1.An Overdose of Candy Corn.

1.An Overdose of Candy Corn.

A Chapter by Bug377

The first chapter.


          "Gosh, Sophie, I'm so excited about tonight! We need to raid Wal-Mart for our costumes!" I said staring at my best friend, Sophie Meyers. We were going to have a slumber party tonight and look for our costumes for Halloween. We had always matched, but this year, for some reason, we knew it had to be the best year yet.

           The plan was for Sophie to come home with me and we could go to Wal-Mart and pick out costumes or buy stuff that we needed. We had several ideas of what we wanted to be, but we could notlay our fingers on the right one.

           This was pretty much our last year to dress up...everybody thinks its too baby-ish to do in next year. Most girls are going as cute things, like Strawberry Shortcake and Princesses. But Sophie and I are always the oddballs of the bunch.  Neither of us mind being different, which is sometimes a good thing.

         English, my last period, plus my only period without Sophie, went by very slowly. I was jotting down more costume ideas when my english teacher walked by. She saw everything. She took it up and tossed it in the trash can. After what seemed like days and days of semi colons, the bell finally rang! I jumped up, grabbed my bookbag, and went to my locker to grab all of my weekend homework materials. I rushed down to Sophie's locker and she had all of stuff ready, sitting on the floor texting.

       "Who could you possibly be texting right now?" I asked her.

       "Oh, my bad, I didn't see you," she laughs. "I wasn't texting anyone...I got one of those Amber Alert messages. My Mom randomly signed me up to get them."

        "Oh, what are those?" I asked.

        "Messages you recieve when someone in your area is abducted." She said. "But its nothing to worry about. It was pretty far off. So, you ready? I thought keyboarding would never end! I hate sixth period!" She said. We laughed and walked off together to my mother's gray van.

          My mom let us go to sonic. We both got large Dr. Pepper's and an order of french fries. We gobbled them down on the way home.

          My mom is in love with decorating for holidays. Our house looks like a store when it comes to holidays. My mom has everything! When I got home I was expecting to see everything all decorated.

          Sophie and I walked in my house....the smell of pumpkin pie filled the living room. Bowls of candy corn sat everywhere. My little brother, Marco, was sitting on the couch watching some halloween SpongeBob episode. We trudged in with our bookbags filled with weekend homework and went down the stairs into my room. My room was a salmon pink color. Sophie and me spent one whole day last summer trying to paint it. It turned out looking decent. My mom went over it again. Now it looks great.

         "I cannot wait until we go to search for our costume!! I'm so excited!" Sophie said, turning on CSI: MIami. We sat down and watched that for about an hour, then started on our history reports. We did not get it at all, so we thought it would be wise  to knock it out while we were together so we could help each other.

         Around six o' clock, my mom agreed to drive us to Wal-Mart. We literally ran to the car. We drove to Wal-Mart very hyper.

         We ran to the costume section and dug through piles of hippie costumes, pirate costumes, and fairy costumes. We found a penguin that we liked, but we kept looking. There was a cute Cleopatra costume, but we thought it would be to much of a pain to keep that thing on. We finally decided on the penguins. We bought some black flats to go with it.

        "I think this penguin idea is great. Nobody else will have it." Sophie said as we walked to my mom's van.

        "Ohhhh yes. I'm glad we got that Mountain Dew to keep  us up!" I laughed. We both smiled and went to the car.

         When we got home,  We put the costumes on and admired our lovely penguin outfits while eating candy corn from the bowls my mom put everywhere. Candy corn makes us hyper. We loved the penguin costumes so much we partied on the trampoline with them. The Candy Corn made us want to bounce off the walls.

         "Oh No!!" I said. "We have a problem!"

         Sophie looked at me. I sighed and laid down on the trampoline.


© 2009 Bug377

Author's Note

Read Chapter 2 to find out more!

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I am a 12 year old girl from the south-east. I love to write. I hate people who think that children can't write because it is obviously not true. I have a friend on here who is my age and is one.. more..