The Tenth Annual World Collab

The Tenth Annual World Collab

A Poem by An owl on the moon

77 poets from 19 countries...



The Tenth Annual World Collab

78 poets from 19 countries, with poets in alpha order by first name speaking their words based on the image. (Please let us know if anything has been posted incorrectly!)  We appreciate you all so deeply and this spirit of oneness with our voices lifted together.


Creased, the world has ceased,

A stop motion play in six parts,

Where often beguiled are styled crowds: wild.

Would we be without one of us?

Alexandria Reece * United States


I am here on your thumb
A leveraged one
Turning my poetry without guns
Loving, simply loving everyone!
Alfred William Kukitz * United States


Skin to skin, we carry love,
For dangers lurke in the shadows,
But our colors remain gold.
We will fight with dignity! Said the world.
Anais (PandaPeaceful) * Guatemala + Switzerland


Mother Earth gives
the best gift of all....
Take my hand!
Andrew * Australia


Toma mi mano; vamos juntos a crear un mundo de verde esperanza
Un cielo azul descubriendo muestras miradas y armando una atmosfera
De cálidas palabras, poniendo sonrisas en los rostros vivos de añoranza
Vamos de la mano formando un mundo para cuidarlo y que de todos sea.

Take my hand; we will go together to create a world of green hope
A blue sky, discovering cautious glances and creating an atmosphere
Of warm words, putting smiles on the living faces of nostalgia
We come together to form a world to care for, and that belongs to all of us. 
Angela Sacalxot * Guatemala (translation to English by Marie Anzalone)


Where there is heartache and strife
may we choose compassion and life.
Humanity cries for it from us all,
offer your hand, answer the call.
Anne Ross * United States


I reach out to you,
You reach out to me,
As one star lights the world,
Its peace is all we see.
Annette Pisano-Higley * United States


There is peace and harmony in the world.

But yet like the unknown seed of love, dormant in its own unique style.

It waits for the first warm season to blossom.

And perhaps peace will bloom once more again. 
Arthur Henn * United States


Should wintry winds
overtake the sun to dim the day,
may our held hands
warm the way within in dripping rays.
Asante * United States


I call on ye, oh man, woman, child, and babe to lend me your ear
In this hallowed time, transcending all color, class, and creed
To unite, to hear the words of thy Saviour- of holy divinity
To forever remember: FAMILY, BRETHREN all are we
Asir YR * United States


Open your heart,
Unseal your mind.
Join hands in empathy,
Love and understanding.
Astri * England 

When hands are clasped together
all differences fall away,
become less than the morning mist
at the start of a brand new day.
Beccy * United Kingdom


Sun soaked hands we fragile futures face 
Edifice & precipice If no one cares to wake 
In such small hands we cradle tomorrow 
The world we should cherish, one home, one day... namaste.
Butch Decatoria * United States/Philippines


"Oh, I've longed for the time I could hold your hand"
"So, we can make strides through this great land"
"I know the journey may seem hard"
"But I'll be there to protect you with my guard"
Corey Johnson * United States


Can there be peace, unity of all voices

Will there be harmony, in the melody of day

We will rise together, our voices as one

Even in this chorus now we show the way.

Craig Froman (An owl on the moon) * United States


If the abstrusity of this night should bring joy
to the meaninglessness of mankind: Worry, sorrow,
anxiety, then why should each morning
not be so kind....peace on earth......

Dana * United States


Clasping clay smeared
sharing old secrets by the touch of skin to soil
Knowledge kneeded from miry soot
Life passed from dust to dust
Danielle Lapointe * Canada


The world is divided and subject to
The imperfections of mankind
But held together 
By love and understanding.

Dara * United States


A joyous time of year,

a time when we all should be aware and appreciate the love that is available for all of us.
To put aside differences in faith, but to rejoice in the common need of love within the family of mankind.
We should all of us strive to bring that joy, that love to fruition.
Dave * United States


This Gaia heart,
My gift to thee,
Shall always beat,
If Love flows free.
Doodley * Australia


Inks of hope spilled 'cross hands 
grasping, threads of discord forgotten;
surrounded by thoughts of peace all around,
together we rise ~ invigorated ...
Dr. YumnaKay * Pakistan


dipped in colors and held so tight, I
wonder. A captured ball of energy
swirling every more bright, the
the white white light in pure simplicity
Einstein Noodle * United States


Hand over hand, heart over heart;
As one we're a grand and profound work of art.
Over sea, over land, via snow, via sand,
Come what may shall we stand never to fall apart.
Emilio Puerta * Canada


Light embracing sky, earth an' in between;
rejoicing the breath of dawn an' each dusk's sleep.
Lovelight: compassion, tolerance, 'pon the gentle path
of hand-holding sanity an' - hope for Man-kind. 
Emma Joy * England


With hungry souls I would share my bread
Like multitudes loaves and fishes fed
I would share my Peace with a world of strife
For what good is man if he shares not Life?
Fabian Franklin * United States


This is the time of year
We put aside our petty ills
We try to find strength in each other
And carry love for one another
Fanicia Eythell * United States


Si la melancolía y la felicidad fusilarían su energía,
Y dos manos invisibles entrelazaron amor cada segundo
sin acepción de personas.
La Navidad no sería tan efémera. 

If melancholy and happiness were to fuse their energy,
and two invisible hands interlaced love each second
without sense of them being of persons;
Christmas would not be so ephemeral.
Fidel Flores * Guatemala (English translation by Marie Anzalone)


The dye for unity has been cast
Candles of hope light the way
Hands tightly grasp.
For peace and joy this Christmas day 
Fran.Marie * United States


Let there be no discord
only more of understanding
new rays of peace and love 
let it prevail, over mother earth.
Galadriel * India


'Tis easier to hold a heart
to love and not to hate,
so accept the hand of every creed
repentance ne'er will come to late.
Gee * England


Hold out your hand
And help them up
From across the world 
Send your love
Geodan (dan) * United States


Hand in hand, together we stand;
Spreading the peace~encircling the piece of sand,
Speaking the unuttered words and joining together at the bay;
We reinvigorate ourselves and celebrate a never-ending band.
Ghania * Pakistan


Hand in hand, one Earth we hold
palm in palm, life's hymn grow 
my fingers with Yours, one poem 
my heart unto Yours, one hope~
Ghounwah * Syria


I saw a world not divided by oceans and mountains
Divided in hearts we stood on the ashes of humanity 
But from the ashes rose people with heart and hands locked , walking forward
In the quest for inner peace that endeth all wars
Girlnextdoor (Tara) * India

On a day each year hand in hand the conflict is captured

The stained blood of the sky bleeds through the cracks we cannot heal

A union cannot be held because a separation is inevitable

We are different we will still go our own way but we are here today.

i am LiLy * United Kingdom


Reach arms around this globe
to tell the story of-
Christ Jesus born in Bethlehem
A Savior Of Peace Joy and Love..
J.J. NIGHTINGALE * United States


La sonrisa de la soledad, 
hace escaparse de tu tragedia. 
se come el beso único, y cree adivinar
lo que hay en la consciencia. 

The smile of solitude,
makes you escape from your tragedy.
You partake of a unique kiss, and think 
of what exists in the conscience. 
Joaquin Alvarez * Guatemala (English translation by Marie Anzalone)

We are all one of three monkeys
as we deny the brutal truth 
and the despots multiply in plagues,
for love will never deny them their cause.

John Alexander McFadyen * Scotland


En fecha tan memorable, para toda la humanidad,
Encontraremos de la mano, nuestra eterna verdad
Somos seres de la creación, esperamos la Navidad
Amándonos como hermanos, es nuestra realidad.

On a date so memorable, for all of humanity,
We will find at hand, our eternal truth
We are beings of creation, we wait for Christmas
Loving each as other as brothers, is our reality. 
Juan Antonio Mejicanos * Guatemala (English translation by Marie Anzalone)


Supporting hands encircle humanity 
Healing nurturing beside savagery 
Micro to macro pile them on
Millions fluttering doves song
Karen Redburn * Canada

She lays in a bed of rocks With her hardened heart Scattered within morse code

Bruises that color her skin Like a broken reflection In the lethargic mood Of a lake

Where problems and promises Are thrown like pennies In a fountain Of hopeless wishes

Whispered and forgotten. Gray skies bleed a scarlet sunset That drips its colors

Onto the mountains And the sea. “Unfinished “

Kelsie Stark * USA


A sphere of tender touching in certain space.
Of moving hands joined.
Holding the shape of a timeless Mother earth.
And a praying that no-one is always alone.
Ken Simm * Scotland


we all gather together now
our hands soft in harmony
love and hope in firm hold
growing a peaceful universe
Ladysue * United States


A hold by the soul lingers on
For roses grew within a dance of love 
We hold on to let go 
Loving each passing moment 
Speaking one language of all that goes by
Counting on fate to break so much silence 
Until a second of touching tide 
Surely takes us by

Lingering Soul * Isle of Man


Reaching my paw from the California coast
barleygirl is wagging a holiday toast
to gifted artist-friends who share the most
whether lyrical lines or a rowdy riposte.
Margie (barleygirl) * United States


My hands are white flour, yours, fine cocoa,
milled in distinct places of different worlds;
if we combine them, with intent- understanding-
what we bake together this season is a more human, connected, earth. 

Las manos mías son de harina blanca, las tuyas, cacao fino,
molidos en lugares distintos de mundos diferentes;
si las combinamos, con la intención- a entender-
lo que horneamos juntos esta estación es una tierra más humana, conectada. 
Marie Anzalone * Guatemala and the USA


hands held , hands embraced hands of the ocean
and countries
all over the world
these two hands show--
where people are living, breathing
and perhaps struggling
to survive
in places alien to ours, yet people
with the same bodies, faces, ears , nose, and 

Marilyn Nepp * United States


Close together united we stand,
Shoulder to shoulder hand in hand.
Through all of the hardships when will it be calm,
For the sake of our future destroy the bomb.
Marisa * Canada


If we can forgive to each other 
Our wrong doing to each other
We can became humans again
Again give love to those who need it most to our enemies
Martin land (Broken English) * United States


Labored breathing growing softer in her ear, 
Mother Nature can no longer thrive here,
Battered lands to which blame is only our own,
She sheds one last tear and life turns to stone.
Miranda Jackson (Chewing Wildflowers) *  States


On the opposite poles, basking in the same Sun,
Pulling at the threads, away we choose to run.
Separated by forests, boundaries, roads and cities
We still pull at each other with our gravities.
Moon's fairest daughter * Australia


Bonded indifference
Shaded with compromise
A fractured world unites
Manifesting equality
Mr.e * United States


Let us guard the peace! 
You and I are in this race, 
Keeping the world safe. 
For tomorrow's sake! 
Mrudula Rani * Brasil

Unity, is genuinely. Putting, things, instantly differently.
We all are dammed together, or saved together. Quoting.
The Queen, I heard, of 1963, was the day I agreed. To be, and say
[your favorite quote here]or mine[love,live,laugh]
myenigma * United States


Dear unknown, you don't know my name, nor who am I,
But same is the hunger in our hearts, so our cry.
Different are the masks or the wars we may stand,
But in the solitude of this void, I feel you as a friend.
Nerio Vespertin * Italy


Birds flying wing to wing through storms and sunshine... 

singing songs of love and true devotion...

from Singapore to South America and parts unknown 

we blend our colors with hearts unfurled. 

Giving birth to new beginnings... let us pray... Amen. 
Patricia Wedel * United States


Hands in anger
Death and war
Hands that unite
Can move mountains.

Paul Bell


If only more people took Christmas, personally,

instead of living a TV commercial one!

What's better for everyone?

Being yourself, or being too retail?

PB Jacobs * United States


the brotherhood of man.
together we all can.
not a solo but a band.
in unity throughout the land.

Pete * United States


Embracing humanities values
Through international collaboration
In magnanimous charitable grasp
An unyielding core of hope lives on
Phill Oz O'fee * United Kingdom

This globe separates with distance
those who are in need and solace
across the waves and deserts 
I hear and shall always try to reach all
PoppySilver * United Kingdom


Sobre nossas cabeças

segredos escondidos,

Da Natureza com dura guerra

cinco sóis eram passadoss 

�" nos corações um grande medo;

 Desses mistérios entendidos

mil se plantam em mole terra,

mais cinco luas passadas

�" e nos corações o amor nasce ledo.


Upon our heads

hidden secrets,

From Nature with harsh war

five suns have passed

�" hearts full of fear;

From those known mysteries

a thousand are planted in soft earth,

five moons more have passed

�" and in hearts love grows joyfully.

 Priscila Sousa * Portugal


Winter days have grown short and dark

Your spirit calls; let it shine bright

The suns retires early; the moon stands guard

Fallen leaves are stripped of their wind-song

But your spirit calls; and so, let it sing loud

Pryde Foltz * Canada


Earth lies over thousands of myths
Some of them are about love, some about dreams
Some about demons breaking the laws of peace
We are also a myth, lurking being a part of it.
Raas * Bangladesh


One time we're together, the next time we'ren't
We long to stay together but sometimes we can't.
We hold-on to the hope that soon we shall be together
I reach out my hand hoping it will bring us together.
Regina Ndagire * Uganda


Across all lands, let's all join hands …
joyous happiness ring!
Breathe-in a sigh, pass sadness by,
share all love's light will bring!
Richard Jenkins * United States


Las palabras sobreviven a la boca que las dice. 
Los pensamientos puede transformar una vida en sueño o pesadilla. 
Las actitudes que dominan los impulsos pueden ser más bien actos titánicos 
Solo es posible comprenderlo cuando te responsabilizas de tus propios retos. 

Words survive the mouth that speaks them.
Thoughts can transform a life into a dream or nightmare. 
The attitude that dominates impulses can overcome titanic acts.
This can only be understood when you take responsibility for your own challenges. 
Rita Santos * Guatemala (English translation by Marie Anzalone)

May it be so a thousand years hence

That people of good heart still say with feeling:

Peace and love to you all this Christmas 

May it be so all over this world

R.J. Askew * England


Earth is the circle of life
and if we all stand hand in hand
we become the crown of Christ
as an honor for his sacrifice.

Rock and Roll Cowboy * United States


Let us all join hands
in near or farthest lands
for one night and day of bliss
sharing a brotherly or sisterly kiss.
Sammi Chapman * United States


Binding and firm as a brother’s love

Tethered in unified harmony

Wrapping the world in universal strength

Peace aglow in our caressed hearts

Seriana * United States


In those who share life's few comforts
won't you join me in life's amends
For as long as I walk this earth
may I be worthy of my friends
Tate Morgan * United States


Mere shame holds fingers bound together,
A family listen carefully to those in red,
Jolly fellows with laps of plenty flesh,
A broken child found here just dead.
Thomas F * Ireland


Feelings passed through a hand, be it hate or love,
Together, they become a piece of art as it was once before,
Fingers intertwined as vines on a brick wall,
Define the way we dream, the way we truly are.
Tiny Drop * Portugal


The rest of me, incessantly, teeters between complacency and falling.
Either asleep or off the bridge,
The water underneath,
Battling currents of alone, your own soul, and the weak.
Ty * United States

Hand in hand we must be
For the benefit of the earth
Forgetting imagined wrongs
Praying for a peaceful earth
Wendy Seames Garner * United States

i reach my hand,
across this land,
just to be a friend
and shake your hand

wordman * United States


Mother Earth without Humanity is just a piece of marble in the Universe, 
In Order for Us to Continue to Survive for Over 4.54 Billion of Years.
We Need to Keep Our Search for Peace, Love, Knowledge and Connection to One Another. 
Remember; that Our Life is the Greatest Masterpiece of Our Almighty Father.
YanZeros * Philippines 

© 2018 An owl on the moon

Author's Note

An owl on the moon
Much appreciation to Emma for her help on this each year! All the poets coming together for peace makes my heart believe the world can truly be better. Thank you all! :)

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"The Tenth Annual World Collaboration"
An Owl on the Moon,
The joining of many voices sharing in hope for the future. Between concern for natural resources, political scrabbling, posturing, hoping for peace; (a big one.) It was really difficult to just pick one although I did find myself identifying with many. It is is a great thing you and emmajoy do with these joining of poets. I hope it can go one.
Blessings and blessings!

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

Thank you for the blessing of your presence here, dear Kathy! This is truly one of the highlights of.. read more
Kathy Van Kurin

2 Years Ago

Thank you and I hope you find little treasures hidden and found by your heart this week as well. Lo.. read more
WOW! this is stunning, beautiful write.

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

Appreciate your kind words!
Thank you for the opportunity to share and to enjoy the other writers. Have a happy Christmas and a Brilliant New Year.

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

Thank you! The Christmas season has been so joyous, and looking forward to a New Year bright and bea.. read more
Wow. Just logged in and saw this. It's really wonderful how you two played a role in putting 19 countires at one place. For me, it's not 19. It's the whole world. Thanks Craig and Emma for making this happen. I really loved joining it. :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

Ah, dear poet, so happy your voice joined in the chorus! Your presence is a blessing and joy to this.. read more

2 Years Ago

I feel honoured. Thanks for your kinf words. =)

2 Years Ago

My heart is warm as I read your words
of hope, of pain, of unity.
May all find peace and calm-
new joy with which to meet the day!

❤️ Thank you for sharing one and all. ❤️

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

As soon as I am home, I'll make sure your wondrous voice is added with ours. The more the merrier! T.. read more

2 Years Ago

So kind of you!
Craig as always It's an honor to be your friend. Thinking of you and yours this Christmas. Merry Christmas Friend.

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

My good friend Tate, it is such a joy to have you with us on this journey of peace. Merry Christmas .. read more
So honoured to join in on this! I really really appreciate this idea of yours! ❤

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

We are honored that you would come from your warm spring days into this chilly autumn world to share.. read more
Kudos to Emmajoy & Craig for all their hard work and love in starting this poetic effort and painstakingly weaving it together, & to all of the collaborators who contributed such inspiring, uplifting words from their deepest hearts and souls to this magnificent poem. It is truly a Christmas Miracle! May all the words & wishes expressed here start the flap of the butterfly’s wings that starts the breeze that starts the wave of love and peace and caring to travel all over the world...It is a true blessing to be able to share with you all on this site! Happy, Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful Holidays sincerely wished from me to you! :):) xo annette

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

Such uplifting words, Annette! Thank you for being such an extravagant color on this canvas of light.. read more
Dear Emma and Craig, thanks for putting this collab together each and ever year. It brings much needed spirit, hope and energy to not only us in here but to the world for peace; and as Mark commented on Emma's page 'a brilliant presentation of talent and sincere love for humanity' It reads beautifully and I love the song you chose too as it nourishes the spirit.. Always a pleasure and honor to part of this callab. thank you..

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

Dear Ladysue, so thankful you are still a part of us.It is such a blessing to have you covering this.. read more
As I said on Emma's posting of this I am so honored to join in with so many great poets and unite to create this spiritual poem.

Posted 2 Years Ago

An owl on the moon

2 Years Ago

It is so good to see you here with us again, my friend. So many years and so many miles, and so it m.. read more

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An owl on the moon
An owl on the moon

2018 was a journey through my poetic novel, An Owl on the Moon. 2019 found me goinging back to a deep inspiration for me... Wonderland...2020 will whisper itself over the seasons... Come walk the worl.. more..


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