     From then on, Anna was a good friend to everybody, and nobody ended up going to Tiffany's party. Sometimes breaking away from the crowd and making a difference is the best thing to do.

© 2009 Bug377

Author's Note

I wrote this in 30 minutes so its scratchy. SORRY!

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wat do u mean let u edit it?

Posted 14 Years Ago

A little short and this one is a little childish at part. If you let me help you edit it, it could be really smooth and even more well written.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on April 25, 2009




I am a 12 year old girl from the south-east. I love to write. I hate people who think that children can't write because it is obviously not true. I have a friend on here who is my age and is one.. more..