Found Fear-Chapter 4

Found Fear-Chapter 4

A Chapter by Fire Tulip

Zendra discovers a new unthinkable fear.


She places her palm to the cool surface and absorbs her unearthliness. She had pictured herself in many ways before, but never like this. Her eyes looked like Christmas lights, always bright and shining. Pooling around her was her snowy hair cascading all the way down her back. Long, dark eyelashes covered her eye like a shield. She was so caught up in seeing herself she didn’t notice Keith behind her.

“Satisfied?” he asks. Zendra barely catches his words, for she just discovered tiny golden specks in her green eyes.

“Mmhmm.” She says vaguely. She suddenly stops and turns on her heel, feeling the urge to yell, sob, or hysterically laugh.

“You don’t understand,” She says firmly. Keith narrows his eyes as if to block out her words. “I’ve been through your worst nightmare for the majority of my life! I’ve been suffocating, with only words to hear me! I’ve missed school, friends, a job, a car! The list goes on and on! And you three have had all the freedom in the world and you just sneer at it, like it’s a piece of junk! Let me tell you something, I would have killed to have what you have! The world just thinks it’s just a small thing, and everyone has freedom! Well they were dead wrong!”

Tears start gathering in her eye, and she turns her back away, ashamed for her sudden outburst. Everyone was staring at the raggedy looking girl who just started screaming and crying in public. Zendra’s cheeks flush red, and she puts her head down, trying to hide behind her hair. She feels someone’s presence lurking behind her, feeling the energy buzz off of them like a hear radiator. Someone pats her shoulder. Zendra narrows her eyes to slits.

“What, Preston?” she says unevenly. Zendra wipes her tear streaked face and tries to pull herself together.

“There are seats open. You might want to grab one because when we get to the Safe Place we are going to fly. You’re not strong enough to hang on.”

Something about him saying she was not strong enough really pushed her buttons. She knew she was strong enough and could endure anything if she endured the last years. She grits her teeth together, and rejects his offer.

“Your choice.” He says mysteriously. Zendra tries to process what he is trying to say, but barely has anytime before Keagon swoops her up, and plants her into a seat. Zendra sighs, and opens her mouth to object but the words are ripped out of her mouth, and she falls to the floor and rolls to the back of the Mariater. The guys laugh hysterically at Zendra’s flailing arms and legs and her desperate attempt to get back up. Preston really wasn’t kidding. They were actually flying in the sky like birds. After Keith is done being entertained by Zendra’s struggles, he grabs her by the waist and she bounces right back up. Zendra feels like the speed is practically blinding her and all she knew was that she was crushing Keith. She felt like her stomach had dropped out of the sky. All she wanted was to get off this crazy thing.

Her wish came true when they jerked to a stop, making Zendra fly away from Keith and ram into the front of the Mariater. All the passengers easily step over Zendra and depart from the Mariater. Zendra felt like she had just went in circles for the past hour. Her vision tilted and swirled, making all the colors of the Mariater bleed together. The Three guys approach her looking quite amused.

“Shut. Up.” Zendra says hazily. Preston grabs her hand and tows her to her feet. Zendra basically tripped and ran her way to the exit. She can’t believe her eyes at what she saw when she tripped through those doors. Zendra had to poke herself to make sure it wasn’t a side effect to the ride in the Mariater. She was standing before a golden brass gate looking like it touched the clouds. Beyond the gates was a city of bright lights, hills, valleys, gorges. Anything you could ever imagine was there. Nothing there was covered in a speck of dirt. Just polished to the best. Zendra swallowed. Behind the gates, and the city was a mountain that was covered in dark patches. She could barely make out a dot of a pond on the top of the mountain. Somehow, for some reason she couldn’t unlock, she was terrified of the tiny pond. But yet, she felt the urgent need that she needed to get there, like her life depended on it. She was already running toward death.

© 2011 Fire Tulip

Author's Note

Fire Tulip
Ignore grammar mistakes, and please, as usual, rate and reveiw.

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wow i really cant wait for you to post more wish i could write this well

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love all the dramatic endings you use! It really reminded me that short sentences could be just as good and descriptive as long ones.

Posted 9 Years Ago


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Have you ever fallen in love with a house? Have you ever fallen in love with your own drafted dream mansion?
This story has my attention by its throat. It is compelling to read and fully take in.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Fire Tulip
Fire Tulip

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