2. Penguin Playdate

2. Penguin Playdate

A Chapter by Bug377

2nd chapter.


              I looked down to see a rip across my stomach.

            "This cannot be happening!"I said. We ran inside trying to stich it up. We did not want to bother my mom, so we went into her bathroom and tried to find a needle. We found a needle and some black string.

            "I'm pretty good with stiching things up. I used to rip clothes up all the time and i kind of caught on. Want me to do it?"Sophie asked. I nodded.

           She went to work and got it perfect.

            "Ugh, its not wanting to tear. Let me go grab some scissors." She walked over to the cabinet.

           "WOAH!" Sophie screamed as she fell over a bar of soap. The needle went plunging into her finger. She started to cry.

             "Let me go get my mom, a bandaid, and i'm not sure let me just go get my mom!" I screamed.

            I ran downstairs. My mom took her to the hospital. she only needed about two stiches. She ended up going home. Our penguin playdate didn't really work out. She had to stay home because her mom wanted it to heal. It totally ruined the night.

© 2009 Bug377

Author's Note

I know this is short.

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Added on September 30, 2009




I am a 12 year old girl from the south-east. I love to write. I hate people who think that children can't write because it is obviously not true. I have a friend on here who is my age and is one.. more..