Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Kittybell

Vampire story. Don't read if you don't like or tired of vampires.



            I raced through the trees, feeling the wind whip through my silver white fur, my muscles stretching and contracting as I ran, and I caught a peculiar scent carried in the wind. I changed my direction from south, further into the forest and closer to my destination, to west so abruptly I hardly even thought about it. I emerged from the trees to find myself at the scene of a battle in a park. It seemed the battle was between a human and a vampire.
     This being seemed like any other human, with black shoulder length hair, tall ,maybe about 6 feet by my guess, pale skinned, and muscular. His scent was the only difference between him and a normal human, and, of course, the fact that he was winning the fight against a vampire.
     This human's scent was the same normal scent as any other human, but something mixed in making it different. I laid there by the forests edge with my head on my paws, watching this being. I tried to pinpoint where I recognized the smell. I knew the scent very well but I just couldn’t figure out from where.
     As I watched the battle progress, my sight drifted to the vampire. This vampire, like any other, looked unfamiliar and of no use to me, but perked my curiosity. I was curious as to why this lowly creature was fighting so desperately against this human, I continued to watch, and my mind raced with questions. What was so great about him? What made him so desirable? Yes he is good looking, for a human, and gives off a sweet scent, but what else was there?
     That’s when it hit me. That scent… only came from a Hunter.
     The hunters, a powerful clan of humans, were both the main enemy and a delicacy in the demon world. If a demon captured or devoured a Hunter, or just his heart, would gain incredible power.
 The source of power for any magical being is the heart. But there is a way to gain more power than just devouring the Hunter. That is to make the human fall in love with you. Human or demon, having a Hunter as your lover would give you the power to control anyone and anything. And with the Hunter, Joseph being the last one of his kind, the power he holds must be incredible! Built up for thousands of years!
     But this Hunter is still a very strange human. Usually a demon hunts for the Hunter. As I watched the battle continue I realized that the vampire is the prey and not the predator. This Hunter hunted the demons, not the other way around.
    My legs started to tingle from laying there for so long. I stood to walk around, stretch my legs,noticed the human, hardly paying any attention to the battle, watching my every move.
     How annoying.
     I trotted around the park, making sure to keep my eyes on him, waiting for him to attack. That is until I was sure he could no longer see me. I walked the rim of the trees and snacked on a rabbit before turned back.
     The battle ended by the time I got back to the park. The vampire lay limp on the ground, a stake standing out of his chest, slowly turning to dust.
     I turned toward the forest - no longer curious enough to stay - when I heard a soft whistle. I slowly turned my head to find the human on one knee with his hand out to me.
     Does he honestly not know what I am? Stupid human.
     Hesitantly, I walked over to him and sniffed his hand, playing the role of a dog. He slowly raised his hand to my head and down my neck, rubbing gently behind my ears. This felt oddly pleasant, so I nudged his hand with my nose.
     He laughed. "For a wolf you're awfully tame." His voice is husky and slightly deep. "Why don't you come home with me, and I'll give you some food. You could even stay the night if you like" He chuckled to himself.
     I listened to his proposal, licking his hand occasionally, and decided to see what special things this human had, if anything.
     I don't know why I followed him, but follow I did. My bones slightly ached as I followed behind.
     It took approximatly five minutes to reach his apartment complex. He lives on the second floor. The apartment was very large, two bedroom (both fairly small but large enough to fit a bed and dresser and still have a walkway) one bathroom, a large living room with a loveseat, a plasma TV and a balcony. Of course he had a kitchen complete with typical appliances, it even included a window to the living room.
     "Well, this is home. It's not much, but I survive." He pointed out with a sheepish smile. "So do you eat meat or what? How about a nice big steak?" He grinned as he walked to the kitchen.
     I followed behind him, curious as to how humans prepared and ate food. I have never socialized with humans before so my curiosity won over disgust and instinct.
     When we reached the kitchen I sat in the entrance. He took out a plastic package that smelled of raw meat from the fridge. Instead of going to the oven to cook, he went to the balcony. I followed in his tracks, tail wagging, curious as to what he is going to do on the balcony.
     When he opened the balcony door a rush of air blew his scent into my face. My instincts started screaming. Attack! Kill! I struggled to keep in control. Stay inside and don't follow him out. I thought. I stopped at the couch and jumped onto it, making myself comfortable.
     "What's wrong girl, City air too much for ya?" The human heard me jump on the couch and looked at me with concern.
     My nose wrinkled and my body shook.
     I can't hold this form much longer! I thought. But I can't just jump off the balcony and change into a raven.
     I jumped off the couch and headed down the hall, searching for a room I could nudge the door shut.
     "Hey! Where are you going?" He followed me.
     I turned and growled. I was acting on a whim and hoping he would get the hint.
     Luck was on my side.
     "Ok. I got it. I'll leave you alone. But don't take too long." For some reason he showed no sign of fear, just concern like he was worried about me.
     I bolted down the hall to the last room, the bathroom. I went inside and kicked the door shut. The moment the door clicked shut I stood in my human form. The transformation is a fast and painless action.
     I could hear my muscles and bones creak and groan as I moved around, stretching my limbs.
     I stayed in the bathroom for about ten minutes when the smell of cooked meat drifted under the door.
     My mouth watering, I changed back to a wolf and scratched at the door, whining.
     Moments later, the door swung open with Joseph standing in the door way. He had a plate of two large steaks in one hand and the door knob in the other.
     "What are you doing in here?" He moved out of the way to let me pass. "Upset stomach or something?" He chuckled. He acts like I'm not just some dumb animal. He treats me like a human, a person.
     As I walked down the hall into the living room my bones started to ache, not yet used to this form. How odd. This has never happened before.
     "Are you okay?" he walked next to me. He noted my limping and awkward walking.
     What is wrong with me? I thought. My body shouldn't respond this way. I have transformed many times before in front of humans.
     My body started to shutter and shake. My body won’t stay in this shape much longer. The shaking became so violent I collapsed to the ground, shuttering and twitching. The human looked at me in horror; the plate fell from his hand creating a loud Thud as it hit the floor. I realized a little too late why. I had lost my form and lay in front of him as the dhampire I am. He was over my body in seconds, a stake aimed at my heart. My life was about to come to an end in the most pathetic way possible.

© 2009 Kittybell

Author's Note

Critique however you want. No sugar coating!

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